Sunday, 21 April 2013

Quick Facial From Your Kitchen (Egg, Oatmeal, Olive Oil, Sugar & Green Tea)

Hello Beautiful People...

I wanna show you that a complete facial doesn't have to be expensive and time-consuming and of course it doesn't have to be done at beauty salon or spa too.. You can do it at home, get the ingredients right from your kitchen and it's as effective as an expensive spa treatment..

If you are a stay at home mother like me who is always on budget (prefers to save money for her baby ^^ ) or someone who has extra bucks but prefers something more natural, this quick kitchen facial is for you.. I hope you enjoy it and can benefit from my kitchen tutorial :)

First of all, let's prepare the ingredients...

1. Egg (egg white cleanses, exfoliates and tightens skin, where egg yolk moisturizes, feeds & soothes skin)
2. Oatmeal (oatmeal has healing hydrating benefits, good for dry, flaky, inflamed & sunburned skin. Oatmeal also has anti-inflammatory properties)
3. Olive Oil (olive oil cleanses & moisturizes skin.. An ancient beauty secret)
4. Sugar (white/brown sugar exfoliates skin & removes black/white heads)
5. Green Tea (green tea reduces puffiness & dark circles under eyes & it has amazing cooling properties)
6. Cotton Sheets (as masking sheets)
7. Tweezer (to extract nose white heads)

Let's prepare Olive Oil + White Sugar Face Scrub

Step 1: Take a few tablespoons of white sugar.. Brown sugar is fine too :)
Step 2: Take 3 tablespoons of olive oil.. (more or less as you wish)
Step 3:  Mix white sugar & olive oil together to make white-yellowish paste like this (right pic)

Let's prepare Oatmeal + Egg White Face Mask

Step 1: Put the oatmeal inside a plastic bag and mash it (you can use bowl or blender, or anything..)
Step 2: Separate egg white & egg yolk in 2 separate bowls
Step 3: Mix & stir the mashed oatmeal & egg white together into paste like no. 4
Let's prepare Hydrating Egg Yolk Mask

Step 1: Stir the egg yolk using spoon or egg blender
Let's prepare Refreshing Green Tea Eye Mask

Step 1: Take 1 bag of green tea, soak the tea bag into warm water
Step 2: Put green tea in the fridge for one hour
Now, you have your face scrub, face mask & eye mask ready.. Let's get started!!

Oppss... Wait a moment!! If you are gonna use the whole egg yolk (you don't plan to use the rest for cooking), you are going to have lots of extra egg yolk, it actually takes very little amount for face mask.. Hang on, don't throw the egg yolk away yet because you can actually use it for deep nourishing hair mask... Yes, another hair spa treatment at home :)

But how to prepare that deep nourishing hair mask?

Step 1: Very easy, just mix your egg yolk into your regular conditioner.. Eggs contain lecithin & protein which strengthen and nourish your hair.. Plus eggs also have high sulphuric content which prevents scalp flakes.. Your DIY mask will have a smooth and creamy texture.. Don't worry about the egg smell.. I tried it and it didn't smell like egg at all, instead it had that nice hair conditioner scent :)

Then, how to use your DIY deep nourishing hair mask?

Step 1: Wash your hair with your regular shampoo
Step 2: Rinse your hair with warm or cool water as you like
Step 3: Apply your DIY mask on your hair especially hair ends and massage your scalp
Step 4: Leave it for 5 minutes before rinsing the mask off with warm or cool water.. During that 5 minutes wait, you can do your Olive Oil + Sugar face or body scrub :)

Let's get started, ladies (or gentlemen or anyone.. )

First, cleanse your face with gentle cleansing foam/ face cleanser, then dab dry with soft towel.. (Remember, everything starts with good clean skin)

Second, take a little bit of Olive Oil + Sugar scrub, apply & scrub it all over your cheeks, chin, nose, forehead & neck.. Scrub it a few minutes longer on nose & chin to remove stubborn black/white heads

Third, rinse your face with cool water and dab dry with soft towel
Forth, it's time to remove white heads on nose & chin intensively.. My favorite tool to remove white heads on my nose and chin is a square plastic tweezer..(the tweezer tip is made by plastic/softer material instead of metal) Yes, it's the most effective tool ever, it's so much better & more effective than nose strip or whatever gel I can find in the market.. Seriously!!

My advise is to pick the tweezer tip made by plastic or whatever material that is softer than metal and also pick the square tip one.. Please avoid metal and sharper tip because it will hurt your skin.. My tweezer doesn't hurt my skin and it doesn't leave any scars.. It does leave redness on my nose, but it's just temporary, it will normally go away within hours :)

How to use? Pretty simple, just use the tweezer tip to squeeze the stubborn white heads out.. See pic. no. 3, how I squeeze my grossest big white head out of my chin.. I normally clean & extract my nose & chin white heads once a week.. and so far I don't even need to go for salon facial because my face & nose are already clean & free from black/white heads :)

Routine is the key, ladies...

Fifth, it's the masking time.. It's the first session of masking.. This session is to clean, tighten & heal your skin.. Using face brush or hand, apply Oatmeal + Egg White Mask all over your face, leave your eyes area (because it's thinner & more sensitive). Leave it for 5 minutes if you stay inside an air-con room (the mask dries quicker in an air-con room) or leave it for 7-10 minutes if you stay inside non air-con room.. Actually, the key is to wait until your mask dries.. You will know when it dries.. When it dries, your skin will feel really tight.. You can't even talk or smile... See my right corner pic, I can't have any facial expressions at all, lol!!

After 5-10 minutes, rinse it with cool water and dab dry with soft towel...
Sixth, it's the last session of facial masking :) This session is to use egg yolk to nourish & moisturize your skin.. Using face brush or hand, simply apply egg yolk all over your face.. Leave it for 5-10 minutes or to wait until your mask dries.. Again, you will know when it dries, your skin will feel tight & can't have facial expression, like my right pic.. :)

Then, rinse your mask off with cool water :)
Seventh, this one is most favourite session because it's so refreshing and my eyes feel brighter and I just feel less tired :) Plus, this eye mask will reduce puffiness & dark circles under your eyes :)

Remember that you have stored your green tea in the fridge for an hour? Now, it's time to take it out.. Dip 2 pieces of square cotton in the chilled green tea water, squeeze the excessive water out, then put the cotton sheets on both eyes and RELAX... Just close your eyes, listen to nice relaxing music and relax for 10 minutes.. (You can use this to meditate too) The cooling effect will make you more awake after that and it really does rejuvenate your tired eyes and now, you are ready for a new day in your life... :)
Hang on, how if you have extra chilled green tea water? No worries, you can dip a few cotton sheets and put it all over your face for 2 in 1 Green Tea Face Toner + Mask.. The cooling effect is really good for hot weather and tired skin.. Leave it for 10 minutes and remove the cotton sheets. Now you are done and you don't need to rinse your face with water.. You will feel very fresh now :)

I look really fresh and my complexion looks brighter & softer after my super cheap kitchen facial.. and of course I don't need to apply make up at all after that :)

** Pictures after my kitchen facial treatment... no make up at all!! You see how awake and brighter my eyes look like now?

and now I'm just going to shower and to proceed with my deep nourishing egg hair mask.. And I still have left over Olive Oil + Sugar Scrub and what am I gonna do? Of course to scrub off dead skin cells on my arms, elbows and heels :)

Happy trying and stay beautiful!!



  1. Hello Netty.I am Tamanna.I am a regular reader of ur blog.My husband is planning to go Bali in Indonesia.Can u suggest some skin care products for me?I am 28 and a mother of a 6 yeared old boy.I have a medium coloured and sensitive skin.Anyway waiting for ur reply

    1. hi dear, thank you for writing to me :) how about hada labo products?, those are rich in moisturizing properties that are good for weather in Bali. Don't forget ur sunscreen too :)