Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ethan James Lim is 11 months old today!

My boy is 11 months old today ~ 26-03-2014

I can't believe next month he's turning ONE year old.. Next month, he's entering the new journey, TODDLERHOOD. I'm not sure if I'm excited about it because I want him to be my cute little baby as long as possible. :') He's my baby and always be my baby :')

Here are his latest updates & milestones:

1) Walking. Yes, he's officially walking. I find him really adorable when he walks because he looks a little like baby penguin LOL He's walking around the house now. Back & forth and back & forth. He walks to kitchen, he walks to my room and his grandma's room. He's a walking baby!

2) Bad-tempered. He's very very bad-tempered! When he wants something and if we refuse to give him, he will get very angry, throw temper, scream and cry. He's going through the stage where toddlerhood is starting soon. Example: He wants my Iphone I'm currently holding & he extends his hand, ready to grab it but I refuse to let him have it, he will scream, then hit himself in his tummy sometimes head or legs with his 2 tiny hands and then he will hit me or whatever stuff in front of him. He will also throw his toys very very roughly. What a naughty boy! My husband told me to start disciplining him about good behavior ~ as early as possible ~ better.

3) He understands instructions. Example: "EJ, let's do close-open, close-open! (I never show him example, I did in the past and he still remembers), after hearing my instruction, he closes & opens his little hands ~ repeatedly. Too adorable! He understands quite a few, like clap your hands, bye-bye, hi-5 and gong-xi - gong-xi... :)

4) He's not afraid of scolding. Seriously, when you scold him, he will give you a long stare & sometimes, scold you back "Ah na na na - daaaa daaa - ehhh..." fiercely & with high tone.. Sometimes, we just want him to know we are being serious but we will fail and laugh because it's too adorable to see a little baby scolds you back with his serious facial expressions.. Too cute!

5) He has 6 teeth now. 4 upper & 2 lower. His biggest weakness is EATING.. At 11 months old, he's still eating purée just like a 6 month old baby.. He's not able to take chunky food or diced fruits or veggies. He doesn't know how to chew properly.. He will keep diced food in his mouth for long time and refuse to chew or swallow.. He hates porridge! His diet is mostly purée, rice cereal, blended fruits or veggies.. So, I'm still waiting for this milestone, it's for him to eat just like a 1 year old baby..

P/S: He did try random foods like KFC Mashed Potato, McDonald bread, French fries, etc but that was junk food and I'm not keen in giving him junk stuff, so he had junk stuff once in a while.. Did he like junk food? Sometimes.

6) He loves to go out. Doesn't mean he likes strangers to touch him though. He knows his timing very well and will request to go out when you forget about it.. My mom in law brings him out to wet market and garden every morning at 8.30am and if she delays, he will get very cranky and request her to bring him out and then when she puts him in his stroller, he will patiently wait for her to get ready :) He goes out 3 times a day, 8.30AM, 2PM and 5.30PM.

Side Profile :)

Wearing daddy's hat

 Oh no, Ipad eater!

Overall, still one happy baby :)

I find it very interesting how genetics work.. And how 2 different person created their offspring and resulted in combined features.. Until now, I still find it amazing how human being is created. Imagine I have a baby from my husband who has a total different look. He has thick eyebrows, while I have thin eyebrows and baby EJ has his eyebrows. I have big eyes with double eyelids and husband has small eyes with single eyelids, thus baby EJ has big eyes with single eyelids. Baby EJ has my nose, forehead and my natural wavy brown hair and he has my husband's tiny lips :) My little boy looks like my husband most of the time but I feel he does have "mommy" look too :p

Mummy of little EJ

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