Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Avocado + Egg Yolk + Wheat Cereal Puree


Have you tried Avocado + Egg Yolk + Wheat Cereal Puree for your baby?

I tried and my baby quite liked it! :)

Avocado + Egg Yolk contain DHA which is very important in brain development. Providing an adequate amount of these nutrients will assist cognitive development at baby's crucial stage in life :)

Mashed egg yolks are safe for babies below 1 year old and after 1 year old, it's alright to introduce egg whites too.. I read that egg whites should be avoided if babies are below 1 year old due to allergy & high protein reasons. Correct me if I'm wrong!

Avocado + Egg Yolk + Wheat Cereal Puree (6 months + )

1) Pick one ripe avocado, blend it and add warm water to get into puree consistency. Puree consistency looks smooth like yogurt!

2) Prepare 2 tbsp. of Frisocrem wheat-based milk cereal with warm water. You can choose other brands too as long as your baby likes it :)

3) Boil an egg in water and remove egg yolk and mash. I normally use half egg yolk.

4) Mix wheat cereal mixture with blended avocado and add mashed egg yolk. Stir well!

5) Ready & Serve! This recipe is very simple, yet very nutritious for baby :)

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  1. This and the broccoli with peas one look delish! Heh! Love all your creative recipes! I hope my little one will enjoy it as much as yours did :))

  2. Hi Elisa, thank you & happy making baby food for your little one :) Home-made baby food is the best and most nutritious for baby :)