Monday, 19 May 2014

Fisher-Price® Play IQ Parenting Workshop

Hello Fellow Parents

Do you know the best learning strategy to reach a child's full potential in life is simply, to play?

Yes, to play! Play, Play and Play!!

Children love playing and it's the most effective way to encourage healthy brain development and learning.

Fisher-Price introduces the Play IQ concept with a focus on three key areas of children development ~ Physical, Cognitive and Social & Emotional. You will learn in this workshop how to develop your child's full potential, how to develop your child's physical strength, coordination and confidence through Play IQ. You will also learn how to develop your child's skills to express themselves.

The Fisher-Price Play IQ Parenting Workshop will be held in Singapore, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital on 31 May, 9am-2pm and you can refer to full details embedded below.

Carrie Lupoli, the parenting expert will teach parents to understand the important role of play in child's development and the workshop will be divided into four presentation topics:

1) Introduction and Goal of Parenting
2) Play IQ - The Theory
3) Play IQ - The Benefits and The Basics
4) Play IQ Learning Tournament

I will be coming to this workshop with a friend of mine and I hope to see some of my readers there too :) Don't be shy to say "hi" to me if you see me in person :)

See you there,

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