Monday, 20 January 2014

DIY Shimmer & Tinted Lip Balm For Dry Cracked Lips

Is there any mommy out there having super dry cracked lips?
I have!! My lips are super dry & always dry! It sucks. Period!
Desperately looking for a solution for my super dry lips & when nothing is seriously working, I made my own super hydrating lip balm. A nice one, shimmered & tinted!
I will show you how to make one.
1) 100% Pure Lanolin. I got my lanolin balm from Mothercare. It was actually my nipple cream when I was still breastfeeding my son.. I had been using this cream during my whole breastfeeding journey & it worked wonder in hydrating my dry cracked nipples.. So, when I stopped breastfeeding, I had a little leftover.. Instead of dumping this away, I transformed this lanolin balm into something I can use beautifully on my lips. Lanolin is natural ingredient, it's safe for babies and there's no need to wash before feeding the baby, so it's absolutely safe for baby to latch on directly while mommy's having this cream on.. Safe for babies, of course, safe for our lips too!
P/S: if you don't have lanolin, you can opt for Vaseline, I heard it's good too :) and if you are a breastfeeding mommy, use your lanolin cream :)
2) Leftover Lipstick.. Mine is from Etude House and I adore this orangey-pink lipstick so so much.. and it's such a shame to dump this pretty color away, so I re-use it!
3) A shimmery eye shadow. preferably in soft colors such as pink, white, cream, etc.. This is optional, if you want your DIY lip balm to be shimmery, add shimmery eye shadow, if you don't, it's absolutely fine too :)
4) A small container. You can have 2! I have 2, one for shimmer & tinted lip balm and another one for pure lip balm (for night time)

3 easy steps:

Step 1: Mix lipstick with lanolin balm
Step 2: Stir well
Step 3: Add shimmery eye shadow. Stir well! and you are done with one beautiful DIY shimmer & tinted lip balm

I have been using my DIY lip balm for a week and I notice my lips are no longer dry and it works like wonder in hydrating my super dry lips.. Highly recommended if your lips are very dry.. This DIY tinted lip balm can be heavy on lips, so it's only suitable for those who have dry cracked lips.. I also think this is perfect when you need to travel to dry & cold countries.. Good for winter too!

Photo below is after I put on my DIY shimmer & tinted lip balm.. See how hydrating & soft my lips are? I love the pinkish color too.. It looks pretty & natural!

See how lovely the color is? The shimmer & tinted lip balm looks like one I bought from high-end cosmetic store, but this DIY costs me nothing at all! :)
I also have another DIY lip balm without color for me to use during night time when my lips tend to be very dry in an air-conditioned room. Lip balm with no color is also very easy to make.. Just squeeze the remaining of your lanolin cream into a tiny container and you are ready to have those luscious lips!
I hope this DIY works on you :)


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