Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Salmon + Vegetables Porridge

Salmon + Vegetables (Peas, Carrot & Broccoli) (7 months +)

1) Prepare 2 pcs of Salmon (about 3cm * 3cm per pcs). For the size, it's optional, you can prepare a bigger piece if you'd like to :) I normally buy my Salmon at supermarket, cut it into pieces and put inside ziplock bags and store it inside freezer :)

Then, prepare 1 baby carrot (small size), 1 tbsp. of frozen peas & a few of broccoli florets, (discard stem)

2) Soak frozen salmon in cold water for 10 minutes (to defrost it) before steaming it

3) Cut baby carrot into small pieces & peel broccoli into smaller piece

4) Steam salmon & vegetables (peas, carrot, broccoli) for 20 minutes (I used Avent 2 in 1 blender & steamer)

5) Pour half of the steamed water from steaming salmon & vegetables away, if not, it's going to be very watery

6) Blend both steamed salmon & vegetables. Of course, add more water if the blended salmon + vegetables consistency is too thick. Adjust accordingly! Blend until salmon + vegetables mixture looks pretty much like porridge :)

7) Add salmon & vegetables mixture into white porridge. Stir well!

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The color doesn't look very appetizing, but hey, it's healthy & quite tasty :)

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