Thursday, 2 January 2014

DIY Baby Cot/Playpen Bumper for Baby EJ

Hello fellow mommies,

I have been wanting to DIY baby cot/playpen bumper for my baby for ages, I bought what I needed to DIY but I didn't have time to do it. A few days ago, baby EJ took a long nap for the first time, hello 2.5 hours nap, you are more than welcome, so mommy can have time to do her own things :)

Baby EJ has been sleeping in playpen since he was a newborn, the reason we chose playpen over baby cot was because I was too obsessed with things that could go wrong with wooden baby cot. Example: Cot bumper suffocation, if we chose to install cot bumper or body parts such as legs, hands, etc stuck in crib bars if we chose not to install cot bumper.. I know I may be over imagining things but to be safe, we bought a playpen instead!

So, his playpen to me is a baby cot :)

Things were great until Baby EJ started to stand up & walk around while holding into the top part of his playpen. Baby EJ loved to bite the sharp & hard edge of his playpen, sometimes, rubbed his chin against the sharp stuff.. It scared me, I was afraid he could have injured his gums, chin, face or whatever and I couldn't find playpen bumper.. I could find cot bumper, but no such thing designed for playpen. Even I could use cot bumper but playpen is different, it's all soft net material, not bars like crib.. Even so, cot bumper is to be used to cover up crib bars, not the top part like what I needed to cover. No solution!

My clever husband asked me to use cloth to cover the sharp edge, so instead of cloth, I used old socks, filled with lots of facial cottons to cover the sharp edge (see below). It took me more than 2 hours to sew everything (4 corners & a few sharp edge). What a hard work!

It was eventually becoming quite a safe zone for Baby EJ, until (deep sigh) he figured out how to bite the hard metal in his cot (see below, there's a hard bar underneath each side of playpen, covered with soft cloth material which I think it's unsafe for teething baby).

It wasn't as safe as I thought because those hard metal bars could have injured his mouth or chin, so I needed another solution!

His cot became super ugly & I hated it so much!! It made my eyes sore to see those bumpy socks around! Sigh Sigh Sigh!



My inspiration to DIY his cot bumper came when I went to Daiso, Plaza Sing. I saw many chair cushions sold there at $2 each.. I saw many floral designs which I loved the most :)
So, I came out with this idea to sew his cot bumper using those chair cushions. I bought10 cushions back home and waited the opportunity to DIY this project.

First, I started with one cushion, I covered the top cot bar with cushion, tied one side of ribbon to the other side (ribbons can go through playpen nets, then I can tie it over), then started to sew cushion, so it attached to the playpen securely :)

Started with sewing the middle part, then left & right corners.

Then I placed another cushion, repeated the same process and did my sewing, so one cushion attached to the other cushion and so on :)

You see a little gap below here? yes, gotta sew this too :)

I completed this project in 3 hours & surprised him when he woke up from his long nap.. I swear, he looked like the happiest baby ever!

His cot became much prettier, I loved the floral design, sweet ribbons and most importantly, it's much safer for him now. I also tied a string on his cot to the window (call me a paranoid mom, I just don't want to risk his cot from flipping over, in case he's uncontrollably active)

 Before & After.. What do you think?

My super playful 8 month old baby boy in his DIY baby cot, hand sewn by his mommy filled with love :)

Until next DIY,

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