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(Sponsored Review) Managing Fever with KOOLFEVER


Being a Mum of two, with both kids having close age difference of 19 months, fever is not unusual in our life. Fever has become quite an affair to me. Fever comes and goes. Fever comes (unwelcomed & uninvited) to my kids after vaccinations or after being contracted with some kind of viral infection or bacterial infection. As much as I hate fever, imagine I have to wake up every hour to check my little one's temperature (worrying the little one will wake up crying), the struggle I have when I need to force-feed paracetamol, the worried-ness how if the fever suddenly jumping up high? As much as I know fever does mean body is fighting against viruses or bacterial infection, no matter what it is, fever is very worrying to me! And always a HATE affair to me!! 
Thanks to KOOLFEVER Singapore for sending me super awesome Fever Management Kit which includes KOOLFEVER Products and and the Super KOOL Braun NTF3000 No Touch Plus Forehead Digital Thermometer. I'm now no longer afraid of UN-KOOL fever! 
I have been a big fan of KOOLFEVER patch for babies since EJ was an infant. KOOLFEVER stays one of the most important kits in my drawer. 
Being a Mum of two, handling a feverish baby or toddler is no longer a new thing for me. With 2 young kids under my care, I'm pretty confident on how to manage fever and I hope the tips I share here will be useful for moms-to-be or first time mums 
1) Paracetamol
Paracetamol syrup (pink color) is a safe medication prescribed by pediatrician for babies and toddlers and it's a must to have medication to control fever above 37.5 degrees. The dosage is normally prescribed according to the child's weight and can be taken every 4-6 hourly 
2) KOOLFEVER for babies & KOOLFEVER for children
I always use KOOLFEVER for both toddler & baby because it absorbs & disperses heat effectively. The size is just right & fits perfectly to my little one's forehead and doesn't displace at the slightest movement. It's also gentle for baby's skin as it doesn't contain fragrance or coloring. The best thing about KOOLFEVER is the cool effect lasts long, about 4 hours per sheet and I don't have to keep changing the fever sheet, unlike the old way fever compress. A must have baby essential! 
 Calysta was having fever!
3) KOOLFEVER for body
It's another smart innovation from KOOLFEVER I really like! A must have for me too! I use KOOLFEVER for body when my little one has a sudden high fever. Let's say fever jumping up from 37.5 to 39 degrees. Normally that will likely happen midnight. The first thing I do is to stay calm, feed paracetamol and use KOOLFEVER for body on the neck, wrists, underarms, inner thighs, ankles or any narrow parts of the body where the major arteries are found. My little one's temperature is effectively brought down. The cool effect lasts about 8 hours which is really awesome! 
4) KOOLFEVER soft cooling gel pillow
KOOLFEVER soft cooling gel pillow can be used for fever, sleepless and humid night. It contains special cooling gel that doesn't become frozen in the freezer. When my little one has fever, I wrap KOOLFEVER soft cooling gel pillow with towel and put it underneath my little one's head to help to bring down the fever. It's reusable simply by chilling in freezer again. The cooling effect will last for about 4-6 hours. 
5) Braun NTF3000 No Touch Plus Forehead Digital Thermometer.
Thermometer is a MUST and my advise to first time moms is get a digital thermometer because it's so worth it! Forehead digital thermometer is not only accurate but it's so convenient & easy to use. What I love about forehead digital thermometer is I can take my little one's temperature when he or she is sleeping. I don't have to be afraid of the little one waking up. I can take my little one's temperature without touching him or her which is really awesome! 

I have tested both ear and forehead thermometers and the difference is only -0.2 deg for forehead thermometer in comparison to ear thermometer. For instance, the temp using ear thermometer is 38.2 degrees and the temp using forehead thermometer would be 38 degrees and I would say it's accurate and I wouldn't doubt its accuracy at all. I get the same professional accuracy reading whether touching my little one's forehead or measuring up to 5 cm away
Forehead thermometer in comparison with ear thermometer
Another thing I like is there's a fever guidance like a green screen suggests no fever, a yellow screen suggests moderate fever and red signals high fever 
Most importantly is to stay calm when handling little one's fever. With good care and routine monitoring, the little one should be recovering in a few days time and becoming stronger after that. So, don't worry, mommies! Fever is manageable!
Thank you KOOLFEVER, my 7 month old baby Calysta is all well now!
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