Monday, 6 November 2017

Riglobe Home Wifi Review

Hello Friends

We are living in a world where social media holds a very important role in our life and imagine our life without social media such as Facebook & Instagram? It would be so boring & disconnected in a way. And how about internet speed? Personally, internet speed is everything for me as a mum of 2, not only I lose my patience when internet gets really slow but my kids will drive me crazy too! Imagine they can't load their favorite YouTube video fast enough, their frustration will be my frustration too. Ultimately, fast internet speed is something we can't live without, not only we will be more productive in our work, but it's a stress reliever from work too (just go online, watch our favorite show with fast internet speed and just chillax) Imagine if the internet speed is too slow, I guess instead of enjoying my social media or YouTube entertainment at the end of the day, I will smack my phone or iPad hahaaa...

Another problem I previously had with my home Wifi was I couldn't have any signals in my master bed room and it honestly sucked a big time! In a way, I couldn't use my phone at all in my bedroom (what is a phone without internet connection, right?) and I had to go out to my living room to catch my internet connection. How I wish I could watch my favorite Korean drama online before I sleep hahaaa... Relaxation & sanity are 2 most important things as a full time mum like myself.

I had internet connection problem for a few years until one day I joined a Facebook contect and I won an Access Point from Riglobe and my internet life has since then changed dramatically. Riglobe is a Singapore based technology startup, is revolutionizing the way people connects. It is innovating at the intersection of lifestyle and freedom. Riglobe connects users with safe, secure and reliable internet experience seamlessly across the globe. For more info about the company, you can visit or like their Facebook Page @Riglobe

With Riglobe Project Home WIFI, you can expect fast speed wifi access for your home, one time payment, no hidden cost and full coverage for all your homes. If you have Boutique Hotels, it can save you 50% on wireless infrastructure cost, Riglobe managed services team always on standby, fast speed wifi access for all your guests at all times and data analytics to promote your hotels deals such as attraction's discounts or even dining offers. And finally if you have Office/space, you can expect to know your visitors well through Riglobe WIFI big data, create private SSID for special events and guest WIFI for based on time/day/months Access

Overall, I have been using Riglobe Access Point for a month now and I'm a happy & satisfied user and I have super fast internet speed and no longer having problem with internet connection in my master bedroom. In fact, I can have fast internet speed everywhere in my house. I can even watch my favorite Korean drama in my bedroom before I go to sleep and I get my sanity back! :)

Thank you, Bryan and Team! Appreciate your great help and excellent service!

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