Monday, 22 April 2013

Week 39 of pregnancy, the count down begins...

Soon, Very Soon Momma-to-be is back...

Oh My Holy Moly, can you believe it that I have only 1 week left to my due date?? It's so close now and I can due anytime... meaning I'm going to see my little man real soon... It's like counting days now..How time flies :)

I'm currently 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant or in my week 39 of pregnancy.. This Wednesday, 24th of April, I'm going to complete the whole 39 weeks of pregnancy and going to enter the last week of my pregnancy which is Week 40.. Oh boy!!


I have been visiting my doctor every week now, since 37 weeks of pregnancy and my last appointment which was last Monday, doctor has officially confirmed that baby's head is fully engaged and I can go into labor anytime now.. The doctor has already written me an official letter to be admitted, in case I go into labor anytime now... Last week, at 38 weeks pregnant, baby weighed around 3.1 kg, a good weight for a full term baby :)

How's my little man doing? He's still very busy inside, I can feel him shifting his arms, legs, butt or maybe his back and I can feel his tiny feet poking out of my belly.. His tiny heel is just too adorable for me not to touch it, however.. he seems to move away to the other side whenever I provoke or touch him.. Bad Boy!! He's still squirming around & hicupping real strong too!! Baby's movement feels much like an inside out Shiatsu massage chair in my belly ^.~

Being pregnant this heavy is not easy, especially when baby's head is already fully engaged or dropped down.. I feel so much pressure and very uncomfortable whenever baby's head is pressing down there.. I sometimes feel period cramp too (on and off) and I need to go pee, literally every 10 minutes.. Well, I can only hold my pee for maximum 30 minutes.. Not to mention, getting up every night each hour, just to release a little bit of pee from my already-pressed poor bladder...

It's still very difficult for me to bend down and get up or even sit down.. Sitting down somehow hurts my knees and of course, it takes some motivational thought to get up from my chair (too lazy!!)

A good thing is I feel my tummy load is lighter a little bit (since baby's head already dropped). This is what they called the 'lightening' stage... A good thing about going through 'lightening' is I feel more comfortable walking for long and I feel less tired too.. Less backache!! Less Out of Breath problem!! Just that more toilet trips!!

For Braxton Hick contraction or they called it fake or painless contraction ~ honestly I don't know how does it feel like.. I think I have none, but I'm really not sure or maybe not realizing I actually already had one or more..

I don't know if it's the pregnancy hormone or the super hot Singapore weather, I just need cold shower 3 times a day, every single day.. 3 cold showers a day is still not enough :/ I feel so so hot and melting (actually been feeling so hot since my 2nd trimester of pregnancy) I just need to stay in an air-con room 24/7 (our electricity bill is becoming more expensive since I got pregnant, hohoho!!!)

Overall I feel good and I won't complain anything.. I have been blessed with super smooth pregnancy and I'm very thankful & grateful for that :)

Believe it or not, me & my husband are dating out every single weekend.. We just want to make use of our precious weekend to spend time together.. When the baby arrives, I doubt I will have one on one dating time with dear husband.. So, every weekend, we maximize our quality time by shopping, eating good food and watching lots of movies.. Believe it or not, we watched up to 3 movies in the cinema in one weekend :) We somehow treasure our time so much :)

I'm also suddenly becoming so productive, maybe I'm just thinking I'm running out of time.. Instead of watching drama in the whole afternoon, I'm writing more beauty posts on my blog.. Again thinking after having my little one, I won't have time to try out different make-up looks or maybe I don't even bother to write beauty post or do make-up tutorial on my blog.. So I'm maximizing my free time to the maximum :)

Lastly, I have gained a total crazy of 25 kg pregnancy loads.. I can't wait to be thin back!! and I hope I can lose it easily :)

Here's my baby bump picture at 38 weeks...

I'm so excited and I hope I could go into labor tonight, please wish me as I can't wait anymore!! and if I haven't gone into labor by this Wednesday, this is not gonna be my last pregnancy post as I'm going to write my week 40 pregnancy update this Wednesday!!

Wish me a good, quick, smooth labor & delivery!!

Until Next Time,

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