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(Sponsored Review) BabyBjörn Carrier One

Hello Mommies & Daddies,

Mommy Netty & Baby Ethan James are back with a super great product review for fellow mommies & daddies..

This time, we are very grateful & thankful to be trusted by Mothercare to become their BabyBjörn Carrier One Ambassador and to try & review their latest baby carrier - Carrier One..

Since their first baby carrier in 1973, BabyBjörn has finally made a carrier that can do everything, from carrying a newborn all the way up to a 3-year old (approx. 15kg). The multifunctional front and back baby carrier allows parents to change the way they carry and redistribute the weight - thanks to the waist belt and padded shoulder straps..

And here I am with a review... I have been using this newest carrier for more than 2 weeks and I have many positive outputs to share with you...

BabyBjörn Carrier One is incredibly comfortable to wear, easy to use and absolutely good looking carrier.. It's absolutely easy to get my little boy into it (he was only 2 months old plus when first started to try this carrier). The fabric is breathable, thus I don't feel uncomfortably hot while wearing this carrier, the weather is already very hot & humid in Singapore, fellow mommies & daddies need breathable & comfortable carrier to wear, agree??

It's very remarkable on how easy I can get my baby in and out, all by myself.. My little one is very content in his carrier.. Often he gets too comfortable and he falls asleep so quickly, just like the same feeling as his mommy cuddles him to sleep, chest to chest :) My son just felt secure inside :)

No backaches for me, I'm about 176 cm tall and with this height, finding the right carrier is very crucial to prevent backaches and the long adjustable straps are just wonderful for tall mommy like me. I have no complaints wearing this carrier with a 7 kg-baby boy in it for more than 60 minutes every single day.. It has made my life easier!

Another great thing is I can customize on how low or high I want my baby to sit in, I like it high as I feel more comfortable, plus my baby loves to lay his head on my chest and hear my heartbeat :) What a smart invention!

My son is lovely, but certain times, he can get really cranky and he's a little colicky too, therefore as a demanding baby, he wants to be carried all the time when he's really moody and honestly, it's really tiring for me to carry him all the time while I have my household chores to do (as a full time mother).. It often stresses me out on how I manage my time in comforting him, doing my household chores, updating my blog, etc.. So, when I was trusted to try this product, I was very excited and as I expected, this product has saved me from my not-so-simple motherhood life.. A good thing is I can carry him, at the same time, complete my other tasks.. How great a good baby carrier is!!

BabyBjörn Carrier One is retailed at SGD 369 and it's definitely worth every penny.. A good quality carrier will last for long and I can absolutely re-use it for my next newborn.. An absolute great investment!!

**Excuse my no-make-up face ^^

My baby gets so comfy and secure inside this carrier..

Sleeping baby :)

Update (September 2013)
At BabyBjörn, safety always comes first and is proud to be working with some of the world’s best pediatricians and trust their advice on the products. BabyBjörn consulted them during the development of the brand new Baby Carrier One and have received an official statement from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IDHI).
 The Statement
This product has been developed reflecting the advise of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, Baby Carrier One is following the recommendation of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute in order to secure an appropriate position of the baby.

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