Friday, 4 April 2014

My Most Favorite Baby Stuff Part 2

Hello Mommies & Daddies of Gorgeous Babies :)

This post is hopefully to share with you in picking and buying the right baby products for your baby and here is My Most Favorite Baby Stuff Part 1 (if you haven't read so and want to know about our favorites so far)

Here are 10 Most Favorite Baby Stuff Part 2

1) Most Favorite Rashes Cream (especially rashes on face): Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy

Seriously, this works like wonder & so far my favorite. Baby EJ is quite prone to have red rashes/eczema on his face due to hot weather, milk spill, saliva during teething period or own finger rubbing and so far I only got his prescription cream from his Pedi and it did work but it took pretty long time to recover until I discovered this magic cream. I even bought more to keep in my drawer, just in case the online seller doesn't sell this wonderful cream anymore.. It cleared his rashes in just max 2 days time.. Worked like magic and highly recommend this to mommies! :)

2) Most Favorite Dental Wipe: My Dentist Choice Tooth Tissues

It's the best I ever used to clean Baby EJ's gums and now teeth. It's disposable and the tissues are pretty thick & soft for baby's mouth. Previously I used the glove one and It hurt baby EJ's gums. I didn't know how and why it happened, basically I was just cleaning his gums using the finger glove dental wipe and when I took it out from his mouth, I saw blood. It wasn't that much blood but it definitely hurt his gums (not sure if his gums were already bleeding due to him biting random stuff or if the hard/rough edge of the finger glove I used on him accidently cut him or something). Anyway, it scared me so much & I swear I will never use that finger glove dental wipe anymore (Yes, it's from a popular brand though). So far, my dentist choice dental wipe is the best I ever used and it never hurt baby EJ's gums at all :) Highly recommend this too!

3) Most Favorite Teether to soothe painful & itchy gums: Water Filled Teether

I'm pretty crazy with baby teethers. So far, I have the giraffe, the popular Korean brands with fruits theme like Grapes, Strawberry, etc.. I also have the one that looks like pacifier and many more.. Honestly these teethers are very attractive and can entertain baby pretty well during travelling or outing time but so far my favorite teether to soothe painful & itchy gums during teething period is water filled teether. It simply just works!

I put this water filled teether in the fridge & take it out when baby EJ is in pain due to teething. There was one night baby EJ woke up crying, he drank his milk, he was changed too but we didn't know why he was so cranky and refused to sleep back.. It was midnight. I suspected he was having gum/teeth pain because he seemed like grinding his gum/teeth, so I took out his cold teether from the fridge and let him bite to soothe his sore gums.. Half an hour later, he was asleep :)

Tip to mommies: you can buy a few of these water filled teethers and keep it all in the fridge. When baby needs it, take out one and 15 minutes later, when teether is no longer cold, you can take another one from the fridge.. That's why I would suggest mommies to have more than one water filled teether during teething period. It's really useful!

4) Most Favorite Baby Cereal: Frisco

I'm not sure other baby's preference but baby EJ just loves Frisco. He's fine with both Frisco Rice Cereal or Wheat-based milk cereal. He loves sweet taste and Frisco Baby Cereal contains milk, so it's sweet and tasty to him and he has been eating Frisco Baby Cereal since he was 6 months old :) until now!

5) Most Favorite Baby Tool for Walking: Walking Wings

Seriously, this helped me so much & helped me to prevent chronic backache during his " learning how to walk " period. It's great to use outside too, especially you know if your baby is one little naughty runner.
6) Most Favorite Small Toy: Sassy Baby Roll Toy
Not sure why but baby EJ loves this and seems to get fascinated easily by this. He loves to roll this fast or slow as he likes and this is the only small toy he can play over and over again. He has many small toys and he gets bored very easily after playing for max twice. But this toy, is his favorite so far.. It's great to bring along during car trip or Pedi check-up too!
7) Most Favorite Baby Detergent: Kodomo Baby Laundry Detergent
I just love the smell, it smells like baby powder :)

8) Most Favorite Baby Rocker: Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker

Seriously, I can't live without this. I'm not saying this because I was sponsored by Fisher-Price but it's fully my opinion as a mom

We had one baby rocker before this and I don't know why, it seemed like baby EJ's posture/position was just not right, especially during sleeping/milk feeding time.. It was like the angle to feed him was just wrong and we had to use many blankets to boost it a little higher and to adjust it into the correct position.. It was troublesome!

So when Fisher-Price sent me this for review, I just knew this was the right one.. I didn't need booster or anything make it right.. It's right in angle & comfortable for baby EJ :) Plus it's very light in weight too, so I can feed him in his rocker anywhere I want :)

Btw, baby EJ doesn't want to drink milk when we hold him, he just wants to drink milk from his rocker (this habit started when he was just 3 months old) and when we are outside, he's fine drinking milk from his stroller. But never ever hold/carry him during milk time, he would rather go hungry! So that's why baby rocker is one of the most important baby stuff at home.

He's currently 11 months plus and still drinking milk from this rocker very comfortably!

9) Most Favorite Baby Play Stuff: Baby Play Yard, need I say more?

It was already a perfect place for baby EJ to learn walking and now, he's walking, Play Yard is the safest place for him seriously!

I can't imagine not having this installed at my house. Baby EJ is a super active baby and once we let him roam freely at home, he would grab anything in sight and mess up the whole house and we are actually okay to let him roam around ~ with our supervision of course.

As a SAHM, Baby Play Yard is super useful, at least I can put him there while I'm eating my lunch or having short toilet breaks.

10) Most Favorite Place for Afternoon Nap: Yao Lan/Spring Cot
Yao Lan is widely used in some Asian countries like Singapore, Indonesia & Malaysia. Basically Yao Lan or Spring Cot is a baby rocker, you can either use it manually (by hands to rock the baby) or automatically (by motor/machine to rock the baby sleep) It has been used for many generations. My mom used this too when I was a baby
I started using yao lan when baby EJ was a newborn. Back then, he was a difficult sleeper and almost nothing worked to soothe him to sleep. So, we bought this yao lan and let him nap there in the afternoon, so far it's his favorite place to nap comfortably.
I'm not sure why he just can't sleep well in his baby cot in the afternoon. He's a light sleeper and very sensitive towards sounds, even it's just a little, so when he's napping in his cot, he will probably nap for max 30 minutes only and when he's in his yao lan rocker, he can nap for 60-90 minutes. He naps much better here.
Luckily he's not addicted to this, he's okay to sleep on bed at night :)
My yao lan rocker is an automatic one, meaning I can adjust the speed, of course slower is better for baby (fast speed will affect brains, I heard and I'm afraid)
The thing now about yao lan rocker is I have to accompany him when he's sleeping because baby EJ is able to get up himself and I'm afraid he will fall down when he tries to get up himself. So, I watch him when he's sleeping for 60-90 minutes (I kill time by watching Korean drama LOL)

Napping comfortably

That's about it and I hope it's useful though :)

Till Next Baby Stuff Update,

~Mommy of Baby EJ~

P/S: I think April is my lucky month and I just received my best early birthday present ever and will announce it when the right time comes :) Anyway, just wish me luck! :)


  1. Hi. Can check with you whether the Aveeno cream is available at Watson or guardian?

    1. Hi dear.. I can't find Aveeno at Watson or Guardian, so I bought from ^^

  2. Hi, I am keen to buy a yaolan. May I know where you bought yours from? TIA ! :)

  3. Hi, come upon ur blog while searching for baby stuff and saw u using Aveeno cream, so thinking to share with u this website which is selling cheaper and they also got lot of good stuff to buy too.
    u can get free shipping over SGD$60 purchase

  4. Hi babe! Can you advise if I can apply the Aveeno eczema cream to my newborn.

  5. Hi may I know where u got your yaolan from