Friday, 13 April 2018

(Sponsored Review) Signature Yuan Yang Facial Treatment

Hello Beautiful People

I have big news to announce! I’m expecting my third bundle of joy who’s coming in September! This baby is my 6th year wedding anniversary surprise . I will be updating my third pregnancy journey & also my 2 little darlings’ update as well as beauty, OOTDs and pretty things on my Instagram. Do follow me on my Instagram: nettyliee

2 weeks ago, I was invited to Signature Yuan Yang Facial Treatment by Perkz Aesthetics by Lash Regrowth, using the awesome & innovative organic coffee & tea to rejuvenate, refresh, tighten and lifting my skin & face beautifully. It was my first facial experience using organic coffee & tea and I was amazed by its innovative way to combine both Rose Quartz Crystal Guasha Therapy, organic coffee scrub and organic tea compress to rejuvenate my skin as well as to lift up my face and make it more V-shape

The whole facial experience was very amazing, the organic coffee & tea were aromatic & therapeutic, combining with facial massage made me feel so relaxed and I fell asleep too! The therapist was very experienced, gentle and caring.

First step is double cleansing with gentle massage I really enjoyed.

So ready!

Second step is using organic coffee scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells. The smell of organic coffee is very refreshing & pleasant, just exactly like my freshly brewed morning coffee. Organic coffee scrub is known to have brightening properties. I did feel my face was brighter after having the facial.
Third step is extraction. The therapist was very experienced, thus I didn’t feel that much pain when she extracted black & white heads from my nose & chin

Aromatic Organic Coffee Scrub

Fourth step is facial massage. This was my favourite step and facial massage was so nice & relaxing. Since I became pregnant, I can no longer go for body massage and I felt that having facial massage was just as good as body massage. I felt rejuvenated and it was truly nice to be pampered in my second trimester of pregnancy.

Fifth step is guasha therapy using rose quartz. The benefits of guasha therapy are to increase blood flow, reduce wrinkles & fine lines, reduce inflammation, increase antioxidants, brighten skin and reduce puffiness & dark eye circles. And here’s my before & after, absolutely obvious lifting result, my face was less puffy & more V-shape . I didn’t feel pain at all, instead it was relaxing to me, just like a massage. The therapist told me that the pain level of guasha therapy is different from each individual, the more toxins the person has in his/her body, it can be painful during the guasha therapy. But I felt relaxed and sleepy during the therapy instead of pain. So yeah, it was enjoyable to me!

Before & After guasha therapy using rose quartz, can you see the obvious lifting difference?

Sixth step is using organic tea compress before having relaxing shoulder massage. I just felt like I was in the spa with the smell of aromatic organic tea. Just look at how beautiful the colour of the tea!

And the last step is having double intense tea mask. And I fell asleep for good 30 minutes. The double intense tea mask is full antioxidants, thus it helps in improving skin complexion, reducing puffiness & dark circles and of course, anti-aging too. I enjoyed the uplifting and energizing effects of tea’s aroma. It’s very relaxing & soothing!

Make sure to book your first appointment at Perkz Aesthetics by Lash Regrowth, phone number: 8261 3088 and the usual price is $220, first trial is $68. Duration is 90min. My whole experience was amazingly enjoyable and very pleasant and I hope you can enjoy the same wonderful experience too

Picture taken 2 days after my Signature Yuan Yang Facial Treatment using light make-up, do I look brighter, fresher and younger?


Monday, 6 November 2017

Riglobe Home Wifi Review

Hello Friends

We are living in a world where social media holds a very important role in our life and imagine our life without social media such as Facebook & Instagram? It would be so boring & disconnected in a way. And how about internet speed? Personally, internet speed is everything for me as a mum of 2, not only I lose my patience when internet gets really slow but my kids will drive me crazy too! Imagine they can't load their favorite YouTube video fast enough, their frustration will be my frustration too. Ultimately, fast internet speed is something we can't live without, not only we will be more productive in our work, but it's a stress reliever from work too (just go online, watch our favorite show with fast internet speed and just chillax) Imagine if the internet speed is too slow, I guess instead of enjoying my social media or YouTube entertainment at the end of the day, I will smack my phone or iPad hahaaa...

Another problem I previously had with my home Wifi was I couldn't have any signals in my master bed room and it honestly sucked a big time! In a way, I couldn't use my phone at all in my bedroom (what is a phone without internet connection, right?) and I had to go out to my living room to catch my internet connection. How I wish I could watch my favorite Korean drama online before I sleep hahaaa... Relaxation & sanity are 2 most important things as a full time mum like myself.

I had internet connection problem for a few years until one day I joined a Facebook contect and I won an Access Point from Riglobe and my internet life has since then changed dramatically. Riglobe is a Singapore based technology startup, is revolutionizing the way people connects. It is innovating at the intersection of lifestyle and freedom. Riglobe connects users with safe, secure and reliable internet experience seamlessly across the globe. For more info about the company, you can visit or like their Facebook Page @Riglobe

With Riglobe Project Home WIFI, you can expect fast speed wifi access for your home, one time payment, no hidden cost and full coverage for all your homes. If you have Boutique Hotels, it can save you 50% on wireless infrastructure cost, Riglobe managed services team always on standby, fast speed wifi access for all your guests at all times and data analytics to promote your hotels deals such as attraction's discounts or even dining offers. And finally if you have Office/space, you can expect to know your visitors well through Riglobe WIFI big data, create private SSID for special events and guest WIFI for based on time/day/months Access

Overall, I have been using Riglobe Access Point for a month now and I'm a happy & satisfied user and I have super fast internet speed and no longer having problem with internet connection in my master bedroom. In fact, I can have fast internet speed everywhere in my house. I can even watch my favorite Korean drama in my bedroom before I go to sleep and I get my sanity back! :)

Thank you, Bryan and Team! Appreciate your great help and excellent service!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

(Sponsored Review) Keepsake by Ryo Breastmilk keepsake for little Calysta

When I was pregnant with Calysta in 2014, I made a decision to exclusively breastfeed her because I wanted my baby to grow happy & healthy just like my first child, EJ was breastfed for 8 months (even though I was pumping & feeding him via bottle as he couldn't latch well but he was a chubby, healthy & happy baby) and I was really determined to latch Calysta successfully. Before her arrival, I prepared the way too many things such as deep freezer to store frozen breast milk that at the end I didn't use because I was lazy to pump, Medela breast pump, silicon milk storage to store leaked breast milk during latching, Medela cup feeder for early stage, Medela supplemental feeding system in case Calysta couldn't latch well, breastfeeding Pillow, nipple cream, lactation cookies & tea and so many more! I was really that well prepared but Guess what? I didn't use most of the stuff I bought because Calysta had no problem in direct latching. She was natural when it came to breastfeeding but even so, I did struggle a lot with my fast flow problem, her being colicky and crying during latching. Some days were good & smooth but some days were really bad & stressful. I thought of quitting breastfeeding before she turned 6 months old because I felt mentally & physically exhausted. It was funny that I never did but instead pressed on & continued to breastfeed her and told myself tomorrow is a better day. Breastfeeding was finally a breeze at 6 months mark. And then I celebrated 1st year of exclusive breastfeeding, 2nd year of partial breastfeeding and now the 3rd year of comfort nursing. Calysta is 32 months old now and still nursing for comfort. I tried to wean her but it didn't work & I felt terribly heartbreak when I saw her tears wanting so nurse badly. One day she will wean but right now I just want both of us to enjoy this Mother & Daughter precious bonding moment while it lasts. It won't last forever and I want her to wean naturally when she's ready. Breastfeeding & breast milk are not only beneficial for my child's health & immune system but the bonding between Mother & Child is unbelievably amazing! I have this strong bonding and connection with her I can't explain. And the same thing she has with me too! 

My breastfeeding journey with Calysta for almost 3 years is truly memorable and I want to keep these precious memories into a keepsake, so I decided to reward myself with a super personal breast milk keepsake Jewellery I plan to gift Calysta when she grows up into a fine lady one day. I'm sure she will look truly beautiful & elegant with keepsake Jewellery specially hand crafted for her with love. 
When it comes to breast milk keepsake jewellery, I only trust Keepsake by Ryo because each of her work is lovingly handmade and takes a whole lot of time from milk preservation to the final end product that I receive. Ryo uses Ice Resin in crafting - the highest quality and most expensive resin designed for jewellers - to ensure keepsake jewellery from Keepsake by Ryo will outlast the rest. The crafting process can range from 2 - 14 weeks but I would say it's so worth the waiting time when I finally receive a beautifully handcrafted with love breast milk keepsake jewellery.
The process of placing an order is pretty easy & straight forward too. First step is placing order online & pay by credit cards/PayPal etc. Second step is to send the breast milk by post. Only 20ml is needed! Email will be sent when inclusion is well received and another email will be sent when the keepsake is ready to be delivered. I appreciate the amount of effort Ryo puts to ensure the process from ordering to receiving precious keepsake goes smoothly. 
And here are the beautiful creations by Ryo I truly love with all my heart 
1) Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Drop Pearl Leverback Earrings 

You can find it here:

I received these beautiful earrings as part of blog sponsorship (S$149) and this pair is truly stunning & classy. Absolutely perfect for special occasions. Super elegant! 
2) Pure Breastmilk Charm with Name Inclusion 


You can find it here:

This beautiful charm with free bangle is my first keepsake I ordered from Ryo with Calysta's name specially crafted beautifully and I truly love Ryo's creation and which is why I ordered from her again. 
3) Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Dangling Heart Charm 
This gorgeous charm is my second order from Ryo and my favourite piece. Simple & tiny but classy, elegant and sparkling. I love & appreciate the beauty of tiny Jewellery and absolutely adore this charm so much. Plan to gift this to Calysta in the future. 
Thank you Keepsake by Ryo for preserving my breastfeeding journey & memory beautifully through gorgeous handcrafted Breastmilk keepsake Jewellery. Breastfeeding is indeed beautiful and most precious moment in my motherhood journey. 
Do visit Keepsake by Ryo at and do subscribe their newsletter to receive latest updates of the most awesome Breastmilk keepsake in Singapore!

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Introducing The Meat Club, Quality Australian Meat

Hello Readers,
I would like to introduce you the exceptional quality Australian meat from The Meat Club, you can forget going to the wet market or butcher to get your quality meat. If you are a busy parent of 2 preschoolers like me, trips to the butcher, thawing time and meal planning can be really time consuming. Especially getting the fresh meat can be tricky too, I experienced getting frozen meat that was put in the freezer for so many days at the supermarket and it wasn't fresh either. Lucky I found out about The Meat Club, fresh meats delivered to my door conveniently!
I can get farm fresh (never frozen) beef and lamb from The Meat Club. Each cut of meat is pre-portioned in Australia before being vacuum packed and then airfreighted to their shores. Their unique packaging means you benefit from up to 28 days shelf life in the fridge (10 days for lean mince) and no risk of contamination. 
Place a one off order, with next day delivery or opt in for Auto Pilot. With Auto Pilot, you’ll get a meat pack every four weeks, with the flexibility to modify, defer or cancel your order at any time. Plus you’ll benefit from the freshest meat available, delivered to you immediately on import.
Check out their full range now! Link here.
Exclusive to Made Beautifully readers, receive a FREE 500g Rib Eye with any order on Auto Pilot. Simply enter NETTYLIE on checkout to redeem (*Applies to first time users only).
Packaged Porter House

Packaged Scotch Fillet

Porter House

Rib Eye
The meat was really good, juicy & tender. I made black pepper steak using the meat marinated with virgin olive oil and I had the best Mother's Day celebration with my little family at home! Amazingly delicious and high quality meat you must try!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Phytopia Slim Way Review

Hello Beautiful Friends

Phytopia is a young, innovating natural health-hacking brand that offers unique healthcare products with essential oils drawn from the organic or wild cultivated plants over the world. Phytopia's synergies will transform your daily life into a healthy lifestyle, discover the magic and enchantment of nature healers in a simple touch. Highly concentrated organic synergies that hold the secret of youth and health found in medical plants. Ingredients: Organic Carrier Oils (Olive Virgin, Sunflowers, Evening Primrose, Jojoba), and Organic Essential Oils (Juniper Berry, Grapefruit, Fennel Sweet, Lemon Green, Rosemary ct Cineole, Cypress, Michelia Alba, Geranium China) I love how organic this product is!

Phytopia Slim Way is a slimming oil that promotes healthy metabolism thanks to ingredients like grapefruit. Massaging SlimWay on skin can passively eliminate fat and excess water helping body metabolize faster, helps with weight loss thanks to its ingredients that work as an appetite suppresant which helps with weight management, cleanses & tones skin and elevates mood with energizing and revitalizing properties.

I have been using Phytopia Slim Way for 2 weeks now, every day, once in the morning and once in the evening after I take my shower, 10-20 drops applied on my stomach and I do a few minutes of massage after that. I can feel that my skin on stomach area is smoother and more hydrated. I have maintained my current weight very well even there were a few times I ate so much without exercising or dieting (I went to Bangkok for food adventure too!) but my weight remained the same. I guess Phytopia Slim Way really helped me to eliminate fat and excess water helping my body to metabolize faster. I am amazed by how I can feel less hungry after applying this oil around stomach 30 minutes before meal. It really works well as an appetite suppresant. The scent of this oil is very calming & relaxing too, it smells like Indonesian Minyak Telon (Baby Oil), super comforting! Another point I like to add is I feel less bloated in the next morning. I used to have bloatedness problem in the morning but now I'm waking up with flat stomach every morning! Yay!! I believe Phytopia Slim Way helps with my digestion.

I have almost finished a bottle and would love to purchase another bottle because this oil works and it has amazing calming scent I like. I love the fact that this oil is 100% organic with no added chemicals at all, thus I believe it's super safe for my body!

I received a bottle of Phytopia Slim Way as part of my sponsorship review with Beauty Keeper, a Taiwanese beauty platform that carries Phytopia Body Care Series and other awesome Taiwanese beauty products and do check them out at

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Sample Store Beauty Show

Hello Beautiful Friends

I was invited to Sample Store's first ever Beauty Show at Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands on Sunday, 2nd April and I was really having so much fun and enjoying myself at the Beauty Show. There were guest appearance by Grand Finalists from SING!China Season 2 Singapore Selections, exclusive preview of new-to-Singapore beauty products from Taiwan, learn on-trend beauty tips from the beauty expert, Candy Tiong, lucky draw to win a pair of air tickets to Taiwan and Bangkok + Shopping Vouchers and Hossan Leong as host of the live show.

Delicious and hearty lunch provided by Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria to all invited bloggers.

Juscool Sparkling Passion Fruit drink was also provided and of course, a super awesome beauty goodie bag from Beauty Keeper!

The lovely stage :)
Live show hosted by Hossan Leong (He was super funny & entertaining and I enjoyed him hosting the show so much), Special guest appearance by Grand Finalists from SING!China Season 2 Singapore Selections, Beauty tips & Make up demo by beauty expert & professional make up artist, Candy Tiong. Thanks to Candy & Hossan, I learned a lot about beauty from the outside (through make up demo) and from the inside as well (example of antioxidant foods I can eat for healthy skin such as berries, kale, sweet potato, broccoli, pumpkin, etc and to drink 1 mug of water with lemon after I wake up every morning)
Grand Finalists from SING!China Season 2 Singapore Selections. Wish them all the best in representing Singapore!
The Beauty Expert, Candy demonstrating on Aaron, The Userism Bright Whitening Ultra-Water Facial Mask. Aaron skin was brighter, more radiant and highly hydrated after removing the facial mask.
MOLLIFIX Highlights A++ Upgraded Sports Bra and MD/AA Jiao (acid-free and antibiotic-free skincare for oily and sensitive skin)
All-Belle Natural Lash, Skin Care Towel and Beauty Book Mask.
ERH, A professional Medicare like skin care product brand. Here is 20% Mandelic Acid White Emulsion
Userism DD Cream SPF50 Dynamic All-Daily Defense, The Best Selling Product, Serlando Rosy Pink Moisture Dew, a unique product for areola, private parts and lips to provide a perfect pink glow and Lamsamyick Facial Mask Beauty Brush (I learned that I can also use this brush to apply my sleeping mask evenly)
Starsuki, a Taiwanese cosmetic range with high quality and vibrant colors
Here's my super awesome goodie bag by Beauty Keeper :)

One of the products impressed me so much is this one. Skin Care Towel from All Belle ~ Taiwan. It has Nanofibers (250 times smaller than the human hair) to cleanse deep into pores and supposedly, it simply just used water to clean my make up. (Wet towel with water & start wiping make up off). Long story cut short, it worked like magic in removing my foundation, eyeshadow & eyeliner. Because I was wearing waterproof mascara, I just needed to add a bit of cleansing Oil and all wiped off cleanly. How to clean this towel? So easy, I use my old make up remover I'm no longer using, Clean & rinse with water, hang & dry it and this towel is clean again like new. (My eyebrows are the result of embroidery if you wonder why my eyebrows are still there lol) I love how environmental friendly this towel is, how much money I can save (no longer need to buy make up remover sheet or wet tissue) and it's so gentle & safe for my skin! (Good bye harsh cleansing chemicals) highly recommend this to ladies who want to save more $$$ and have sensitive skin. This towel is a must to have! I wear light foundation daily & I just need this towel to clean my face before I wash with Cleansing foam. So quick & easy!

Super love Phytopia Slimway! The slimming oil is designed to shape body in 2-4 weeks! When it's applied on tummy, it can work as appetite suppressant! I apply this every night before I go to bed and the scent is just really soothing ~ reminds me to baby oil (Indonesian Minyak Telon) hope to see that it really can slim down my tummy and thighs.

My next product I truly love from Beauty Keeper is Taiwanese Aboriginal Facial Mask. I tested on Caviar & Taro Facial Mask (for anti aging), put it on for 20 minutes before I went to bed and I was surprised to see my skin became so soft just like baby skin. This mask has unique application, step 1 is to apply Serum and step 2 is to apply mask (the mask is also already enriched with the beauty goodness, so it's very rich in texture & super moist) absolutely a facial mask I would love to use weekly to deep hydrate my dry skin!

One of the most awesome products from Beauty Keeper which I received in my Sample Store Beauty Show Goodie Bag is Destino Advanced Repairing Face Soap. It's high in antioxidant, repairs & restores skin damage. I really love this soap, it really did deep cleansing to my pores very well but it didn't make my dry skin dehydrated! After one wash, I can see that my face is actually brighter! The next morning, I woke up with baby smooth skin (after using destino soap, I put on Taiwanese Aboriginal mask)

Starsuki lipstick swatches! I'm trying out coral color on my lips (more towards soft orangey color to me) super pigmented & I love it!

Do check Beauty Keeper out at because they really have super awesome beauty products!

Stay beautiful as always, love

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

New York City Holiday, Fall Holiday Day 2

Day 2
You can read Day 1 of my NYC trip on this link:

Mexican breakfast before I headed to Liberty and it's gonna be a long day! This breakfast was yummy but expensive, first and last having USD20 per breakfast, next day onwards, it's gonna be McDonald's breakfast, nice & cheap!

Image may contain: table, food and indoor
NYC Street
Image may contain: 1 person, riding a bicycle and outdoor

At the subway
Image may contain: 1 person, train and indoor
49 Street Subway, NYC Subway station is not as clean as I was expected but I respect the punctuality, good subway system and smooth journey!
Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting, closeup and indoor
How to get there?
South Ferry Terminal. Highlights: view from the crown, Statue of Liberty museum, fort wood, the star shape pedestal base, her centenary flame. Visit to the crown must be reserved in advance at
Address: Liberty Island
Daily: 9.30-5
Train/subway metro station: 4,5 bowling green, 1 south ferry then take ferry
Taking Ferry to visit the must to see Statue of Liberty! Beautiful sunny day & beautiful scenery!
Image may contain: ocean, sky, bridge, outdoor and water
Can't exactly remember how much it did cost to take the Ferry but I would say it's pretty pricey, around USD20 or more per person! which included the story of Liberty in the ferry!
Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor
Blue sky and cold strong wind!
Image may contain: sky, ocean, outdoor and water
Cold but can't miss selfie of course! lol!
Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, sky, ocean, outdoor and water
Enjoying the beautiful scenery!
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup
I can see Liberty from the Ferry already!
Image may contain: 2 people, sky and outdoor
Another selfie
Image may contain: 1 person, closeup
Finally reached! Totally not easy and let's say if I brought my 2 kids, aged 3 & 2 or if I were expecting, I wouldn't go or bring them to Statue of Liberty because the queue to buy the ferry ticket was super long about half an hour and the queue to the ferry terminal was about 1 hour and after I reached ferry terminal, I had to go through security check just like in the airport and oh yeah the security was pretty strict too. Finally another hour of queue to get into the Ferry! With less than 30 minutes of ferry journey, imagine the hassle and long queue I had to go through. Oh yeah another long queue to go back to the terminal after witnessing the magical Liberty! Not sure the long queue was because of the nice holiday season or it's always crowded all the time! Sharing this, so you know what to expect! Btw, tickets to enter the Liberty & its crown were all sold out (I guess it's like if you want to learn more about USA history), so the best thing I could do was to walk around and take pictures! That's it! The experience counts I guess!
Image may contain: 1 person, standing, sky and outdoor
Exceptionally beautiful sunny day with blue sky!
Image may contain: 1 person, sky, cloud and outdoor
with dearest husband :)
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No reason not to take more photos since I don't know when will I be back again!
Image may contain: 1 person, standing, sky and outdoor
Nice shot by hubby :)
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Really a nice island for good walk!
Sparkling diamonds in the water! Wonderful!
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, ocean, sky, outdoor, water and nature
And back to NYC again! the subway is somehow really nice background for selfie or an OOTD, lol!
Image may contain: 1 person
Next, WTC SITE at Fulton Street. Highlights: memorial park, 9/11 museum, one World Trade Centre
Address: church-west streets, Vesey-Liberty Streets.
Daily: 10-8 (free entrance)
Train/subway metro station: E World Trade Centre, A, C, J, Z, 2, 3, 4, 5 Fulton Street
Memorial waterfalls
Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor
Names of 9/11 bombing victims :(
No automatic alt text available.
Image may contain: 2 people, selfie, closeup and outdoor
Next destination was WALL STREET
Highlights: good for picture taking & sightseeing :) , Trinity Church, Federal Hall, New York Stock Exchange, mosaic lobby at 1 Wall Street
Address: NYSE, 18 Broad street
Federal Hall, 26 Wall street
Museum of American Finance, 48 Wall Street
Trinity Church, Broadway at Wall Street
Opening Hours: Federal Hall (free), Mon-Fri, 9-5
Museum of American Finance (moderate entrance fee), Tue-Sat, 10-4
Trinity Church (free entrance), Mon-Fri 7-6, Sat 8-4 & Sun 7-4
Train/Subway Metro Station: 2,3,4,5 Wall Street, J,Z Broad Street
Image may contain: one or more people, sky and outdoor
Street Market
Image may contain: one or more people, people walking, people standing, crowd and outdoor
Didn't try the food though!
Image may contain: 1 person, walking, standing, crowd and outdoor
Trinity Church
Image may contain: table and indoor
Image may contain: indoor
The famous and must visit, Wall Street
Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor
Image may contain: 1 person, standing, car and outdoor
Image may contain: one or more people, shoes and outdoor
The Trump Building at Wall Street
Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor
Federal Hall
Image may contain: 2 people, people standing and outdoor
Image may contain: 1 person, standing and outdoor
Highlights: Brooklyn Height Promenade (Subway: 2,3 Clark Street)
Image may contain: 1 person, standing, bridge, sky and outdoor
Nice night scenery
Image may contain: sky, skyscraper, bridge, outdoor and water
Image may contain: sky, bridge and outdoor
Image may contain: bridge, sky, cloud and outdoor
A good walk along the bridge
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, night and outdoor
Back to our hotel at Times Square
TIMES SQUARE is seriously a good place for shopping, entertainment and attraction
Address: Times Square Visitor Centre, 1560 Broadway/7th Avenue. Daily:8-8. Train/Subway: 1,2,3,7,N,Q,R,S Times Square - 42nd Street
Image may contain: one or more people, night, sky and outdoor
Image may contain: 1 person, night, table and outdoor
Image may contain: night and outdoor
Image may contain: night
Image may contain: night, car, skyscraper, sky and outdoor
Image may contain: one or more people
Image may contain: night and outdoor
Billboards at Times Square are really very interesting and make the whole city look very alive and never ever sleeps! Times Square is our favorite place and we do agree that it's a place like no other!
Been a long day for Day 2 and we were so tired and ready for the next adventure, Hudson River Valley to enjoy the beautiful river valley & relaxing country side of NY!