Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Ethan James Lim, the 5th month update!

Mommy is back with her baby update :)
Ethan James Lim, my little baby is currently 5 months old (and 1 week to be exact) Time flies, isn't?
1) He's eating solid better.. Yes, getting better.. He's good at swallowing his rice cereal and finishes everything in 5 minutes (1-2 teaspoons of white rice cereal mixed with breast milk)
2) He's currently drinking 180-200 ml of breast milk each feeding (can go up to 240 ml, depending on his tummy) and he's currently 9 kg in weight, big boy, huh?
But there was this time, he didn't have appetite to drink milk.. I remember writing on my facebook status, 21st Sept " From previously 1-1.2 liter milk a day to only 700-800ml milk per day now, so worried for my baby boy & not sure what happened, he's 5 months old and he doesn't want anything except breast milk, not a chance to feed him a little formula, totally rejected it! Hope this phase will be over soon & his big appetite back soon! — with Ban Heng Lim. "
17th Sept, from my facebook status "My poor little boy having fever due to teething & he cried alot my heart was breaking to see him suffer in pain & can only take less than 120ml BM each feeding, I can't bear to see my chubby big boy to lose some weight, I want him to remain happy & chubby (I was literally crying together with him..)

Thankfully, after going through this "bad-appetite" phase for 4 days, his appetite was back to normal..  :) As a first time parent, I was very worried but now I know that it's normal for babies to go through that kind of phase (big relief)

3) Teething, something we are still unsure about.. He has all the teething symptoms like drooling a lot, biting teat real hard, rubbing his gums against teat, biting clothes/handkerchief, trying to bite whatever is within his reach and of course putting his fingers in his mouth all the time.. It looks like his gums are kind of swollen and there's whitish thing in there.. But so far no teeth yet, so we are unsure about his teething thing!!

4) For the past 2 weeks, he has been doing this kind of exercise and lifting half of his upper body high & he has strong muscle control (started this position at 4.5 months) and now at 5 months, his upper body is getting stronger & able to roll over back and forth as he likes!

Getting more difficult to change him because he just loves to roll over!

5) The superman pose, he has been loving this position for the past 1 month :)


 He's simply just too adorable to describe with words!

Look at those chubby legs, I just can't get enough, I would just kiss it all day long!

Thank you, dearest son for coming into our life, you bring joy, happiness & excitement every single day.. Mommy & daddy love you so much!!

With my mother :)

 Happy moments :)

Mother & Son :)

Until Next Update,