Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Salmon + Carrot + Wheat Cereal Puree

Mamas, do you know Salmon contains DHA that is very important for baby's brain and eye development? and Carrot contains essential vitamins that are very important to improve baby's intestinal health?

How about to combine the power of orange food together to make baby's super food?

Salmon smells a little fishy and it's good to combine something sweet like carrot or sweet potato to balance out the whole fishy smell. Plus sweet vegetables such as carrot and sweet potato increase my boy's appetite :)

Let's try Salmon + Carrot + Wheat Cereal Puree for your little one :)

My baby boy loves this recipe and I hope your baby enjoys too :)

Salmon + Carrot + Wheat Cereal Puree (7 months +)

1) Prepare 2 pcs of Salmon (about 3cm * 3cm per pcs). For the size, it's optional, you can prepare a bigger piece if you'd like to :) I normally buy my Salmon at supermarket, cut it into pieces and put inside ziplock bags and store it inside freezer :)

Then, prepare 1/2 carrot (medium size). If possible, buy premium carrots, it's much sweeter.. Baby carrots are very sweet too :)

2) Soak frozen salmon in cold water for 10 minutes (to defrost it) before steaming it

3) Cut half carrot into small pieces

4) Steam salmon & carrot for 20 minutes (I used Avent 2 in 1 blender & steamer)

5) Pour half of the steamed water from steaming salmon & carrot into a bowl.  Don't throw away that precious steamed water, it's super nutritious and we are going to use it again later to mix baby's wheat cereal. The reason is if you don't remove half of the steamed water, it's going to be very watery when you blend. 

6) Blend both steamed salmon & carrot. Of course, add more water if the blended salmon + carrot consistency is too thick. Adjust accordingly! Blend until salmon + carrot mixture looks pretty much like porridge :)

7) Remember the steamed water you pour into a bowl (step no. 5) ? Use that super nutritious steamed water to mix your wheat or rice cereal. I use Frisocrem wheat-based milk cereal. Feel free to use other brands too as long as your baby likes it, mommy! ^^

8) Add salmon & carrot mixture into wheat cereal mixture. Stir well!

My salmon & carrot + wheat cereal mixture

9) Serve the baby!

He likes it :)


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