Monday, 6 January 2014

The little fella is 8 months old

My little fella, Ethan James Lim is 8.5 months old to be exact! He's a big boy now!

Updates about him:

1) He makes me laugh every single day.. I find him at the cutest moment when he's 8 months old because every day he's super busy with baby-talking.. Bababa-dadada-eh-eh-eh-ah-wa-wa-wa-wa.-la-la-la.. Super adorable, I just can't stop laughing.. His eyes, eyebrows and mouth are super funny when he's talking, he's trying to mimic adults! He's being too serious in talking, that's just too hilarious!

2) He can stand up without support

3) He can walk around while holding into sofa or play yard gates. He loves walking around more than sitting down & playing with toys!

4) He loves to grab 1 toy with one hand & stand up or walk around. That's his style! After that, throws that toy away & waits for mommy to pick up.. I think I pick up his toys 100 times a day literally!

5) He's independent now.. He can play alone with his toys in his play yard or watching TV while standing up in his play yard

6) It takes a village to feed him solid.. Oh boy, feeding him solid is super challenging! He's very cranky during feedings and it takes all toys in the house to entertain him. I hope this phase will be over soon!

7) He's on full formula.. (Mommy has quit breastfeeding) 150 ml each feed, 5 times a day.. He's having Similac Intelli-Pro.. So far so good!

8) He's eating solid 3 times. 2 times having porridge  and 1 time having fruity dinner

9) He loves to play with his saliva, pooo-pooo-pooo....

10) He sleeps better now, he still wakes up midnight for feeding but generally he sleeps from 9pm to 8 am :)

11) He hates when mommy changes his diaper or clothes (Little EJ, you think mommy loves to change you too?)

12) He can't drink milk without Iphone to entertain him. He gets up whenever mommy feeds him in his rocker and baby videos are the only way to attract his attention, so he can focus on drinking milk!

13) He grabs anything everything within his reach.. It makes mommy super tired!

14) He puts anything everything in his mouth.. It's super dangerous, mommy must be extra cautious, thus worrying about baby EJ makes mommy tired too!

15) He hates car seat! He just wants to be carried in the car but mommy's having another problem.. He can't be quite at all in the car! He moves, stands up, crawls, grabs & eats the safety belt or whatever in the car.. Every single second.... & phewww it's like aerobic to mommy!!

16) He understands the word "no no no no..." that means "NO" and he doesn't do it anymore, but not until 1 minute later, he does it again!

17) He has obsession with strings, pulls, plays & munches strings.. Whatever strings, as long it's a string, slim & long! That's okay for him!

18) He has obsession with handphone & Ipad.. He can't help but to grab it & put it in his mouth!

19) He loves to play with colorful balls.. He's a very typical boyish type! (but he loves to throw his ball one by one & let us get tired by picking it up every minute, lol!)

20) Finally, he's the sweetest baby in our family.. he loves to smile & laugh and it's daddy who always make him laugh out loud!

A little giraffe mommy bought him for his 8th month birthday.. He hugs this to sleep every night & every nap too :)

He loves to be in his cage play yard!

He looks handsome in his semi-formal outfit.. Formal blue shirt with collar, just like his daddy's working shirt and long jeans :)
 Funny faces that make us laugh every day :)

Copy & paste that face from daddy.. When I was pregnant, I wished if I had a boy, I wanted him to look like his daddy and if I had a gal, I wanted her to look like mini-me.. My wish granted & my little fella looks exactly just like his daddy!!

An obsession with Ipad at an early age

2 toothed baby who's so talkative!
Until Next Update
~Netty~ (Little EJ's mommy)

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