Sunday, 17 November 2013

Ethan James Lim, the 6th month update!

This is probably a little too late to update but never mind, it's better late than no update at all :p

My baby boy is now 6 months and 3 weeks old (approaching the 7th month very soon, how exciting!)

Okay, here are some updates:

1) He has started to eat porridge twice a day & he loves it!
2) He has 1 treat a day (his treats are normally fruits like apple, pear, banana, avocado, sweet potato, carrot & potato, papaya & pumpkin) Yeah, he eats different treat every day & so far he loves it & his all the time favorite is sweet potato! (He's a sweet potato boy!)
3) He is 9.6 kg & 73 cm (Big baby, isn't?)
4) He loves to shout! Getting too excited over his voice apparently!
5) He can sit down without support. (pretty amazing milestone at 6 months old, isn't?)
6) He hates crowd & strangers (he will cry when strangers talk to him or touch him! Oh no!!) It seems like he's only okay with his mommy, daddy, grandma & our domestic helper)
7) He's very playful & loves to laugh! (with his family members only though)
8) Super active boy, he can't stay quite for one second!
9) He drinks 5-6 bottles of milk every day (180ml each) Too much?
10) His pedi suggested me to cut down his milk.. Apparently it's a little too much but he just needs his milk that much!
11) He got one tooth! It's the lower center one!
12) Super smelly & sticky poop (since he has started solid)
13) He's still a very lovely (& naughty baby at the same time) He needs to watch his baby video from my Iphone whenever I feed him milk. Bad Bad habit! Hope he can kick away that habit one day!
14) He's still breastfed & healthy!
15) He's wearing size 12-18m (Yes, he looks like he's a one year old baby)
16) He loves to hop up & down to reach things that he wants to grab
17) He gets very angry if we take away things he wants to grab but not allowed to!
18) We are so looking forward to see him crawl around, stand up & walk around the house! How exciting to watch his milestone from day to day :)

Probably it's a short update but anyway, enjoy his cute pictures! :)

Recap Newborn to 6 months :)

He loves to do these positions! What a little gymnastic!

 Sitting down with no support!


Those toes are yummy!

Mommy & Baby

Until Next Update,

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