Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas Giveaways from Fisher-Price

Ho Ho Ho Mamas & Papas,

Christmas is coming in a few weeks time, can you believe that?

I have been extremely busy with my baby boy and I didn't even know it's already Christmas time... (Am I getting old or simply becoming more forgetful due to sleepless nights taking care a fussy baby?) I just lost count of days and months since he came into my life :D

A few Sundays ago, we went to Orchard road and I remember asking my husband stupidly "Why are there so many beautiful decorated but unlighted lights along Orchard road?" He stoned and then answered "Don't you remember Christmas is coming soon?" Oh-Uh, he was right, Christmas's coming! Oh Silly Me!

My poor memory proves how much my son means to me. He means the whole world in his mommy's eyes :)

This year's Christmas is a special one and going to be our first Christmas celebration with our  precious son. Previous Christmas is very clear in my mind, I was 6 months pregnant last Christmas and I remember telling my husband I need to look as pretty as possible for Christmas because once our son arrives in this world, there will be no time to dress up nicely and absolutely no time to put on 30 minute make-up!

It was pretty true, he arrived and I just gave up my passion in beauty (oh well, not entirely, I'm still writing beauty related posts here and there). To me, my son is my real beauty! :)

My special Christmas is not only to be celebrated with my family, but with my blog readers too :) That means what? Yes, that's right! Christmas Giveaways from Fisher-Price

TWO Christmas Gifts for grabs this special month:
Prize 1: Fisher-Price Fold n Fun Seat Cover

The Fisher-Price Fold n Fun Seat Cover stimulates busy activities, including the milk & cookie clackers and roller ball grapes, strengthen baby’s fine motor skills. There are 3 repositionable link toys, including an apple teether. Fits most shopping carts & restaurant high chairs.

Prize 2: Sing-a-ma-jigs (Midnight)

They’re cute, they’re zany, they’re the latest singing sensation. Introducing The Sing-a-ma-jigs!™ Sure to put a smile on your face with 3 different ways to play: Chatter, Sing a Song, and Harmonize. Squeeze their left hands to change modes then squeeze their tummies to see their mouths open and hear them sing and chatter!

How to join the giveaways contest:
1) To join, simply leave a comment answering this question:
How are you having fun with your little ones this Christmas?
2) If you wish to send me a private email to answer above question, you can send to  (you can leave a comment on my Facebook page too)
3) Share this blog post on your Facebook page & tag me "Netty Lie" either through my blog post or my Facebook page
**Entrants with Singapore address only. Don't forget to leave me your email address too, so I can contact you if you win. Entries close 9.00 PM on Christmas Eve, 24 December 2013. Winners are chosen by random pick. Once the winners are decided upon, I will email the winners and prizes will be sent directly to their addresses by The Fisher-Price Representative.
Good Luck!!
Update ~ 26th Dec
Merry Christmas!! Here are the Fisher-Price Christmas Giveaways Entrants (entries submitted via email)
1) Natalie De Guzman
2) Kaye Wong
3) Ala Lhw
4) Sumarni
5) Florence
Thank you mommies for submitting your entries via email.
And the winners are:
Prize 1: Congrats to Natalie De Guzman for winning The Fisher-Price Fold n Fun Seat Cover.
Prize 2: Congrats to Florence for winning The Fisher-Price Sing-a-ma-jigs
Until Next Giveaways, Mommies!!


  1. Good Luck to all entrants :)

  2. I am bringing my little one to the shopping mall to see whether will be able to meet Santa Claus :-)