Friday, 14 November 2014

Week 36 Pregnancy #2 Update with Baby Calysta

I'm in my ninth month of pregnancy!

A little over 36 weeks now, that means 1 more week to the official full term and another 2-3 more weeks before she's here with us! I can't wait & I feel nervous too!

The emotional feeling I'm currently experiencing being a second time mum is I feel like in my ninth month of my pregnancy, every moment I spend with baby boy is too precious but short.. The time will finally come when he's not going to be the only one in my heart.. I feel guilty because I'm soon going to be shared. I'm nervous and wonder how on earth I could love my 2nd child as much as I love him.. I didn't touch my belly as much as I touched EJ when I was pregnant with him, I didn't talk to her as much as I was pregnant with EJ and I didn't read to her either but I read to EJ when he was in my belly.. But I know things will change when she's finally here, I will fall in love over and over again :)

Pregnancy is so far so good, I don't have any complaints at all :) I can eat well, I can walk well & I can actually sleep well (so far I can sleep like a baby, wake up twice or more to pee but I can sleep back soundly) BUT for the past one week, it was terrible.. I didn't sleep well at all, not because of the pregnancy causing me sleepless nights but it was my 18 month old boy...

My 18 month old was sick and diagnosed with walking pneumonia caused by mycoplasma bacterial. He was having high fever, nausea with vomiting, cough, flu & cold and for the past one week, I was so worried and couldn't sleep at all (I had to wake up every hour to check his temperature). I was so scared! This thing + pregnancy hormones + pressure I received from the old folks when my baby boy was sick just broke me down. I kept on crying & crying (I know it's silly but who can blame a hormonal pregnant woman?) And I just felt so upset! One whole week of upsetness!

My baby boy is currently recovering & he's doing pretty good now (still under observation but absolutely so much better) and so my mood is! I'm feeling better too! At least, I can smile & laugh now, no longer a sad cloud!

Anyway, life isn't always smooth, isn't? Although I have comfortable pregnancy #2 but there's nothing can stop me from being sad & upset, right?

I'm grateful that my joints, back, wrists, knees are not sore or painful at all (it was painful during my first pregnancy at 36 weeks) and most importantly, I'm still comfortable being my self, the 36 week pregnant me! :)

I noticed at 36 weeks pregnant, Braxton hicks contractions come more frequently now but it lasts for 1 second only. Not painful but uncomfortable. The feeling is like tightening in my belly and this contractions are only noticeable to me when I stand up or walk. I can't feel it when I sit down!

Baby Cal's movements & kicks are still pretty much the same pattern, she still loves her favorite spot which is on my right side and she loves to hang around my right ribs. Luckily when she's around my ribs, it doesn't hurt at all.. I just felt like someone is poking & shifting my right arm :) I can also feel her legs/arms/elbows/ankles/don't-know-what-it's poking out of my skin and it felt funny & sharp :)

Talking about craving, it's weird that I started to love chocolate bar with almonds so much.. And it started at 35 weeks pregnant. Chocolate is now my comfort food! I have never loved or appreciated chocolates like the way I appreciate it now.. I just have craving for chocolates! Before I got pregnant and before 35 weeks of pregnancy, chocolates were never in my mind but now, I just can't stop thinking of chocolates (almost) all the time =.=' Girl's craving?

Next appointment is next week at 37 weeks and I'm curious how much she has grown! and how much I have grown too, arghh!

After shedding so much tears this week (Silly me, it's not even that big pressure!) I think it's time to be happy back, what else can bring happiness to a woman except retail therapy? I bought this super pretty pom pom dress for Calysta. Normally, pom pom dress can cause itchiness & discomfort but this one is super soft & comfortable, so Calysta will definitely look lovely in this dress (this size is for 6 months old). She already has so many dresses and this should be the last piece I bought! (although I doubt so! Retail therapy for baby girl is indeed a therapy!)

Baby bump comparison at 36 weeks.. 1st pregnancy/baby boy vs 2nd pregnancy/baby girl.. I can't see the difference though, both baby bumps are pretty much the same shape but I think baby boy was a little higher, fuller & sharper.. And baby girl is a little lower and rounder :)
 Here's my round bump at 36 weeks!

Almost there & the countdown really begins now!

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