Thursday, 22 May 2014

Korean Gradient Lips with Etude House Lips-Fit


I'm currently obsessed with Korean beauty trend. Just name it, I have tried it. Orangey lips, gradient lips and even the popular "eye bag" make up hahaa...

Who says I'm now a mother, I can't follow beauty trend or buy beauty stuff I like? Of course I can :) I still want to look pretty after all LOL

Last month, I watched a Korean girl in Etude House's video, teaching how to create pretty Korean Gradient Lips and I was like "OMG, I want I want...!!!!" like crazy.. And at that time, I knew what I wanted to buy :)

By the way, Korean Gradient Lips, also known as Ombre or Bitten Lips, it's like you bite your lips and your inner lips look redder naturally, very popular among the Korean actresses. I watch a lot of Korean drama, so I know many of their pretty actresses go for gradient lips and that's why I fall in love with it! It also creates a very innocent look. I personally think gradient lips look is more suitable for girls with full lips and it makes full lips look prettier :) (My personal opinion and I think I do look good with gradient lips rather than "full lipstick" on my lips because I do have full lips :)

I finally dropped by to Etude House to buy these 3 beauty stuff to create the popular Korean gradient lips:

1) Etude House Color Lips-Fit in Fantasy Fit Pink ~ I picked this because it's used prettily on Suli's lips :)

2) Etude House Lips-Fit-Petti & Top Coat ~ Etude House girl promised me this is gonna look shiny on my lips

3) Etude House Lip Concealer ~ it's the very basic step to create gradient lips

I can't remember how much all of these beauty stuff cost me, but I think it's less than S$40, since there was 20% discount when I bought these!

Despite the "not very good" reviews I read online about Etude House Lips-Fit, I still give it a try because the color is really pretty and who knows it works on me? Haahaa..

Fantasy Fit Pink color is very very pretty, reminds me the color of bubble gum :) And it does smell like bubble gum too, believe me or not?

How to create the Korean Gradient Lips?

1) Use lip concealer to conceal the lip area you want to make smaller. I conceal a little bit of my lower & upper lips (about 1/4)

2) Use finger to spread the concealer evenly

3) Put only 3 drops of Etude House Lips-Fit in fantasy pink on your lower lips (inner part)

4) Use only cotton bud to spread the fantasy pink color evenly. Don't use your finger, it's not gonna be even. I tried once with my finger, it didn't work! Cotton Bud works best!

5) Don't forget 2 drops on your upper lips (inner part)

6) Spread evenly with cotton bud

7) Apply Etude House Lips-Fit Petti & Top Coat. It makes your lips prettier and less flaky than just apply the lips-fit in fantasy pink alone

8) Add 2 more drops of Lips-Fit Fantasy Pink if you feel your inner part is not red enough. In my case, I always need to add 2 more drops to make it more gradient and finish up with another layer of Lips-Fit Petti & Top Coat :)

The color is amazingly pretty and I love gradient lips so much but my concern about Etude House's products are:

1) Color Lips-Fit Fantasy Fit Pink can be dry and flaky. I think it's because this product is powdery on lips, thus it doesn't moisturize at all. This product can be used on cheeks as well and I reckon the result on cheeks will be more promising since it has powdery effect

2) Lip Concealer doesn't last long! It's gone within 10 minutes without me eating or drinking. Maybe am I missing something before putting lip concealer? I have natural red-pink lips and when the lip concealer is gone, my gradient lips effect is kind of gone too, since the gradient effect has mixed up with my natural lip color. But the pink color is still pretty even it's not looking very gradient anymore!

3) Color  Lips Fit Petti & Top Coat doesn't last long too! Even so, it's still much better to include top coat in making gradient lips because it moisturizes lips after putting Fantasy Fit Pink and at least it's not that flaky comparing to skipping top coat. 

What I like about Etude House Color Lips-Fit in Fantasy Fit Pink:

1) Fantasy Fit Pink color is so pretty.
2) The pink color lasts pretty long (if I don't eat or drink)
3) Fantasy Fit Pink can be applied on cheek (it's like 2 in 1 product)

Will I buy again?

Maybe no, I believe Etude House has better long lasting products that are able to create the same gradient lips effect without feeling dry and flaky and I always love Etude House & look forward to try their new beauty products :) I'm a big fan!

Opinions are all mine ~ and this is not a sponsored review.

'Till Next Time,

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