Thursday, 24 August 2017

(Sponsored Review) Keepsake by Ryo Breastmilk keepsake for little Calysta

When I was pregnant with Calysta in 2014, I made a decision to exclusively breastfeed her because I wanted my baby to grow happy & healthy just like my first child, EJ was breastfed for 8 months (even though I was pumping & feeding him via bottle as he couldn't latch well but he was a chubby, healthy & happy baby) and I was really determined to latch Calysta successfully. Before her arrival, I prepared the way too many things such as deep freezer to store frozen breast milk that at the end I didn't use because I was lazy to pump, Medela breast pump, silicon milk storage to store leaked breast milk during latching, Medela cup feeder for early stage, Medela supplemental feeding system in case Calysta couldn't latch well, breastfeeding Pillow, nipple cream, lactation cookies & tea and so many more! I was really that well prepared but Guess what? I didn't use most of the stuff I bought because Calysta had no problem in direct latching. She was natural when it came to breastfeeding but even so, I did struggle a lot with my fast flow problem, her being colicky and crying during latching. Some days were good & smooth but some days were really bad & stressful. I thought of quitting breastfeeding before she turned 6 months old because I felt mentally & physically exhausted. It was funny that I never did but instead pressed on & continued to breastfeed her and told myself tomorrow is a better day. Breastfeeding was finally a breeze at 6 months mark. And then I celebrated 1st year of exclusive breastfeeding, 2nd year of partial breastfeeding and now the 3rd year of comfort nursing. Calysta is 32 months old now and still nursing for comfort. I tried to wean her but it didn't work & I felt terribly heartbreak when I saw her tears wanting so nurse badly. One day she will wean but right now I just want both of us to enjoy this Mother & Daughter precious bonding moment while it lasts. It won't last forever and I want her to wean naturally when she's ready. Breastfeeding & breast milk are not only beneficial for my child's health & immune system but the bonding between Mother & Child is unbelievably amazing! I have this strong bonding and connection with her I can't explain. And the same thing she has with me too! 

My breastfeeding journey with Calysta for almost 3 years is truly memorable and I want to keep these precious memories into a keepsake, so I decided to reward myself with a super personal breast milk keepsake Jewellery I plan to gift Calysta when she grows up into a fine lady one day. I'm sure she will look truly beautiful & elegant with keepsake Jewellery specially hand crafted for her with love. 
When it comes to breast milk keepsake jewellery, I only trust Keepsake by Ryo because each of her work is lovingly handmade and takes a whole lot of time from milk preservation to the final end product that I receive. Ryo uses Ice Resin in crafting - the highest quality and most expensive resin designed for jewellers - to ensure keepsake jewellery from Keepsake by Ryo will outlast the rest. The crafting process can range from 2 - 14 weeks but I would say it's so worth the waiting time when I finally receive a beautifully handcrafted with love breast milk keepsake jewellery.
The process of placing an order is pretty easy & straight forward too. First step is placing order online & pay by credit cards/PayPal etc. Second step is to send the breast milk by post. Only 20ml is needed! Email will be sent when inclusion is well received and another email will be sent when the keepsake is ready to be delivered. I appreciate the amount of effort Ryo puts to ensure the process from ordering to receiving precious keepsake goes smoothly. 
And here are the beautiful creations by Ryo I truly love with all my heart 
1) Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Drop Pearl Leverback Earrings 

You can find it here:

I received these beautiful earrings as part of blog sponsorship (S$149) and this pair is truly stunning & classy. Absolutely perfect for special occasions. Super elegant! 
2) Pure Breastmilk Charm with Name Inclusion 


You can find it here:

This beautiful charm with free bangle is my first keepsake I ordered from Ryo with Calysta's name specially crafted beautifully and I truly love Ryo's creation and which is why I ordered from her again. 
3) Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Dangling Heart Charm 
This gorgeous charm is my second order from Ryo and my favourite piece. Simple & tiny but classy, elegant and sparkling. I love & appreciate the beauty of tiny Jewellery and absolutely adore this charm so much. Plan to gift this to Calysta in the future. 
Thank you Keepsake by Ryo for preserving my breastfeeding journey & memory beautifully through gorgeous handcrafted Breastmilk keepsake Jewellery. Breastfeeding is indeed beautiful and most precious moment in my motherhood journey. 
Do visit Keepsake by Ryo at and do subscribe their newsletter to receive latest updates of the most awesome Breastmilk keepsake in Singapore!


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