Monday 20 July 2015

(Sponsored Review) QuickGrab Nappy Bags


Being a mom for the past 26 months (EJ is 26 months old & Calysta is 7 months old). Diaper duty has become a daily affair. Every day, my dustbin is always full of.... Diapers and more diapers! Since both EJ & Calysta are still wearing full time diapers, can you imagine how many wet & soiled diapers we are having a day? Both kiddos have about 5 wet diapers and 1 soiled diaper a day and can you imagine ehm..ehm how unpleasant the smell of our bathroom? I hate to admit I'm REALLY traumatized with the unpleasant nappies odours every time I have to throw something into the dustbin. Yucks! I swear the smell really lingers for long and I have to hold my breath for the longest minutes I can.
And now there's a smart solution!
Thanks to QuickGrab for sponsoring me, together with other December 2014 mommies most convenient, hygienic and fuss free nappy bags, now I'm no longer having a yucky feeling whenever I have to meet Mr. Dustbin in my bathroom. QuickGrab nappy bags are perfect for mothers who are on-the-go too

The bags are large enough to hold nappies, wet wipes and tissues. The easy-tie handles help to seal off any germs

Plus one thing I like is, the bag is scented to neutralize unpleasant odours. It smells like my favorite baby powder to me, while the black color subtly disguises the contents 

Directions for use:

1) change your baby's nappy
2) pull out a fragranced nappy bag from the pack
3) place soiled nappy and wipes in the bag. Tie handles together to close the bag
4) throw it in the bin 

QuickGrab nappy bags are currently retailing for SGD4.5 for 125 pieces online. 

You can find it at the following websites:

For more information, kindly visit

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