Thursday, 12 June 2014

My Final Journey With Pampers ~ Vote & Win

Hello Fellow Parents

Finally, it comes to the end my journey with Pampers Baby Dry, it has been a good journey and I have learned valuable tips from other mommies too. Sharing is indeed a good experience!

I've never tried Pampers Baby Dry before and from this journey, I learned that the best diaper in the market for an active baby like EJ is actually Pampers Baby Dry and it's proven!! Baby EJ's diaper has never leaked and his bum is soft and free of any kind of rashes. And yes, I'm going to use Pampers Baby Dry for Baby Peanut (the one in my belly right now) because I trust Pampers so much for keeping my baby dry for the whole night :)

Thank you everybody for reading us and please help us to vote, yeah? Winning a year's supply of Pampers Baby Dry for baby EJ would be so awesome!!

How to vote?

1) Click this link

2) Click on my picture "Netty" & simply fill up your details like Name, NRIC, Email Address, Mobile & DOB (that's it!) It will probably take you 1-2 minutes!

What will you win?

10 participating voters will receive 2 packs of Pampers Baby Dry diapers each!
Again, thank you so much! And here's my journey with Pampers (PART 1-PART 4)

Rock-a-bye Baby with Pampers Part 1
LOVELY BABY is the result of good bonding, PART 2 journey with Pampers
Playtime with Baby EJ, Pampers Journey Part 3
My Diaper Tips, Pampers Journey Part 4

Please Please vote for us and we promise you, we will upload more cute pictures of baby EJ!

'Till Next Time
~ Netty & Baby EJ~

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