Monday, 22 July 2013

Floral Inspired Eye Make Up Tutorial/Spring Inspired Look

Hello Beautiful,

It has been so long since my last make-up post :( I have been so busy taking care little EJ, he's 3 months old and needing his mommy's attention all the time.. Oh, well, motherhood is not that simple..

Anyway, I have been wanting to do this make up tutorial for so long but I just had my chance today.. I hope you ladies enjoy it and let's have fun..

Floral Inspired Eye Make Up Tutorial or you can call it Spring Inspired Look.. I enjoyed this tutorial so much, painting different colors on my eyes is really fun, ladies!

Let's get started!

I'm using Sephora Make-Up Palette, highly recommended if you ladies like to experiment different colors occasionally (like me).. There's really no point in buying expensive colorful eyeshadows but only to use it once a while.. The quality of this palette is pretty good though :)

Before I start, this is what inspired me, my self-handmade floral headband :) Pretty & colorful, right?

I start with this green color as my first color

apply it on my eyelid

then pick this purple color

and apply it on top of the green eyeshadow, apply from center towards the end of my eye.. I love to mix colors, when I mix green and purple, I got this gorgeous blueish-purplish color, so nice :)

next, I pick bright yellow

and apply it on the corner of my eye

then I pick this dark pink color

and apply it above my eyelid

and here you go.. it's hard to describe by words and words are boring, but I hope you get the idea from my pictures :)

After that, pick this electric blue color

and apply it on my lower lash line, apply from corner towards end of my eye

then pick this gorgeous light green color

and apply from corner towards the center of my eye to 'pop out' the pretty colors

after that, pick this pink color

and apply underneath the electric blue color, from center towards end of the eye


and here's the final look, what do you think?

Stay beautiful as always,


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