Thursday, 7 May 2015

Ethan James's 2nd birthday

He's TWO years old! My toddler boy has grown up so much from a little chubby baby I brought back home from TMC in 2013 into one super active naughty toddler boy in 2015

We celebrated his birthday on 26th April 2015, just nice his birthday fell on Sunday, so we were able to invite his friends to celebrate together :)

It was a simple party, only invited his neighbor toddler friends. Our friends are staying far away from us and since it was only a simplest birthday party with home cook foods, so we were a little embarrassed to invite our friends who stay far away heheee

EJ got to know his friends from our housing playground he goes every day and there are about 6-7 little friends he treasures, so we invited these little friends with their helpers (of course!)

Birthday party started at 4pm after EJ woke up from his nap & almost everything were DIY from Daiso and home made.

My helper helped with simple decoration and the cooking. There were pizzas, spaghetti bolognaise, red eggs, sausages with marshmallows, fish balls sticks, chicken wings, fried wrapped hams & eggs (mil's specialty) and of course EJ's favorite chu chu train birthday cake

His biggest birthday wish is firstly to own a sport car (the one he can drive but obviously he can't, so we have to use remote control to drive him around) and secondly a big & tall racing car track.

And yes, his wish was fulfilled

We bought him a sport car and a big car track and we hid it somewhere in the house for nearly a month

How did we surprise him? One day before his birthday, we have already assembled his car track (took us 1 hour +) and on his birthday, we covered his big presents with big cloth and asked him to open it. His reaction was priceless. He was very surprised & it was his happiest day ever and so our happiest day too :)

My baby boy is truly no longer a baby boy and he has grown up too fast, wish he's still my chubby baby boy but time really flies, we grow old and so our children! Cherish my time with him while he's still a toddler. Soon, toddlerhood will be over too!

He has changed too much, he's getting more and more cheeky. More and more playful and of course more and more loving!

He knows how to hug & kiss me

He knows how to place my head on his tiny chest

He knows how to request "mommy buy car"

He knows how to push me to the cashier, so I can pay for his toys

He knows how to scare little girls with his spider toys

His vocabulary is getting more & more. Sometimes I don't expect he knows how to say certain words and I'm surprised he can use those words appropriately according to the correct situation. I'm amazed!

He learns fast from action and conversation.

Terrible two is official now but he's still perfect in my eyes and I wouldn't change a thing about him

EJ is my son and I will love him unconditionally

Happy birthday, Ethan James!

With mommy & daddy
This chu chu train birthday cake tastes so good!
With uncle & auntie (my bro & his wife)
Foods, presents & goodies bag (with lots of candies & chocolates)
The surprise
Another big surprise
Presents opening with mommy (and daddy & Calysta in the background)
The birthday presents

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