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Experience at the Live Well Baby Carnival

Dearest Mommies & Daddies...

How are you? Hope everything is well :)

Today, I'm sharing with you our experience at the Live Well Baby Carnival we attended last Saturday, 21st September 2013 at Singapore Expo!

Firstly, we would like to thank our supporters for their tremendous support at the carnival and oh, yes, we were so excited to meet them in person :)

If you read my previous post about the Live Well Baby Carnival, and if you couldn't attend the carnival, I'm here to share with you my appointment as Fisher-Price's Play Ambassador, my sharing session at the carnival and some stage activities & contests.

As Fisher-Price's Play Ambassador - together with my fellow Fisher-Price Play Ambassador, Evelyn from Evespiration ( - we will be having Fisher-Price play dates, contest giveaways & product reviews!

So, dearest mommies & daddies, please stay tuned for exciting things to come!

Mommy Netty & Baby EJ, taking picture before we participated in the sharing session :)

Baby EJ was wearing super cute outfit his grandma bought him :) Looking handsome?

Our sharing session with fellow parents :)
The sharing session went smoothly and we were glad to be able to share our valuable experience to fellow parents :)
Here are Questions & Answers I was sharing with fellow mommies & daddies
Q) What does playtime with Baby Ethan means to you?
A) To me, playtime is a bonding time between mother & son. It's also a learning time for baby Ethan. Playtime is simply fun & happy moments.. Playing with my baby, Ethan makes my days much better & happier
Q) How do you go about choosing toys for him?
A) I choose toys that my baby can both play & learn at the same time. The more things he can learn, the better the toys are. The toys must attract my baby's attention, but hold it. He must not feel bored with the toys
Plus, my baby must learn how to control his movement with the toys, figure out how things work & the toy must be able to build baby's muscle control & strength
Q) Could you share some of your play ideas with us?
A) Yes, we like to tie toys using elastic string & bounce it up & down in front of the baby's face, saying  "Boing, Boing" and he will get very excited
We also love the idea of putting our favorite Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy in front of our baby's face during his tummy time & letting him explore the different kind of sounds and light created by the puppy that both stimulate and educate him
Baby Ethan did the demonstration on the stage
Baby Ethan's having a good tummy time with Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy

Baby Ethan played excitedly :) Unexpectedly, tummy time can be so much fun!

Q) Does Kenneth get involved playing with Baby Ethan?

A) Yes, he does.. It's a good way to build a strong bond between Father & Son, although Kenneth is very busy at work (He's a Vice-President of a reputable furniture company in Singapore). Playing as a family is much more fun and we enjoy our happy family time.

Q) Kenneth, is it a challenge for you to find time to play with Baby Ethan?

A) Yes, it can be sometimes, but no matter how busy I am, I make sure I find my time to play with my son because I want to bond with him deeply and also it's a good way to watch his milestone and development. I'm very busy at work, thus playing with him is also another good way to de-stress myself and have a good laugh!

Q) What's Baby Ethan's favorite toys?

A) My baby's favorite toy is Fisher-Price Rainforest Baby Gym. Whenever he's on his baby gym, he will grab the toys & kick his legs excitedly & happily giggling nonstop.. This toy is so much fun, it has music, lights & lots of activities to stimulate my baby.. It encourages him to explore more toys and enjoy tummy time

Q) Tell us a little about your blog?

(A) From the beginning of my blogging journey, I always have passion in beauty & writing, so I started as a beauty blogger and created a blog I named as made-beautifully because I believe that we are all equally beautiful. Later, I got married, got pregnant and had a baby. I recorded my wedding journey, pregnancy journal, labor story, breastfeeding experience & also parenting tips on my blog.. The purpose is simply to share & help.. Hopefully it can be useful! Another reason is when my baby is grown up, I would like him to read my blog and be grateful to his parents & of course his blissful life

Baby Ethan looked at mommy curiously :) His facial expression was priceless :)

Sharing session was over, all attendees were very excited for the next stage contest activities held by Fisher-Price and this lucky family answered everything the Emcee asked correctly and won Fisher-Price Rainforest Rocker :)

Another lucky winner :)

It's Lucky Draw time..  I was randomly picking 2 lucky draw winners :)

Announcing the first winner...

Oh yes, it's the same family who won the stage contest previously and they were so lucky to win again (oh yes, the first lucky draw winner)

Congrats to the second lucky draw winner :)

The next activity was about ME, I was very honored! The first question the Emcee asked was "What's Netty's blog?
A few attendees raised up their hands

This gentleman answered correctly :) Thank you so much for remembering my blog :)

Second question " How old is Ethan?" and this lovely lady answered it correctly :)

Our sharing session & contest activities have finally come to the end.. Thank you so much, our participants & attendees and of course my blog supporters.. Without you, this sharing session wouldn't have been that lively :) Thank you!!
Don't forget to follow my journey as Fisher-Price Play Ambassador as I hope to inspire in any possible way with my sharing
Until Next Time,

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