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Ethan James, the 4th month baby update

Mommy Netty & Baby EJ say "Hollaaaaa.... How are y'all doing there...?"

First of all, mommy would like to apologize for the delayed update on baby EJ.. Because mommy was busy reviewing other beauty things.. But she's almost done with it & here we are back with baby EJ update :)

Baby EJ is currently 4.5 months old and he has become whole lot different now..

Some highlights of his development & milestones:

1. Feeding: baby EJ is still drinking breast milk because mommy wants to provide the best food for baby EJ as long as possible & as long as she can. He's now having 180ml of breast milk every 2-3 hours, on average it's about every 3 hours but sometimes he can get really hungry & demands for more milk :) he has good appetite :)

2. Weight & Height: at 4 months old, he's 8.1 kg & 69 cm that put him above 90% & 97% percentile respectively.. Big baby, huh?

3. Sleeping: he sleeps 10 hours typically from 11pm to 9am and naps a few hours in the afternoon & evening

4. Sleeping style: on his tummy all the time!! Yes, he can roll over to his tummy and prefers that position for the whole night.. No matter how many times, we turned him over to his back, within seconds, he's back to his tummy.. At the beginning we were quite worried if that was okay, pardon us, we're first time parents, then during his 4th month check up, we checked with his pedi and we were assured that it's totally fine for babies to sleep on tummy for the whole night. When he grows up, he would prefer that tummy position :)

5. Milestones: he started to roll over from back to tummy at 3.5 months. Yes that early :)

At 4 months old, he started to shout "aaaaaa....." Long & loud 

Now he screams loudly whenever he likes :)

6. New toy: baby EJ is in love with his exersaucer daddy bought for him... Yes he can sit there straight :)

7.  He loves his baby gym too (as he can grab and hold tight his toys) but he prefers his exersaucer better because sitting inside his exersaucer making him mobile (very active baby)

8. He has good social skills at very young age.. He's technically good in communicating to people in his own baby language. . He's interacting with people very well.. A very cute example is whenever I'm having conversation with my husband or mum in law. He wants to be involved, by replying us "baaaaa..." Hyaaa..." Etc..Or by smiling or laughing although we are technically not talking to him but he wants to join the conversation :p

9.  He has started solid food.. (As recommended by his pedi) he started at 4.5 months and his first solid was NestlĂ© cerelac white rice cereal mixed with breast milk.. We started with 1 teaspoon of rice cereal and a few teaspoons of breast milk.. At first, he hated it and spited everything out and his face was so disgusted with it (yes he looked like He was eating dump, lol) he just hated it and felt disgusted, lol!! Then on the third day of solid, he finally accepted the taste and started to swallow his food :)

September 2013 ~ Cute moments to remember:

2 Sept 2013, A very cute baby moment with my dearest son just now, I was carrying him & gently dancing him to sleep with relaxing classical music on babyTV, I was dancing him for almost 20 minutes & he finally fell asleep to my relief.. My arms & knees were killing me & my joints were about to break apart (endured that for dearest child), I brought him to his bed and the moment his body landed on his mattress, his eyes opened widely with little grin on his face.. I shouted "WAHHH..." shockingly...Then to my surprised, he replied me "Haiiii...." (With deep baby sigh..) then I laughed and he laughed too.. (Sigh)

3 Sept 2013, apparently my son recognizes my body scent, whenever I went out for appointment, he cried hysterically and refused to drink milk offered by my mum in law, out of desperation, my mum in law took out my dirty shirt and passed it to my son and magically (maybe it's the mother & son's bond), he held my dirty shirt tight & smelled it & finally finished his milk while holding & smelling his mother's dirty shirt.. Hearing that from my mum in law, my heart broke to pieces and it made me sad & guilty to leave him at home, crying in agony and missing me...</3

3 Sept 2013, My son had his 4th month immunization and surprisingly he didn't cry at all during injection, like he felt nothing, I guess he has high pain tolerance while his mommy cried a little while being injected.. At 4 months old, he weighs 8 kg and that puts him at 90% percentile and he's 69 cm in height and that puts him at 97% percentile.. Our son's growing well and we are proud of his growth & milestones... especially when he didn't cry during injection 

7 Sept 2013 This morning, I woke up to my routine to pump milk at 4am.. My pump motor annoyed the little one quite a bit.. He woke up a while, coughed 3 times and made this long noise "haaaiiiiyaaaa..." ( sigh) then fell asleep again...hahahaaa... It was just so cute & funny ^^

He loves his new toy so much, he can't stop staring, giggling, touching & kicking 

My oppa  

Will you kiss him?

This boy is so naughty *.* it's so difficult to feed him.. He wants to be fed in his swing and the sitting angle must be according to his preference.. He keeps smiling, cooing, giggling during feeding and also pushing his bottle really hard.. Oh boy!! @.@

Faces of Ethan James  my heart just melts  

Yes... What is that, Mommy??

He knows mommy is taking picture, so he's making faces ^^ 

When mother & son are too free... (Having a good time) 

His favorite baby gym ^^

My little prince is really spoilt, now he doesn't want to be fed in his swing anymore, he wants to be fed on his mommy's bed with his baby pillow & watching his favorite Donald Duck cartoon while feeding.. Oh Gosh, this baby...!!
Daddy has the same pair, this is why mommy bought one pair for baby.. (Can't wait to see him wearing those..)

EJ, that naughty boy.. Top left pic, people think he's adorable but wait EJ, mommy's going to share your secret, this boy is so so naughty, feeding him is just so challenging, he keeps pushing his bottle away, grabbing his bib, pulling his own hair, grabbing own shirt, turning his head, flipping his body, and letting his milk out of his mouth (wasting mommy's hardly expressed milk) and cranky until mommy needs to let him watch Donald Duck cartoon from iphone, baby oh baby... 

"Carry me, please..." ~ EJ 

This pic taken when EJ just woke up, there's something about his facial expression that I like  (sorry for posting so many of his pics, I just can't help to collect his pics & I'm so addicted to him..)

I was changing his clothes and out of sudden, he showed me this face, I told my husband, please take over..!! (I can't stand his kitten eyes, oh boy, I'm just melting like ice..) 

The playful little prince 

"My mama bought this new baju for me, she said I'm only a few days shy from four months old and I'm wearing clothes size 12 (months).. I'm very well fed.. " ~ EJ

Little EJ with blue hat? Cute?

More close up pictures from yesterday's shoot..  I'm enjoying his baby hood while lasts by playing, dressing up & taking tons of pictures 

EJ had his very first haircut 

EJ's new hairstyle. It's the army style, nice??

He loves to sleep on his belly now, no matter how many times we turned him back to his back, within seconds he's back to his belly himself and kicked his blanket away, even we already tucked in his blanket, so we're now using wearable blanket, highly recommend this wearable blanket to mommies with babies like EJ, it's safe too (don't need to worry blanket gets into baby's face)

Looking back at his pictures, I realize that my boy is not a little baby anymore.. He grows up really fast and his face is looking more and more mature..How come babyhood flew by so fast?? It feels like yesterday when I had my first contraction 

While I need to put mascara to get luscious eyelashes but this boy is so lucky, he has dark, long, curly, luscious eyelashes and it's all natural.. His spider eyelashes are at least 2cm in length, but the bad thing is those super luscious lashes have been collecting dusts & dirts hahahaaa...
One happy (bald) baby ^^

Ever since EJ slept on his tummy all the time (especially during night time) and literally squeezing his nose against his mattress, we are paranoid that his nose will be becoming flat, so we pinch it as many times as possible to maintain the shape of his nose (bone & tip), does it work that way or is it a myth?

A photocopy of Mr.Kenneth Lim Ban Heng 

EJ & Mommy  

Trying exersaucer for the first time at 4 months old. He's super duper excited, can't stop jumping, lol!! 

Little EJ had his very first solid food for the first time at 4.5 months ~ it's rice cereal mixed with breast milk and he absolutely hated it!! ( as you can see from the pics) and he spitted it out, lol!! Eventually, we put his rice cereal mixed with his usual 180 ml breast milk in a bottle and he finished it without problem ^^ lets try weaning again tomorrow and hopefully one day he will accept spoon feeding  
The man in pink  he has dozens of this shirt in different colors, in Indonesia, kids are wearing this type of shirt at home because the material is very cool suitable for hot & humid weather like Indonesia.. Since EJ's half root is from Indonesia, so he's wearing what Indonesian kids wearing 

No longer a bald baby.. His hair is growing thicker 

Me & my son ^^

Today is the third day baby EJ had solid food and also the first day he finally accepted the taste of his rice cereal.. That's right, he swallowed it, another milestone  

See ya next time,

Mommy & Baby EJ

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