Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Natural Way To Whiten Your Teeth (Baking Soda Secret)

Hello Pearlie Whites,
Beautiful smile with beautiful teeth is very important, right? Especially if you are a lady, beautiful teeth is just as attractive as beautiful eyes or beautiful hair.. Agree?

Personally, I think my straight teeth is one of my biggest assets, I take care my teeth very well and my teeth is very healthy (according to my dentist) I brush my teeth after meal & I floss every night too, not forgetting to visit my dentist once in every 6 months.. It's kind of crazy obsession according to my husband, but I don't care! I enjoy beautiful smile in the camera :)  (I once panicked & rushed myself at night to 24 hour supermarket, just to buy dental floss, I felt gross without flossing my teeth before bed time...)

I'm a coffee & tea drinker & having beautiful pearlie whites while enjoying sips of aromatic coffee is absolutely not possible.. Coffee & Tea make teeth yellow! That's the ugly truth!

I once went to dentist to bleach my teeth using some chemical and blue light (what does it call?), you know what happened? It was HELL!!! It was so unbearably painful and my gums were so sensitive and hurting & bleeding like hell! It was the last time I ever bleached my teeth & I swear I will never go and bleach my teeth using some kind of blue light :(

Recently, I just found the most effective yet natural way to whiten my teeth..  I will share my secret here and before I do that, below is BEFORE my natural teeth whitening picture.. My teeth is kind of yellow, right?

then, this picture is AFTER natural teeth whitening, there's a little flash in the picture here but I can tell you, the shade of my teeth is REALLY whiter!

My super secret is the super cheap yet powerful BAKING SODA 
I bought my baking soda at NTUC Punggol Plaza, forgot how much.. It was quite difficult to find as I couldn't find it in the baking section.. After searching it for long, I found that they actually put baking soda on the very top (unreachable) section of the shelf.. I guess baking soda is very popular in US but not in Singapore, am I right?

My secret is to pour a little bit of baking soda powder into your palm

Then, damp your toothbrush & pour the baking soda powder into your toothbrush

Brush your teeth for like 3-5 minutes with the baking soda powder..  I can tell you how does baking soda taste like inside your mouth, it just tastes like salt mixed with soda.. It's like brushing your teeth with salt, not that bad taste actually!

After you're done, brush your teeth as per normal with your regular  toothpaste :)

This natural whitening method is very suitable for me as a breastfeeding mommy.. It's natural and won't affect breast milk, thus it's safe for my little one :)

How many times should I brush & to see the result?
It varies on the individual I guess and also depending on your natural teeth color and how bad the yellowish color of teeth is!
For my case, I brush my teeth with baking soda twice a day, once after I have my morning coffee or tea (I'm still breastfeeding, so I limit my coffee or tea intake to only one cup a day) and once after I have my dinner :)
I noticed my teeth became whiter in just one week time! It has been two weeks since I used this natural method of teeth whitening, so far my teeth is healthy, no sore gums, sensitivity or whatever!
I also read from some internet sources that baking soda can thin out tooth enamel and not a perfect solution for daily use.. So, I would recommend you to use it for a couple of weeks or until you see the result, then stop & maintain your pearlie whites by taking care your teeth properly :)
This review is based on my own experience & happy trying!
Until Next Time


  1. While baking soda is an effective way to whiten your teeth, it’s also advisable to limit its use, because it can irritate the gums when used frequently. Aside from that, it’s also important to visit your dentist regularly, so you can get a professional update on your oral health. All the best!

    Gary Owen @ New Century Dental Group

  2. I don’t think there really is something wrong about getting meticulous with keeping your teeth clean and healthy. This is something that most people would easily notice when they meet another person. And isn’t it great when you can smile and show off your perfect set of pearly whites? Thanks for sharing!

    Kenny Green @ Anchorage Healthy Smiles

  3. I agree. Taking proper care of your teeth is definitely the best way to keep it healthy and white. This includes a good oral hygiene, regulating or avoiding food that could damage your teeth, and going to your dentist for regular checkups. Thanks for sharing!

    Lindsey Hubbard @ Team Green Dentistry