Thursday, 16 January 2014

10 things I appreciate & enjoy before having another BFP

If you read my above blog tittle, you may have guessed it correctly that I'm trying for baby no. 2. Yes, we are trying & this January is our first month trying to get the "BFP" or "Big Fat Positive" test :) Conceiving baby no.2 is less pressure than conceiving baby no.1 or we call him "Baby EJ". I'm taking things very slowly & peacefully.. I have no worries at all & to be honest, knowing I'm going to bake another bun in my oven, I'm enjoying being myself to the tiny bits... And these tiny bits I used to take for granted last time are tiny bits I'm currently enjoying & I appreciate. Little appreciation brings whole lot of happiness that leads to positive thinking.. See how it's related?

I appreciate little things and those little things make me feel positive, think positive & my life is more lively & happier :) Little things can make a difference and it's up to you, how are you gonna think about it!

Instead of worrying "How long will I take to conceive no.2?" "Will I have any complications?" "Will I have difficulty in conceiving no.2?" or "Is pregnancy no.2 going to be difficult? Here are 10 things I'm currently enjoying to tiny bits (before having another baby) that make me feel "Being Me is Wonderful and I appreciate it" It's better to feel good & positive than worrying something that hasn't happened yet!

1) Morning Coffee

Caffeine is not recommended during pregnancy. And I'm not pregnant yet, so it's okay for me to have a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning.. I take my time to smell the coffee and coffee would make everything better :)

2) Home Spa & Long Shower

Home Facial, Body Scrub, Face Mask... Taking long shower for 30 minutes while hubby taking care the baby.. I love smelling good & having silky smooth skin... Wonder if I could stand up for 30 minutes long to have shower or if I could reach my toes in my next pregnancy.. So enjoy while I can!

Wanna do your own home spa? Check out my DIY home spa here

3) Skinny Me

Wonder if I could wear body shaper during pregnancy? Of course, not!! I love looking skinny, not stick-skinny type, but looking slim in tummy area. I'm vain & I won't deny it! I love wearing my body shaper & I'm wearing it daily at home to achieve a flatter stomach, just like before... To slim down before next pregnancy, why can't I?

4) Get Crafty

I love making DIY stuff & I love sewing and I wonder if I could have the energy & motivation to sew stuff during my next pregnancy. Not forgetting, the poor back & blurry eyes during pregnancy that hinder creativity. So, get crafty, be crafty while I can!

DIY-hand-sewn baby cot bumper. Wanna get one? Check out my DIY here

5) Watching Movies & Videos That Inspire Me

Going on movie date with hubby midnight while baby sleeping (and mother in law at home to help to watch the baby) Technically, I can still watch movies during pregnancy but I can't fight my sleepiness for midnight movies.

I love to watch videos on YouTube, any kind of videos can inspire me in their own unique inspirational ways and make me feel grateful with the life I have now.. It's a must to feel positive before next pregnancy, right?

6) Spending Time With My Baby

Play with him, Cuddle him, Carry him, Smell him, Appreciate him and many more.. It's going to be a little bit hard to carry & play with a toddler during pregnancy, so appreciate the tiny bits of him while I still can! I love my baby with all my heart & my love is yet to be divided with another baby..
Right now, I love him as much as I can :)

7) Buy A Pretty Dress

Need I say more? Fancy it, buy it!! Before it's too late to wear or getting too huge to fit in!

White lacey dress from H&M

8) Eating Seafood

Need I say more? Yes, enjoy lots of delicious seafood while I still can! Chili Crab, Prawn, Calamari, Scallop, Oyster, Sushi-Salmon, Clam and many more.. I'm a seafood lover and during pregnancy, I will try to avoid seafood or not to eat too much because of concerns over mercury.. So, now? Enjoy as much as I like & I can!

9) Enjoy The Freedom

The freedom to write my blog, the freedom to bring my baby out for evening walk, the freedom to sleep for 8 hours every night (I have been sleeping for 8 hours since I quit breastfeeding) Before taking a bigger responsibility (conceiving & raising up another child), why not to enjoy little freedoms while I still can?

10) Enjoy Being 'Me', The 'Fit' Me

I'm not pregnant & I'm fit, I can walk for an hour without having backache, why not to appreciate & enjoy the 'fit me' while I'm still able to? You get the point?

Live a positive life by thinking positively! List down things you love to do and do it NOW!


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