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(Sponsored Review) Marine Algae Facial Treatment at PamperMe

Hello Cutie Pies...
I'm back with my beauty treatment review.. This time round, I had the opportunity to have one of the best facials at PamperMe, Orchard.. If you guys want to know the location, it's at 220 Orchard Road #02-10 Midpoint Orchard Singapore 238853 (opp.313 @ Somerset), for appointment, you can call (65) 6735 2028, 9488 3402 (Joan Loh, the owner & experienced beautician). Their website: www.pampermebeautyspa.com
And I would like to thank Joan for the super awesome facial experience using the popular Casmara Marine Algae Peel Off Mask (include eye & neck treatment). The price for this treatment is $180 but if you are my blog readers, you will get 20% off for all facial treatments, just quote "madebeautifully" when you make an appointment :) And of course the facial treatments range from $60 to $180 with 20% off for my blog readers, what are you waiting for?
Let's follow my experience here :)

PamperMe offers services like Pedicure & Manicure, Facial Treatments and Waxing :)

The facial treatment room is just too cozy...

Before I started my facial, I put this blue dress on.. Looking good?

Waiting & I didn't have any make up on at ALL (kind of no point going to facial with make-up on and then you got to wipe everything off..) Just smile, showing your pearlie whites and remember confidence is a beauty :)

Joan was really nice, she did head massage before she started and I felt so good (with only 5 hours of sleep every day for taking care my little one, I got migraine pretty often) and seriously head massage was just too good :)

She started by cleansing my face with little massage that was just too comfortable for not falling asleep :)

Then, she used natural papaya enzyme to soften my skin, balance up my skin color to make it more even... I had that cooling sensation that freshened up my face before I even started the treatment :)

After that, she extracted white & black heads on my nose & chin.. I don't have acnes, so there's no extraction on my cheeks.. Extraction can be a little painful but it's totally worth the pain because when you have white or black heads on your nose & chin, it's totally not cool and can be a little bit gross, am I right?
Joan is a very experienced beautician with over a decade of beauty treatment experience under her belt, so she was very careful in extracting & I had this cooling mask on my nose & chin to cool my skin down after extraction.. It's also to prevent redness after extraction...

She was really nice to me.. She even offered to wax my messy eyebrows.. Very neat & natural eyebrows and a week later after waxing, my eyebrows are still pretty neat :)
Had my eyebrows waxed

The treatment she used on me apparently was the best facial treatment in her beauty spa.. It's called Casmara treatment with marine algae peel off mask...
Masks based on MARINE ALGAE EXTRACTS with hydrating properties. The carbohydrates of these marine algae are able to solidify and form a plastic film that produces a certain pressure on the application area, enhancing the penetration of the previously applied active ingredients, as well as the active ingredients of the mask itself
Thanks to the masks' composition, they help to diminish forehead wrinkles, improve elasticity of the skin tissue and polish the skin surface

The reduction of the skin temperature provoked by the mask produces a muscular contraction while it rests on the face, followed by a relaxation, which results in facial gymnastics and stimulates visible firming and toning of the skin
The application of the masks on the eyes produces lymphatic drainage and an anti-edema effect, avoiding liquid retention and diminishing eye bags


These modeling masks help to redefine the facial contour, also acting on the expression wrinkles near the nose


The capacity of the masks to dry from outside to inside, enhances the penetration of the active ingredients on the wrinkles around eyes and lips


The cooling effect of the mask produces a muscle contraction in the neck and stimulates firming and toning of the tissues. At the same time, its composition has a revitalizing and strengthening effect on the elastic fibers of the skin

 This mask felt so good, I loved the cooling sensation on my face and I fell asleep :) 
Are you guys ready for the final result?
Before I show you, this is how my skin looks like before putting the mask on, it's pretty dull, isn't?
Disclaimer: This is the original picture from my camera, no editing/photo shopping at all (It's really pretty dull)



 You see the difference?
Same lighting with no make up, but you see the "after" picture, my skin is glowing, more dewy, radiant, moisturized, softer and I noticed a few wrinkles have gone too.. And look at my eye bags and dark circles, they are kind of gone too :) I looked fresh and ready to take care my super active baby!
Overall, I am very satisfied with her service, Joan did a very good job, I had super relaxing lavender oil that calmed me down, Olive oil for shoulder massage and some essential oils too.. It's added service and value to her customers...
Besides, she's a super friendly beautician, she shared her experience in taking care her children and we chit chatted about our breastfeeding experience too.. I didn't feel bored at all and I truly enjoyed my beauty treatment with her :)
If you guys are looking for good pedicure & manicure, PamperMe has wide variety of nail colors & designs.. Absolutely worth to check it out :)

P/S : My review is based on honesty and I didn't have any break outs after getting my treatment done.. What I had was softer & more radiant skin, I promise that :)
Until Next Time,

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