Friday, 26 July 2013

Ethan James Lim is 3 months old on this date, 26-07-2013

Ethan James says "Hello, beautiful people..."

My little boy is 3 months old, can you believe it?

How time has flown by so fast?? I still can't believe that he's no longer my little fragile newborn anymore and he has grown up into a fine little man.. Goodness, it has been 3 months since he came into my life and I will not forget how I had him, I will not forget the day before I had him (25th of April), I had early labor bleeding in the morning and my husband was still in his formal working attire took an urgent leave from work and rushed me to the hospital.. I will not forget how I got myself labor induction.. I will not forget the time I got induced at 3pm and only delivered him at 3am plus in the next morning which put me under 10 hours of long labor and 2 hours of intense labor pain before I got my epidural.. I will not forget the precious moment when I gave birth to him and when he was put on my chest for the first time (covered in blood and what was on my mind, "oh great, he has some hair & goodness, he's real).. Finally I will not forget the moment I cried together with him, the tears of joy & happiness..

At 3 months old, he has gone into new milestones and of course baby achievements like:

1) He smiles, giggles, laughs a lot and it's a social smile, not a random one.. He's interacting with people around him.. A little bit of simple pee-ka-boo can make him laugh so happily & easily.. A little bit of simple coo-ing can make him giggle at you back.. He has become a happier baby at 3 months old..

2) He replies you in his own baby vocabularies.. Whenever we talk to him, he's technically replying us (by cooing) with his own words like "hai..", "wuuu..", "hyaa..", "ong-ge.." and we find it extremely cute :)

3) He loves to eat his fists so so much and he takes 2 fists (seriously) at the same time..

4) He drools a lot, we need more bibs, please!!

5) He burps lesser now, we wonder why too??

6) He can lift his head up now, his neck is stronger and no longer needs so much support (we still support of course but most of the time, he can lift his head straight & firm for a long period)

7) He loves to be carried chest to chest, he loves to lay his head on my chest.. He loves cuddling! He hates it when we carry him like a newborn (sleeping position, lol! )

8) He has grown up real fast, believe it or not, our baby is wearing 6-9 months size clothing and can no longer fit into 3-6 months size although he's only 3 months old, what a tall fella!)

9) He weighs approximately 7 kg, has doubled his birth weight (we can't confirm his actual weight yet, until his next jab appointment next week.. I weighed him by weighing myself first then carrying him & re-weighing again, the increase in weight is his approximate weight)

10) He loves music.. All kind!! K-POP particularly, we have cable TV at home and whenever he listens to energetic K-POP music, he would start kicking and kicking happily..

11) He's now drinking 125 ml of breast milk every 2.5 hours (increased from previously 100ml ) which is quite a lot for a 3 month old baby.. Average about 7-8 feedings of breast milk every day.. (Total 750ml-900ml breast milk daily).. Most days, he has full/exclusively expressed breast milk but sometimes, he has 1 bottle of formula milk midnight.. (he hates to wait while his breast milk is being warmed up, therefore, we sometimes make him a bottle of formula for easy access and to prevent midnight crying)

12) He's sleeping for 6 hours straight without waking up, yay!!! Most of the time, he will sleep at 12am and wake up at 6.30am for his feeding... A big YAY!!! He naps a lot too, he sleeps about 15 hours daily :)

13) He gets excited so easily :) whenever he hears new sound, he would lift his head up, look at the object excitedly (with his super adorable excited-eyes/enlarged pupils) then start kicking and kicking

14) He loves and only wants to drink his milk from his swing.. He has changed from a baby who loved to be carried and fed at the same time to a baby who just wanted to milk from his favorite swinging chair

I hope I have covered everything about him at this new milestones and yeah.. that's about it!!

Some pictures:

2 weeks old VS 3 months old, so different!!

Minutes old VS 3 months old :)

Smiles & giggles a lot
Nothing beats the feeling of sleeping baby in your arms, simply amazing and happiness overload especially to kiss and smell him while he's sleeping soundly, it's the best feeling in the world

 With mommy & daddy

My little "oppa" loves his swinging chair so much.. He naps there & only wants to drink his milk in there!

I love his face expression when he's curios of something especially new sound.. His face will look like this ^^

Sunday is our family outing day with dearest husband and our lovely son.. If you wonder what is it like to bring a 2 month old out? It's a mixture of tiredness, busyness, troublesome-ness & happiness.. Because he had his milk every 2 hours (warm up breast milk at random place with no hot water is very troublesome), he pooped 2 times, he dirtied his clothes 2 times, he sprayed his 'face' during peeing (well that happens alot with baby boy), he vomited his milk, he drooled alot (we kept cleaning up his mouth and shirt), he dropped his shoes dozen times (we kept picking it up), he got cranky a couple times (we had to carry him) and he smiled and laughed alot (that made us happy ^^) and finally he's very very tired and sleeping soundly..

Shower Time ^^

Ethan James is a gift of love and absolute joy, he is full of wonder, fills my life with abundant joy and surrounds my heart with love

One happy baby boy :)

This is totally unrelated.. Sorry for that! My 3 months post delivery body, A mile to go to achieve my perfect ideal body shape! Working it out!!

Lots and lots of kisses, hugss & loves from,

Mommy Netty & Baby EJ

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