Monday, 22 April 2013

Tsubasa Masuwaka Inspired Look & Gyaru Make Up Tutorial

Hello Cutie Pies...

Today, I'm going to do one of my most interesting make up inspired looks in my blogging history.. From the title, you might have guessed it's the Japanese Gyaru look.. Yes, absolutely correct.. I'm going to show you how to do Tsubasa Masuwaka Make-Up or Japanese Sweet Gyaru Make-Up :)

Who is Tsubasa Masuwaka? She is a singer, a mother and a famous super cute Gyaru girl from Japan.. She also has her own cosmetics & eyelashes line, Dolly Wink.. You can find her super kawaii Dolly Wink eyelashes at Watsons shops across the island :) She's super cute, pretty & successful :)

For this make up tutorial, I'm gonna use Dolly Wink No. 2 Sweet Candy.. (Sooo pretty eyelashes) and also I'm going to try Dolly Wink No. 10 Sweet Cat eyelashes (I love it too, it's so pretty, sexy & natural)... I feel like I want to own the whole Tsubasa's eyelashes collection.. 

A little bit of review on Dolly Wink eyelashes:

It's quite expensive compared to other Japanese fake eyelashes (sold at $22 plus per 2 pairs/if I'm not wrong) but... I can tell you the quality of these eyelashes are darn good... The eyelashes are made by soft materials & they just don't look fake.. They look pretty natural.. Those eyelashes are long lasting too (I have been using them for a few times but they are still in a good shape).. It's a good investment if you want a pair of good quality eyelashes ^^ Highly recommended ^^

**I'm not saying by creating this look, I will look like her.. Nooo, she's so so so much prettier & I'm nothing compared to her ^^ I'm just inspired by her pretty pretty make up especially her flirty pair of pretty eyelashes ^^
Here's my final Tsubasa look and now let's get started :)

Tsubasa and other Japanese Gyaru girls have super deep eyes with big double eyelids and I don't really care if they have had surgery to get those deep double eyelids or if they have just used double eyelids glue/tape.. But if you girls want to get a pair of deep double eyelids, you don't have to go for surgery.. You can fake it by using double eyelid tape/glue/fiber, etc..

Below is my eye pic without anything/no eyelid tape or glue or whatever... I have natural double eyelids and they are pretty huge and honestly I'm not a big fan of double eyelid tape/glue because they are just not comfortable & it sounds crazy for someone who already has double eyelids to use double eyelid tape/glue.. But... I love to experiment having a deeper set of eyes, so I do own double eyelid tape/fiber, I only use it for special occasions like photo shooting, celebration or party :) I have mine for many years and I won't be able to finish it ;p

My all the time favourite double eyelid tape is AB or Automatic Beauty.. It's from Japan and it's the best and most natural double eyelid fiber tape ever... It's very expensive but if you don't plan to use them on daily basis, it's a good investment for special occasions ^.~

** Available at Sasa shops across the island

I'm gonna show you how to use AB double eyelid fiber tape:

My advise before using: Use it on your bare eyelids.. Meaning DO NOT apply moisturiser, BB cream, powder, eyeshadow, etc BEFORE using your double eyelid tape... If you apply eye base or eye make up before double eyelid tape, your fiber tape will not stay on your eyelids..

**Please use your double eyelid fiber tape as the first step after cleansing your face, before applying skin care and skin make-up

Step 1: Pull out corners of the black string together using your left & right thumbs & index fingers.. You can pull it a little longer than the length of your natural eyelids, but not long (cos you will spoil it)

Step 2: Adjust & stick the white fiber tape on your eyelids.. You can adjust higher or lower, depending how deep you want your double eyelids look like.. Practice is the key to find the perfect location..

Step 3: Cut the remaining black strings from both corners.. You can cut a little bit of the white fiber too if you find it too long

Step 4: Use the 'poking' tool (it comes together in a box) to poke your eyelids inside to create a deeper pair of double eyelids :) You are now done :) **This product is really good, you can't see the tape at all, it's invisible..

You can see my eye pic, before & after... After: My eyes are now deeper :)

Now, you can proceed with your make-up base.. I have my make up base (BB Cream, Concealer, Powder) done and yes, I know I look sooo scary without anything, but just make up base on my face.. I look so pale, this is why I don't want to scare you by zooming my face smaller, lol!!

After you're done with your make up base, it's time to apply beautiful pinkish blush on your cheeks (Psssttt... Tsubasa has super cute pinkish cheeks).. I actually use pink shimmery eyeshadow (from Majolica Majorca) instead of blush.. It doesn't really matter what you actually use, result is more important.. Be creative in make-up, if you don't own it, it doesn't mean you have to buy, you will just need to find other effective product to replace your need, just like me ^.~

After that, you can use light brown eyebrow mascara, mine is from Diamond Beauty to get the Gyaru eyebrows color.. Gyaru girls always have blonde/light brown eyebrows color.. (matching their hair color)

Gyaru girls love to use golden eyeshadow.. and they don't have complicated eyeshadow technique.. Not much of shading, so it's pretty simple.. After all, you are already look dolly with those pair of girly eyelashes :)

I use my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette for this look...

Start with applying pinkish color all over your eyes as your base.. I use 'Booty Call' color for the base..

Then, apply 'Chopper' color or darker golden color on your eyelids
After that, touch up with 'Half Baked' or lighter golden color on your eyelids, focusing on the middle area of your eyelids.. There you have your shimmery golden eyelids now :) 

Now, you can proceed with your eyeliner.. I love my Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in black.. It's just perfect for this look..

For this look, thick eyeliner is a no-no.. so start with lining your eyes with gel or liquid eyeliner and don't forget to line the corner of your eyes to create sharper eyes.. Also, draw a tiny line on your lower corner of your eyes (pic. no. 3), you can draw more or less 1 cm, then use cotton bud to blend it or to avoid harsh lower eyeliner look.. Your eyeliner should look natural but sharp enough (pic. no. 4)
 After you are done with your eyeliner.. Proceed next with your mascara.. I love the new Za Killer Volume mascara because it dries pretty quick, doesn't clump and although it's waterproof, I can still easily remove my mascara with olive oil.. Awesome!!

Apply black mascara on your upper & lower eyelashes..

 Next, it's time to slim down your nose.. You are lucky if you have small narrow nose like Tsubasa, I don't have that, so I gotta to fake it.. I know it's not going to be 100% perfect but it really helps to slim down fat nose :)

Product I'm using is nose make up by Diamond Beauty.. Start with applying the darker shading powder on both sides of your nose bridge, all the way down to your nose tip to create slimmer nose..

 Then, apply the shimmery lighter color on your nose bone, all the way down to your nose tip to create higher nose..

Gyaru girls have beautiful pinkish dolly lips too.. and I wanna show you that you don't have to buy brand new pinkish lipstick or lipgloss to get that dolly lips.. You just need shimmery pink color eyeshadow (mine is from Majolica Majorca) and a lip balm.

I get my pinkish lips from firstly applying pink eyeshadow on my lips, then touch up with lip balm and here I have, pouty pink lips :)
 We are almost done and this step is the most exciting part... It's the Dolly Wink Eyelashes time.. It's the step where you finally transform your eyes into a pair of beautiful dolly eyes..

Step 1: Carefully pick your Dolly Wink Eyelashes with a tweezer
Step 2: Apply Eyelash Glue on your Dolly Wink Eyelashes.. My favourite glue is from Diamond Beauty. I love it because it dries pretty quickly and the glue will become black color once it dries on my eyes, plus I just need very small amount of glue to stick fake eyelashes on.. It's long lasting too :)
Step 3: Put on Dolly Wink Eyelashes close to your lash line and wait a little while until the glue really dries
Step 4: Adjust with tweezer or 'eyelid poking' tool if necessary

 Gyaru girls never leave home without their lower eyelashes.. Dolly Wink carries lower fake eyelashes too but I decided not to buy it, simply because I seldom wear fake eyelashes when I go out, not even need to mention lower fake eyelashes and I'm too lazy to wear both upper & lower fake eyelashes.. Plus it may look a little dramatic in real life.. The main reason is also I don't really want to spend extra bucks just to create this look for my blog (unless I'm being sponsored, lol)

So I use other alternative, more time consuming but absolutely saving my bucks :p , If you girls don't want this method, you can buy Dolly Wink lower eyelashes.. I swear they are so pretty, natural & I predict it's long lasting too (as long as you girls don't mind to spend extra bucks, lol!)

Step 1: Get your old upper eyelashes and cut it part by part (less than 1 cm each part)
Step 2: Apply eyelash glue on one part and stick it on your lower lash line. Start with last corner of your eyes.. This part (pic. no. 2) must be longer. Cut it just a little shorter to adjust the length..
Step 3: Proceed with the middle part, cut it a little shorter than the first part and finally stick on the last part, the shortest one on your inner lash line..

Your complete lower eyelashes should look like pic. no. 4
 Well done and here we go, the last step of this make up tutorial.. Using white color shimmery eyeshadow, mine is from Urban Decay, Naked 2, Verve color.. Using eye shading brush to apply white shimmery eyeshadow on both corners of your eyes to create bigger & brighter dolly eyes..

You are now 100% done with Tsubasa Masuwaka Inspired look or Gyaru Make Up Tutorial ^.~

Here's my final look ^.~ Sweet Gyaru Look ^.~

I also tried Dolly Wink No. 10 Sweet Cat... It's so pretty, sexy & natural.. It's perfect for less dramatic look and absolutely perfect for me :) However, for this natural pair, I think I will skip the lower eyelashes in the future, it's more suitable just to wear Dolly Wink No. 10 Sweet Cat alone, without any fake lower eyelashes

What do you think and which Dolly Wink Eyelashes is your favourite??

Sorry for the super lengthy post and I hope you enjoy it!!
Stay Kawaii,