Thursday, 5 December 2013

Making Baby Food: Broccoli + Peas + Wheat Cereal Purees

Fellow Mommies,
I have one new recipe to share. I'm making super simple yet very healthy food for baby EJ: Brocolli + Peas + Wheat Cereal Purees :)
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How to prepare:
1) Using my Avent baby food maker (the one does both steaming & blending), I steam broccoli (about 1/2 cup, only florets, discard stem) and peas (about 2 tbsp.) for 20 minutes


Look at my nicely steamed broccoli & peas. If you go to NTUC/supermarket to get broccoli, it's best to choose Australian grown broccoli. I'm not sure why but baby EJ prefers Australian grown broccoli. I tried Chinese grown broccoli previously and he didn't like it as much as Australian grown broccoli.. What a smart baby, he's all about the quality & great taste! For the peas, I used frozen peas but make sure you leave it at room temperature for a while (kind of defrosting it) before steaming it!

2) Blend it! It's best to blend for a little longer because peas can be a little difficult for my baby to swallow. It's the outer shell, perhaps?

3) Prepare 3 tbsp. of Frisocrem wheat-based milk rice cereal. Mix with warm water and add broccoli and pea mixture and stir well
P/S: first time moms, in case you aren't sure how much water to mix. You can mix cereal with warm water until the mixture looks as smooth as yogurt. That's the right consistency.. Just add a little water first, stir then add a little water again, stir until your cereal has the perfect yogurt consistency (not too dry but not too watery too! )
My son absolutely loves Frisocrem wheat-based milk rice cereal because it tastes sweet! He simply appreciates sweet taste! I personally think wheat is healthy for my growing baby because wheat is rich in carbohydrates and vitamin B to provide more energy for my baby to grow!
The soluble fibre in beans (such as peas) absorb water to soften solid waste and contains probiotic helps to fight against harmful bacteria in the digestive system. (Info credited from Frisocrem booklet)
Dark green vegetables (such as broccoli, spinach, etc) contain plenty of magnesium. Dark Green veggies help to strengthen teeth and bones for my little one :)
Broccoli + Peas = Perfect Combination.. Yes, mommies??

4) Done and ready to serve the little prince!

The prince is waiting!

 First Spoon of healthy greens :)

Yum Yum Yum...

He wants more!
Gimme more!!

My prince enjoyed my healthy recipe!

I hope your prince or princess enjoy my recipe too and until next sharing,

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