Monday, 23 December 2013

(Sponsored) Root Touch Up + Hair Treatment at J7 Image Art of Hair & GIVEAWAYS

Hello Gorgeous People,

Have you had your hair fixed for this festive season?

I had, thanks to J7 Image Art of Hair for inviting me to their salon for root touch up (My dark hair had grown a little and the root was much darker than my brown hair, so touching up is a must). Besides, the touch-up, I had my hair treated with organic hair treatment too which is great!

The hair color products they used on me were the same technology they used previously on my hair.. It is the ODS2 Technology or it's also called as Oil Delivery System. It's a breakthrough oil-based delivery system that maximizes the effectiveness of the coloration system and helps respect the natural protective outer layer of hair... This hair color product & technology contains no ammonia, so it is super safe for pregnant & breastfeeding mommies :) and you can read more my experience getting my hair color done using this technology here :)

My hair stylist, Andy was in charge of getting my root done beautifully :) (Notice that the salon is decorated beautifully for Christmas?)


 Half done :) Coloring in progress :) No ammonia smell at all.. I feel super safe (since I'm a breastfeeding mommy) & comfortable :) My scalp felt good too (It didn't irritate my scalp at all)

Done & waiting to rinse it off ^^

I was pretty much done with my root coloring and it was time for hair treatment.. For more product information & my experience getting my hair treated organically, read more here (I wrote about it previously) and this time round, J7 Image used the very new hair treatment technology on me.

The new technology (as you can see below, Andy was spraying it on my hair) is called Nano Mist.

J7 Image's stylist, Andy explained to me it's easier for Nano Mist technology to absorb hair product because the mist is much smaller than normal steamer.

Basically this baby allows the nanometer hydrone of about 0.26nm to permeate the internal hair, fully rehydrating and moisturizing the hair and promotes the chemical reaction as well. It ejects nanometer water molecules with potential heat energy which can smoothly pass the hair cuticle whose gap can be small as 1nm. Results? Repairing & strengthening and Rehydrating hair :) Awesome??

I had my hair done, root coloring with hair treatment... Nice? (It's me with J7 Image's talented stylist, Jeft)

I super adore my hair color now, it suits my fair complexion very much, so I look more warm-fair (with brown hair) instead of pale-fair (with dark hair previously)

I also love Jeft's blonde hair too :)

I have good news to share with you :) Excited?

J7 Image is having super awesome promotion for this holiday season. From 15th Dec'13 till 29th Jan'14, J7 Image stops all members discount BUT instead of members discount, you will get $17 cash voucher when you spend at least $100. And you will get $50 cash voucher when you spend $250 and above. On top of that, there's a super exciting lucky draw!

** Lucky draw prizes might not be the same, the value of  J7 Image Lucky Draw is greater than member discount, so you benefit more from this Lucky Draw!

*** Any hair services will have the chance to have 1 lucky draw (1 lucky draw per person)

Here are prizes to be won :)

Here's the lucky draw box.. I personally think all prizes are equally awesome and J7 Image is truly generous to their members or non-members.. 

 It's GIVEWAYS time :) :)

I have a few cash vouchers to be won. Each worth $17 of cash ($17 off for all hair services at J7 Image, how awesome is that?) Wanna get one for yourself, your friend or your loved one? Email me @ Absolutely perfect gift for this Christmas!

Here's the service rate..

If you haven't booked an appointment, here's J7 Image location, number & email address :)

Thank you J7 Image & until next time, readers


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