Friday, 17 January 2014

DIY Cloth Pom Pom Hair Tie Made By Old Shirt

I made this DIY Pom Pom Hair Tie from my old shirt.. I was about to throw away my old rainbow shirt because it was torn quite badly but I changed my mind, instead I made this lovely hair tie.. Absolutely an adorable idea to turn something old into something I can use on my hair (and it's lovely too)

If I had a daughter (I wish), I would make her lots of cute DIY hair accessories and this would be one of those :)

Step 1:

1) Get one of your old shirts.. Mine is torn one, I have no heart to cut old shirt that is still in good condition.. Would rather donate it :)

Step 2:

Draw on your used cardboard a donut shape, about 5 cm diameter (bigger if you'd like your pom pom to be bigger or other way round) and cut it. It doesn't have to be perfect! Prepare 2 donuts!

Step 3:

Cut your old shirt into a few long strings, about 2 cm in width each string.. Each length is about 30 cm.. I prepare 3 strings.

Combine 2 donut cardboards together and roll the cloth strings over... Keep rolling & rolling until you can't see the cardboards anymore.. It's kind of covered by the cloth strings

You should keep rolling until donut cardboard is totally covered :)

Step 4:

Use scissor to cut the outer part of 'O' donut that is covered by cloth

Step 5:

Tie the middle part with a string. Secure it!

Step 6:

Cut the cardboard away

Step 7:

Trim the Pom Pom into one perfect round shape and prepare 1 black color rubber band

Step 8:

Tie Pom Pom over the rubber band. Secure it! And trim if necessary

Done! Easy and lovely.. It took me 5 minutes to do this lovely DIY hair tie :)

Until Next DIY,


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