Thursday, 9 October 2014

Week 31 pregnancy update + maternity haul

I'm 31 weeks pregnant and I can't believe I'm in my 8th month of pregnancy. Time flies!! 6 more weeks to full term and I should keep myself busy with nesting & preparing the arrival of my little princess :)

I went to my doctor appointment yesterday for my 31 week scan and thanks God, everything looks fine with baby Cal. She's now 1.7 kg at 31 weeks and measuring 26 cm from top to bottom (baby's curled up, so we won't know exactly how long is she from head to toe :D, but I think more or less about 45cm perhaps?) Baby EJ was 2.3 kg at 31 weeks, so you see? One big boy VS One tiny girl!

She gained 600 grams in 3 weeks time and her height increased by 4 cm from 28 weeks to 31 weeks.. This girl has been growing well ~ oh well, doctor commented she's small-average size, so it should be easier for me to give birth naturally to her. Thanks to her rapid weight gain, my weight also increased crazily :( I gained 3 kg in 3 weeks time ~ I can't believe I gained that much this month, so last night I tried my best to persuade myself "oh Netty, don't worry, you don't gain it all yourself, remember baby Cal gained 600 grams and so plus increased water, blood, etc, technically you gained 2 kg yourself and oh remember it could be water retention, plus before you went to clinic, you just had a big lunch and you drank 1 liter of water.."  I was freaking out yesterday and you see how I was in denial and tried to persuade my self hahaaa...

Anyway, I think I won't care about weight gain anymore, I will eat if I feel hungry, simple as that! As long as baby is healthy, whatever it is!

I asked a stupid question to my doctor "Are you sure it's a girl?" hahaha...I don't know why I asked such question but I heard from my friend, a baby girl can be a baby boy and a baby girl gender scan is not 100% accurate, someone had it wrong before, scanned a couple of times as a girl but bam, it's born as a boy, so you see? My doctor replied "She closed her legs but not to worry, nothing dropping.." I knew what my doctor meant, no "balls" dropping in between legs, so no worries! It's a girl! hahaha.. perhaps I should re-confirm with him again next appointment?(for the third time confirmation? LOL)

Pregnancy is crazy! One moment, I feel like "OMG, I love being pregnant, my bump is beautiful, I love baby kicks, it's the best feeling ever. Time, please slow down! And I promise this won't be my last pregnancy" And soon, I feel like "Oh crap, I can't wait to give birth, I feel so uncomfortable as I'm getting bigger & bigger. I can't wait this to be over..!!  So you see, pregnancy is crazy, I don't know why hormones can make woman such a mental way!!!

Although she's sitting low ~ head down position but luckily her head is not engaged yet, that's good news for me ~ having informed so, I really shouldn't take this for granted, I should still rest, rest and rest!

I can feel Baby Cal is getting stronger and stronger.. Her kicks and jabs are getting more uncomfortably painful ~ although sometimes, I think it's cute! Many times in a night, my poor husband has to hear this repeatedly from me "Ouch, Cal, it's sooo painful..." hahaaa...

My baby bump is so huge now. It's funny to watch how my belly grew. At 5 month pregnant, I barely had a bump and 3 months later, I look like a pregnant lady, ready to pop anytime :P

I don't know how other pregnant mommas get themselves comfortable during sleeping time but here's mine! Last pregnancy, I used a pregnancy bolster and it was an expensive bolster, specially designed for pregnant mom, I bought at $120 and I couldn't sleep without it! And this pregnancy, I don't know why, I just feel the pregnancy bolster I bought last time is not comfortable at all. I just don't like it! So, I prefer to use my thick blanket as my specially designed ~ DIY pregnancy bolster! hahaha... Oh gosh, I swear this thick folded blanket is the best out of the best and it's 100% more comfortable than any pregnancy bolsters in the market.. It's wide, big & fluffy, more than enough space for my long legs to cover! Seriously, try this if you are pregnant and if you are tall like me and can't seem to find the right bolster! :D
Here's my maternity + breastfeeding clothing haul. I didn't buy nursing clothes at all because I think they are unreasonably pricey! 1 nursing pajamas can cost around $70 at Mothercare, imagine how many sets of pajamas I do need a day ~ considering baby puke, milk leaking, etc?

So instead of specially designed nursing pajamas, I bought so many of button down pajamas (shirt + pants set). I bought different combinations like shirt + short pants or shirt + long pants. You guess how much per set I bought? It's only $8 per pajamas set. I bought it at stall market nearby my house. I'm going to wear the black satin pajamas set during my hospital stay! These are not only suitable for breastfeeding but it's also very comfortable to wear during confinement period. The material is super soft cotton. What a good buy!

And I also bought super cooling cotton shirts to wear as nursing tops. Again I didn't want to buy nursing tops because they are crazily expensive. So I bought button down cotton shirts instead. I bought both short and long sleeves. Thinking the long sleeves one can be worn during confinement period. The material is super comfortable! The dark blue button down shirt is only $2, the rest is about $15 per pcs. Considering I can wear this as my home wear or nursing friendly top when I'm outside, it's a good buy if you compare with $50 per pcs nursing top!

The trick to get cheap maternity + nursing clothes is do not rush at all and go for stall market! I didn't buy everything in 1 goal but instead, whenever I'm outside, I will watch any good deals that caught my eyes and then I will buy it a little bit by a little bit. Believe it or not, I started shopping at 12 weeks pregnant ~ good deals, grab it! So, at 8 months pregnant, everything is complete & ready! Just take your time in shopping and remember it doesn't have to be specially designed pregnancy clothes, any clothes that are accessible to nursing, that will do the same job perfectly!!

Pray for me to have continuously healthy pregnancy!


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