Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Seductive Make-Up /Sexy Look (Short Tutorial)

Hello Beautiful...

I did Seductive Make-Up /Sexy Look (Short Tutorial) and I hope you like it :)

I have rules in applying make-up:

First, smokey eyes or heavy eye make up MUST go with nude/pink lips

Second, red sexy lips MUST go with simple eye make up/neutral color

Third, never ever combine smokey eyes or colorful eye make up with red/dark color lipstick, it's just too harsh and can make you look a little bit like a clown

That's it!!

Since I'm doing seductive/sexy look, I'm going to use red lipstick and remember one of my rules? Oh Yes, red lipstick is GOOD with simple/neutral color eye make up :)

Let's get started!!

For this look, I want my eyes to look sexy too but not too overwhelming, so I use Dolly Wink fake eyelashes. no. 10 Sweet Cat, these are so sexy lashes, the end is a little longer, perfect to create cat eyes and the lashes are pretty natural too.. Highly recommended!

Before I start, I've already had my basic make-up on and I recommend nude/light golden eyeshadow for this look to make it less complicated..

Sexy Lashes?? Pretty Natural??

The lashes texture is soft and it's not too thick or too long.. It's just too prefect for a pair of sexy eyes :)

Now, let's choose a super red blood lipstick..

Apply it on..

and here you go... What do you think?

 Simple/Nude Look VERSUS Sexy Look, which one do you like the most?

Until Next Time,

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