Friday, 6 September 2013

(Sponsored Review) Getting My New Hair Color at J7 Image Art Of Hair

Hello Beautiful...
Mommy is back with her review, this time round, I would like to thank J7 Image Art of Hair for their great hair make-over, truly appreciate their invitation to do "the magic" on my hair...
It's like my first time going to hair salon after staying at home & taking care a baby for the past 4 months (I'm a SAHM aka Stay At Home Mom) A busy one!
I just felt wonderful, having new hair is like "Hey, look at me, I'm a new person with new look..."
Again, thank you so much for this wonderful make over, J7 Image (feeling touched)
If you wonder where's J7 Image? It's located at Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road #02-14 Singapore 228213
I went there last Friday and my first impression was like "oh wow, very friendly guys there & very stylish too..."

My second impression was like "Oh, this place is great... " It just felt so cozy & comfortable..." It's like " Oh, wow, I can just sit there doing my hair for hours & hours..."

And then, my third impression was the great service they provided me.. They really provided me super quality service.. I was impressed!!
My stylist, Mr. Jeft Chang analyzed my hair and he knew that I'm still breastfeeding my baby, so he recommended me to use hair color products that are safe for pregnant & breastfeeding mommies (like me).. The products that are suitable for breastfeeding mommies like me MUST NOT contain ammonia.. So, Mr. Jeft suggested me to SAFELY go for INOA hair color product by L'Oreal :)
It's so nice to know that your hair stylist understands your hair condition & your overall well-being too, what a considerate guy! :)

The INOA product itself:

1. Contains no ammonia, thus no more odour (yes, that's right, no odour at all, I did smell it!)
2. Provides optimal scalp comfort
3. Provides optimal respect for the hair
4. Infinite color power
5. Up to 100% white hair coverage

The hair color product uses ODS2 Technology or it's also called as Oil Delivery System. It's a breakthrough oil-based delivery system that maximizes the effectiveness of the coloration system and helps respect the natural protective outer layer of hair...

Before : My hair was kind of dark, looked older, isn't? It's time to change to a younger me!

Let's get started!

While Mr. Jeft was doing his magic on me, I was snacking on good imported biscuits & fresh brewed tea they provided me.. What a nice service to their client! :)

Waiting.... I was feeling very positive about this hair color product because I knew that it's totally safe for my baby.. So, pregnant & breastfeeding mommies, please go for non ammonia product if you would like to color your hair! Baby's safety is very important, more than anything! :)

While waiting patiently to get my new hair color done, Mr. James, The creative hair artist explained to me their very interesting products..
I was pretty impressed!
The brand is called O'right or O'right Tree In A Bottle, a brand that focusses on natural & pure green hair care products.. This Taiwanese brand has won CozyCot Women's Choice Award 2012 under beauty category as favorite organic & eco friendly hair care products
The product is 100% Biodegradable  Materials, 100% Tree Seeds.. Meaning when buried into soil, the bottle will fully biodegrade after a year so everything goes back to Mother Nature, interesting??
J7 Image carries different O'right hair series catered for different needs and uses, make sure you check it out if you guys are interested to buy organic hair products :)
If you color your hair like me, I would suggest you to use Champagne Rose Series (with champagne rose essential oil, certified organic foaming agents & a nourishing botanical color care formula) and Purple Rose Series (with natural purple rose essential oil, certified organic foaming agents and a nourishing botanical color care formula), catered for color treated/damaged hair :)
Interesting facts about these series:
Shampoo ~ 95.8% natural ingredients
Conditioner ~ 90.5% natural ingredients
Go Natural!! Go!! Go!! Go!!

Waiting time was finally over, Mr. Jeft rinsed my hair with warm water and we decided to go for hair treatment, so nice of him!!
The hair mask he used on my hair was also natural hair product.. It's Hydro-Revive Active Masque with natural ingredients like Baobab, Green Tea, Fire Tulip, Tamarind, Papyrus & Karite

Very nice of them, they knew that I have a baby to take care, so there were 2 guys putting hair treatment on my hair, so I won't wait for so long :)

Done!!! Mr. Jeft was working his magic on my hair to make me more stylish, a stylish mommy to be exact :) 

Nice soft curls? It's using steam iron to get those beautiful & luscious locks :)

With my super talented stylish, Mr. Jeft Chang :)

I super love the color :) It's a combination of light brown (top) and reddish brown (bottom) It's a hot dual colors for this season.. They also understood that I'm a mommy, not very suitable with funky colors, so they opted me these dual colors with soft natural touch on it! I'm just in love with my hair now :)

Natural & Nice, it compliments my complexion, I just like it!!

If you guys would like to call them to make an appointment, you can call +65 67355195 and here's their email address:

P/S: My review is based on honesty, I promise that!!

Until Next Time,

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