Wednesday, 11 December 2013

White Nectarine Puree

Any mommies tried white nectarine puree for dearest babies before?
I tried and until now, I'm confused & unsure if he really likes it or hates it, hahaha!
My little one's face showed he was so disgusted by the taste but his mouth acted otherwise.. He ate it (almost finished though) but just his face showed hatred towards white nectarine :D
Nectarines and Peaches are pretty much the same fruits, just that there's no fuzz on nectarine skin. Both fruits are high in Vitamin A and C and contain a great amount of fiber. Good for constipation!
White Nectarine Puree (6 months +)
1) Pick 2 small sized white nectarines (mine is Australian grown). Wash, Peel and Cut into pieces


 2) Steam it for 20 minutes
My freshly steamed nectarine

3) Remove the steamed water but don't throw the precious water away. The puree is going to be very watery if you don't remove the steamed water (Nectarine has high water content)

4) Use the steamed water to mix with Frisocrem wheat-based milk cereal. This is absolutely optional. I prefer to mix with a little bit of wheat-based milk cereal, so my nectarine puree tastes sweeter (some nectarines can be a little sour, although some are sweet). My boy loves sweet taste and there's no way he wants to eat sour puree :D

5) Blend steamed nectarine after you remove the steamed water from your blender

6) Mix wheat cereal mixture with blended nectarine. Stir well

7) Ready & Feed the baby!

He showed this funny face when he was eating nectarine or peach puree.. Face expression & mouth showed otherwise, hahaha!!

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