Wednesday, 5 November 2014

DIY Oatmeal + Olive Oil Soap Bar


It has been a while I didn't post anything about beauty although I'm always very passionate about beauty stuff & cosmetics. Blame my pregnancy hormones, it makes me so damn lazy! Instead, I have been regularly updating about my pregnancy, can't blame me for that because pregnancy only lasts for 9 months and I want to record what has happened to me during those precious 9 months and in case, I miss my pregnancy moments and baby bump in the future, I can read again my old pregnancy posts. so, yeah, this is why I'm so lazy to talk about beauty and stuff. But recently, my beauty mood is kind of back & I'm so inspired to start DIY-ing again..

I have been quite obsessed in making DIY soap bars recently and I'm here to share my little recipe :)Oh in case you are a breastfeeding mum & would like to DIY breast milk soap bar (if you have a great supply and so, instead of throwing extra breast milk), I hope this post can give you a little inspiration how to make super easy DIY soap bar, using your own ingredients (you can also use oatmeal, olive oil, essential oils, rose petals, herbs and you can explore many more, very exciting, isn't?)

As you all know the benefits of oatmeal + olive oil, it soothes sensitive skin, it's great for dry skin, has good cleansing & healing properties and many more. My first trial of making DIY soap bar was to use 2 simple ingredients directly from my kitchen: Oatmeal + Olive oil

The method I used was Melt and Pour. This method is the easiest in making DIY soap bar, don't worry about the chemicals used that might hurt your skin or eyes if you are not careful. This Melt & Pour method is totally safe & easy!

Ingredients you need:

1) Soap base (it's transparent, no color, no scent, very natural) or any left over soap you don't use anymore. I haven't bought my soap base, so I used baby soap bar to test it out.
2) Olive Oil
3) Oatmeal
4) Microwave
5) Microwaveable container
6) Knife
7) Spoon to mix & stir
8) Grater to grate the soap
9) Baking molds (if you have), I don't have one, so I used my small plastic containers
10) Other ingredients you wish to add like honey, essential oils, etc

 How to DIY:

1) I used 100 grams soap bar, it's a baby soap bar, if you have a soap base, it's even better.

2) Grate the soap bar (so it's easier to melt)

3) I used microwave to melt my soap bar, so I put shredded soap in a microwaveable container. You can also use double boiling method if you prefer to use stove instead of microwave but it will take a much longer time (and I'm too lazy to wait!)

4) Microwave it for 60 seconds

5) Prepare your oatmeal & olive oil

6) After 60 seconds, your soap will be pretty much get melted, although not totally in my case because I was using a normal soap bar instead of a soap base, but it's ok though. Next is to mix 2-3 teaspoons of olive oil & a few spoons of oatmeal (I didn't measure), then put a spoon or two of hot water and stir everything. Your microwaved soap will pretty much have super soft texture now. Then, put the mixture in the microwave for another 30-60 seconds. The more water you add, the softer the soap bar will be!

7) Pour the mixture in a baking mold or a container, sprinkle some oatmeal on top, let it cool down for 1 hour, then put it in the freezer for another 1 hour, take it out from the freezer and let it sit in the room temperature for a few hours and newly DIY Oatmeal + Olive Oil Soap Bar is ready to use :)

8) Final product! From 1 soap bar, I can make 2 DIY soap bars! The final product looks edible though, like a piece of baked oatmeal cake ^^ It may not look pretty compared to commercial soap bars from the stores, but at least this one is 100% DIY & hand made loaded with lots of natural goodness :)

The other day, I tried oatmeal + honey and here's the result, still looking yummy like a piece of cake :)

Happy Trying!


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