Friday, 13 April 2018

(Sponsored Review) Signature Yuan Yang Facial Treatment

Hello Beautiful People

I have big news to announce! I’m expecting my third bundle of joy who’s coming in September! This baby is my 6th year wedding anniversary surprise . I will be updating my third pregnancy journey & also my 2 little darlings’ update as well as beauty, OOTDs and pretty things on my Instagram. Do follow me on my Instagram: nettyliee

2 weeks ago, I was invited to Signature Yuan Yang Facial Treatment by Perkz Aesthetics by Lash Regrowth, using the awesome & innovative organic coffee & tea to rejuvenate, refresh, tighten and lifting my skin & face beautifully. It was my first facial experience using organic coffee & tea and I was amazed by its innovative way to combine both Rose Quartz Crystal Guasha Therapy, organic coffee scrub and organic tea compress to rejuvenate my skin as well as to lift up my face and make it more V-shape

The whole facial experience was very amazing, the organic coffee & tea were aromatic & therapeutic, combining with facial massage made me feel so relaxed and I fell asleep too! The therapist was very experienced, gentle and caring.

First step is double cleansing with gentle massage I really enjoyed.

So ready!

Second step is using organic coffee scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells. The smell of organic coffee is very refreshing & pleasant, just exactly like my freshly brewed morning coffee. Organic coffee scrub is known to have brightening properties. I did feel my face was brighter after having the facial.
Third step is extraction. The therapist was very experienced, thus I didn’t feel that much pain when she extracted black & white heads from my nose & chin

Aromatic Organic Coffee Scrub

Fourth step is facial massage. This was my favourite step and facial massage was so nice & relaxing. Since I became pregnant, I can no longer go for body massage and I felt that having facial massage was just as good as body massage. I felt rejuvenated and it was truly nice to be pampered in my second trimester of pregnancy.

Fifth step is guasha therapy using rose quartz. The benefits of guasha therapy are to increase blood flow, reduce wrinkles & fine lines, reduce inflammation, increase antioxidants, brighten skin and reduce puffiness & dark eye circles. And here’s my before & after, absolutely obvious lifting result, my face was less puffy & more V-shape . I didn’t feel pain at all, instead it was relaxing to me, just like a massage. The therapist told me that the pain level of guasha therapy is different from each individual, the more toxins the person has in his/her body, it can be painful during the guasha therapy. But I felt relaxed and sleepy during the therapy instead of pain. So yeah, it was enjoyable to me!

Before & After guasha therapy using rose quartz, can you see the obvious lifting difference?

Sixth step is using organic tea compress before having relaxing shoulder massage. I just felt like I was in the spa with the smell of aromatic organic tea. Just look at how beautiful the colour of the tea!

And the last step is having double intense tea mask. And I fell asleep for good 30 minutes. The double intense tea mask is full antioxidants, thus it helps in improving skin complexion, reducing puffiness & dark circles and of course, anti-aging too. I enjoyed the uplifting and energizing effects of tea’s aroma. It’s very relaxing & soothing!

Make sure to book your first appointment at Perkz Aesthetics by Lash Regrowth, phone number: 8261 3088 and the usual price is $220, first trial is $68. Duration is 90min. My whole experience was amazingly enjoyable and very pleasant and I hope you can enjoy the same wonderful experience too

Picture taken 2 days after my Signature Yuan Yang Facial Treatment using light make-up, do I look brighter, fresher and younger?


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