Sunday, 8 March 2015

Daily Routine as a breastfeeding mom

I would say I'm pretty lucky to have a full time helper who's able to take care my first born while I take care my second born full time. Baby Calysta is almost 13 weeks old & I'm still breastfeeding her, so my daily routine is always involving her and her. Curios? Check out my daily routine! It's still pretty easy to take care of her because she's still so small and hasn't started solid food yet, so I have to enjoy her as much as possible before the real challenge comes, right?

9am: Good Morning! Calysta wakes up. I change her diaper & latch her. I'm pretty lucky to be able to wake up  (late) together with her. Mommy needs enough sleep to take care her baby too right?

9.30am: I have my breakfast ~ normally protein diet: egg, red meat and milk (I need this diet to boost my milk quality) while I'm eating my breakfast, Calysta is watching babyTV. She keeps herself entertained for a while

10.30am: Latch her if she wants too! Preparing her for bath

11.00am: She looks fresh and clean after taking bath

11.15am: My turn to take shower and Calysta is watching babyTV (that's the only way I can shower)

11.30am: Play time! With EJ & Calysta (before EJ taking his nap)

12.00pm: Latch her before her napping time. She normally naps for half an hour and can hardly nap more than half an hour

12.30pm: While she's napping, I have my quick lunch

1pm: Diaper change after she wakes up

1.30pm: Latch her & playtime

2.30pm: Another latch

3.30pm: Tea break (milk & cookies) or avocado milkshake (yes yes yes it's to boost milk quality or to thicken Breast milk). Calysta is relaxing/watching TV

4pm: Diaper change. Comfort latch before her napping

4.30pm-5pm: napping time. This timing, she will only want to nap on my chest (no other place)

6pm: Diaper change, clean & change her. It's pajamas time!

6.30pm: I have my dinner! Protein dinner like lean meat and salmon with a bowl of rice & lactating tea

7pm: latch her and after that I take shower

8pm: diaper change & playtime

9pm-10pm: final/comfort latching before she sleeps

3am: latch & sleep back

6am: latch & sleep back. Diaper change

7.30am: latch & sleep back

9am: Good morning!

Of course, in between I'm still trying to have time to play with EJ ~ playing cars with him or just reading to him

And breastfeeding isn't that easy too although it looks super convenient. Many times I'm struggling because she's fussing during nursing, so I have to walk, dance, bounce around the house while latching her (oh yes it's tiring & I look like a mad woman when I do that!) but I wouldn't change a single thing about her! I know she will grow up and one day I will miss her babyhood so much, so why not enjoying it now while it lasts?

Motherhood is an amazing journey!

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