Monday, 19 May 2014

EJ's 1st birthday on 26th April 2014

Here are some photos of EJ's 1st birthday on 26th April 2014. Sorry for the late update on my blog. This month has been crazy ~ Baby was sick and so was mommy too ~ luckily, we have recovered!
We didn't have big party, just a simple small one with a few good friends and relatives invited. The reason was simply because I think there was no need to spend big fortune on birthday celebration. Rather, to save the money to bless baby stuff to needy moms.
To us, birthday celebration is not that important and we wanted it to be as simple as possible ~ with no food and cupcakes wasted. I always think of those unfortunate parents who can't afford to celebrate birthday for their children at all, how sad and we here, at the same time, wasting so much food, splurging on unnecessary birthday stuff, goodies, show and games at the party. Thinking of that made me feel bad and that's my reason to celebrate EJ's birthday as simple as possible ~ with buffet foods, cakes and simple goody bags for the guests. We didn't have nice cupcakes, luxury dessert table nor inviting special person to perform magic tricks to our guests. To us, it was simple but meaningful :)
EJ received so many toys and I hope to bless his toys to needy parents because they need it more than us. We are already very grateful to receive so many sponsorships of baby products and we think we should share the joy :)
Btw, if you have toys that you don't want anymore, instead of selling, please bless to those needy mums or single mums. There are many out there and they really need our help. Trust me, the happiness you get from giving is more than the happiness you could earn from selling baby stuff :) And that's the real happiness to me :)
I hope to teach my son one day that the real happiness comes from giving ~ not the stuff you buy online, nor the luxury bag you get from high end shopping mall. Happiness may come from your shopping or money but it won't last long in your heart ~ you will soon forget about that happiness ~ the next day after you put your shopping stuff in your closet.. But real happiness from giving and putting smile on somebody's face last so long in your heart and you will feel warm in your heart. Trust me!! :) :)
Anyway, here are some pictures. Not many, some of my friends tagged me on Facebook and I stole our pictures there, hehe.. I didn't have photographer too. (Most importantly, our family and good friends were there to celebrate EJ's birthday and that mattered most to us)

Birthday cake ~ animal theme ~ EJ loves animals

 Our little family

 Blow the 1st candle!

My family ~ My parents, mum-law (carrying EJ), hubby & baby EJ :)

 Father & son

My old friend/ high school friend with her super cute baby girl, Naomi :) EJ likes Naomi so much heehee..

EJ trying his new bike ~ a gift from Elaine auntie :) He loves it so much! 

EJ's birthday gifts. He got so many toys :)

Simple hand painting activity for kids :)

Me & my mom, heehee..

1st birthday was over and we think, for the many next birthdays, celebrations are going to be very simple ~ just a family dinner with birthday cake :)

Stay happy & healthy, baby boy!!

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