Saturday, 23 November 2013

Play-Date Experience with Fisher-Price & GIVEAWAYS

Hello Fellow Parents,

Have you ever hosted a Play-Date? Play-Date is fun & valuable learning experience for your little ones. It's so much fun to watch babies play together and use their imagination to play freely, just like the way babies are :)

Play-Date is a great opportunity for baby to interact with other baby and it's also a way to develop their social skills. Babies are often fascinated & stimulated by other babies and stimulation such as looking at another baby or touching hands can stimulate their curiosity which is crucial for brain development at an early age. Besides, Play-Date is also very refreshing for adults. Watching babies play & have fun together is simply a joyous experience. Mommy can share her parenting experience with another mommy and the "Baby Topic" is always an interesting topic to discuss about...

Being a SAHM, my daily routine can be pretty boring & Play-Date with other mommy & baby in the weekend adds colors to my life :)

I was very lucky to be given a great opportunity by Fisher-Price (as part of my Play Ambassador Program) to host a Play-Date for little EJ and his friends. With so many exciting Fisher-Price toys delivered to us, this was the most memorable Play-Date we ever experienced. It was also our first Play-Date :)

I hope my fellow parents enjoy our Play-Date experience with Fisher-Price here, together with the pretty mommy, Audrey & her cute baby girl, Olivia :)

At the end of this Play-Date (post), there will be exciting prizes for giveaways. So, Read, Enjoy, Join the contest and Good Luck, parents!

Information about the Fisher-Price Play-Date Toys is credited from the Fisher-Price website

Let's join our fun time and here we are:

Mommy Netty : (MN)
Mommy Audrey: (MA)
Baby Ethan-James : (EJ)
Baby Olivia: (O)

(MA): Hey, babies! Let's start with Fisher-Price "Go Baby Go! Bat & Wobble Penguin"! "Look, this playful penguin bops back and forth when I bat it & it has plenty of silly, musical fun!"
(MN): Oh, wow!!!
(EJ): I'm so curious, mommy!!
(O): (smiling) "I'm loving this!"

(O): "Look, mommy!!" It really bops back and forth when I bat it! I just can't stop now!!

(MN): (smiling happily)

(EJ): Mommy, I think I wanna play the Fisher-Price " Laugh & Learn Learning Keys"
(MN): Here, you go, darling! "Look, it has your favorite song and the orange key you're holding, darling, it has a blue car that spins & clicks!"
(O): Mommy, how's about the Fisher-price "Laugh & Learn Learning Camera"?
(MA): Baby girl, this friendly light up camera has four sing-along songs and there's a ball to bat and roll, beads to spin, toggle to press and plenty of fun in the picture.

(EJ): This is so much fun!
(O): "Oh, wow, Mommy!!" I'm loving it now!

(O): Hey, EJ, can we share & play together with your Fisher-Price "Laugh & Learn Learning Keys"? I'm so curious about it!

(EJ): Sure, Olivia! My pleasure. Sharing is caring, my friend!
(MN): "Olivia, look, this fun learning keys have sing-along songs that are rich in music!"

(EJ): Mommy, the orange key is my favorite key because the textured rollers are so much fun!

(EJ): Olivia, do you want to play the Fisher-Price "Brilliant Basics, Baby's First Blocks"?

(EJ): Olivia, I'm opening it now! Let's play!

(O): This is very interesting!
(MA): Yes, baby girl, the ten bright blocks are ready for you to drop into the open bucket or through the shape-sorting lid. Have fun, baby girl!

(O): Mommy, I want to play the Fisher Price "Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen"!
(EJ): Olivia, what's that? I want to play with you too..

(O): Oh, wow, look, EJ! I can open and close the refrigerator, flip the light switch, stir the soup and check to see what's cooking in the oven!
(EJ): That's right, Olivia! I'm now enjoying the music, sound and light-up fun. The musical activities are so much fun!

(EJ): Olivia, can I use the red pan to cook my favorite pumpkin soup?
(O): Sure, you can, EJ, let me show you what else is inside the fridge!

(O): EJ, I found a jar of apple sauce.. It's yummy!!

(O): I found milk too! Here it is!

(MN): EJ and Olivia, we have something so exciting for you, babies to play and explore. It's the Fisher-Price "Laugh & Learn Learning Table"
(EJ): (shoulder hugging) Olivia, let's have fun with this learning table!

(O): "Look, EJ"! I can stir the soup. Stir, Stir, Stir... Stir it up, my friend!

(EJ): Let me try to stir the soup, Olivia! Stir, Stir, Stir... Stir up the learning fun!

(EJ): Mommy, look how good am I in steering the soup! Stir Stir Stir... Stir the soup to sing the alphabet!
(O): Fruity Fruity Yummy! I love to play with fruits! It teaches me colours & textures!

(O): Would you like to have an apple, EJ?

(EJ): Pizza is not only yummy but it teaches me shapes & colours!!

(O): (Busy with The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop)
(EJ): (Caressing her hair) You are such a good girl!

(EJ): (Peeking at Olivia) I'm very interested to play, Olivia!

(O): Let's play together, EJ! The Fisher-Price "Laugh & Learn Smart Screen Laptop" has nine colorful keys that are easy to press, bringing learning to life on the animated screen, so I can learn numbers, shapes, colors, object names, initial letters and more!
(EJ): That's right, Olivia! You can also flip the lid open & closed and bat & roll the mouse for alphabet fun!

(EJ): Mommy, why is there one little puppy in the house?
(MN): Sweetie Pie, the little puppy is inside The Fisher-Price "Laugh & Learn Puppy's Playhouse. "Ding-Dong!" You can press the door bell. You can also learn about weather, colors and animal sounds with every spin. The puppy is here to help you learn numbers.

(MN): Children, the Play-Date is almost come to the end. We are going back home soon, baby EJ needs his afternoon nap, but before we're heading back home, let me show you a puppy that can both sing and tell a story!
(O) & (EJ): (staring at the puppy excitedly)

(MN): Children, this wobbly puppy and his light-up bookworm friend can move his arms and nods his head along to stories, songs & phrases!
(O): Let's sing songs together!
(EJ): Let's hear the playful stories too!

(MN): EJ, before we are heading back home, let's mommy show you the Fisher-Price "Laugh & Learn Learning Camera". You are sure to smile, laugh and sing with this friendly light-up camera!
(EJ): I know what you mean, mommy! There's also a ball to a bat & roll, beads to spin, toggle to press, and plenty of fun in the picture. I adore this, mommy!

The Play-Date with Mommy Audrey & Baby Olivia was very entertaining and enjoyable. We had super great time together and this was also baby EJ's first time meeting another baby and as a mommy, I was very happy to see him being able to interact and had fun with his new friend, Olivia. To me, it's another big milestone for baby EJ :) Kudos to Mommy Netty, yeah?? :)
Mommy & Baby :) 
Here comes the most exciting part of this blog post. Fisher-Price GIVEAWAYS time!! Parents, are you excited?
I have 2 exciting Fisher-Price toys for giveaways.
1) Prize 1: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Camera
This friendly light-up camera has four sing-along songs and a ball to bat and roll, beads to spin, toggle to press, and plenty of fun in the picture!
2) Prize 2: Fisher-Price Sing-a-ma-jigs (Dark Purple)
They’re cute, they’re zany, they’re the latest singing sensation. Introducing The Sing-a-ma-jigs!™ Sure to put a smile on your face with 3 different ways to play: Chatter, Sing a Song, and Harmonize. Squeeze their left hands to change modes then squeeze their tummies to see their mouths open and hear them sing and chatter! But the Sing-a-ma-jigs' favorite thing to do is harmonize! Dark purple sings Clementine.
Christmas is coming and these interactive fun toys are just perfect for your little ones.
How to join the giveaways contest:
1) To join, simply leave a comment answering this question:
What is your child favorite toy?
2) If you wish to send me a private email to answer above question, you can send to  (you can leave a comment on my Facebook page too)
3) Share this blog post on your Facebook page, either through my blog post or my Facebook page
**Singaporean entrants only. Entries close 9.00 PM on 2 December 2013. Once the winners are decided upon, I will email the winners and prizes will be sent directly to their addresses by The Fisher-Price Representative.
Good Luck!!
Update ~ Dec'13
Congrats to Kaye Wong for winning the first prize & Sumarni for winning the second prize. Both prizes were already sent to their addresses.
Here is the lovely baby Naomi (our second winner's daughter) with her Fisher-Price Sing-a-ma-jigs :)


  1. The FP Laugh and Learn Kitchen looks fun ! Would love to win this set !

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway !

  2. Misread ! Would love the prize 1 : Laugh and Learn learning Camera !!

  3. I would love to win the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Camera. We love to take photos and this would be great for my boy to start off with.

  4. My son wants the fp camera so he can go rd 'shooting'. Please let us have that prize.

  5. My baby JY loves to play cooking type of toy. She owns fisher-price kitchen set as well.
    So happy to she her play with that. Can cook also can learn shape also ABC... love it.

  6. My baby girl loves kitchen set & my iphone ;)

  7. My child loves to use my phone to take photo and play with the kitchen set :-) Kaye (

  8. Congrats to Kaye Wong for winning 1st prize & Sumarni for winning 2nd prize :)

  9. thanks for post a nice blog. kids like to play with fisher price toys