Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Chicken + Salmon + Carrot + Spinach Baby Porridge

I think I have repeated many times on how to cook/make baby food and honestly the method is pretty much the same; clean, cut into smaller piece, steam, blend & mix. For my cooking method or more recipes, you can check it out here
Below here is just an idea what you can make for your baby.. I made him Chicken + Salmon + Carrot + Spinach porridge
Basically, you need to wash, cut into pieces, steam & blend ingredients and then mix with cereal or porridge.. Or you can mix both (cereal + porridge) My boy loves Frisocrem wheat-based milk cereal because it contains milk & tastes sweet.. Basically he wants a little bit of cereal mixture in every food I serve him :)

Green Porridge, Yummy!!

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