Tuesday, 27 May 2014

We are expecting baby #2

We are pregnant!!

I'm currently 3 months pregnant with baby #2, due in early December or maybe late November if baby decides to come earlier :) but December baby would be special (think of Christmas or something, lol)

How did I find out?

I've never thought that it would happen that fast. Not that we were not trying, yes we were trying to conceive #2 since I quit breastfeeding baby EJ in early January but my period cycle was a big mess. Breastfeeding made my period very irregular. In February, I thought I was pregnant because my period was late for more than 2 weeks, but no, I wasn't pregnant. Period came after 45 days of long cycle. Crazy!

In March, we tried to conceive again but the "trying" timing wasn't perfect, so ovulation test was kind of useless. But little did I know, March was the month we successfully conceived our second baby, surprisingly :)

31st of March, I felt weird, suspected I might be "pregnant" again because I felt a little cramp. I had hip ache and a little sore boobs. But then, I thought "that's impossible, how could I be?" My period was about to come anytime, so I thought it was PMS. And also I didn't have implantation bleeding (I had implantation bleeding with baby EJ, it was like one small circle of pink blood (like 5 cents coin). I wasn't convinced about 2nd pregnancy at all!

1st of April, I had a strong feeling that asked me to pee on a pregnancy stick. I remember it was 4am midnight and baby EJ woke up and asked for his milk. Before feeding him, I went to toilet, grabbed a pregnancy test, peed on it, ignored it and walked away before I knew the result. My 11 month old baby was waiting for his milk. Half an hour later, I went back to toilet and to my surprise I saw 2 faint lines.

(Baby EJ wasn't sleeping yet) and I shouted at my husband "OMG, 2 lines" and my husband wasn't excited at all because he thought faint lines could be a faulty pregnancy test or something.

But deep inside, I knew I was pregnant and I couldn't sleep at all. I was too excited and couldn't believe those 2 lines were real :)

I was a POAS (pee on a stick) addict. So, in the next day, I tested 2 more times at different timing, just to make sure I was really pregnant. The 2 lines were still faint.

So, I tested with digital pregnancy test and it showed 1-2, meaning I was about 4 weeks pregnant

It was still very early to go for ultrasound appointment, so I booked appointment on 7th April for pregnancy blood test, I think I was about 5 weeks plus pregnant and my HCG level was 504. Positive Pregnancy CONFIRMED!! We were very excited! And that was the time, I spread the good news to our relatives :)

Since I had extra pregnancy test in my drawer, so I tested one more time to see if line was getting darker and it was getting darker :)

Being a POAS addict and a worrisome mother made my life difficult. I got panicked easily and sometimes I just needed to know if my pregnancy was progressing or not. I can tell you digital pregnancy test is a killer. Once you tested "1-2", you will be so tempted to test again to see if it jumps to "2-3". If it increases, that means your pregnancy progressing well. I heard scary stories from pregnancy forum that some women miscarried because the number wasn't increased ("1-2" for many weeks, pregnancy not progressing, etc) 

So, hearing such story made me want test one more time (slap me please!), luckily the number increased to "2-3", so it matched with my 5 week plus pregnancy gestational age :) Pregnancy progressed, yay!

Then, I tested another time & the lines were already very dark. I seriously bought so many pregnancy packs and I still have 3 extra packs in my drawer. (I'm a seriously POAS addict)

I told you, digital pregnancy test is a killer, it really is! Seriously! In digital pregnancy test, once you reach the number "3+" you basically graduated from testing because "3+" is the highest you can get. "3+" means over 5 weeks pregnant.

My husband already asked me to stop testing but I was too curious and a little worried "how if the number didn't increase from "2-3" to "3+" And on 13th April, it finally showed "3+" meaning pregnancy progressing and I was almost 6 weeks pregnant. That was the time I graduated from pregnancy testing. LOL!

My first ultrasound was on 20th April at almost 6.5 weeks pregnant. While I heard the baby's heartbeat but I worried too because my gynae told me I had 2 small blood clots in my uterus. He asked me to be very careful, take things easily and avoid cooling foods like papaya, banana, etc.

Because of these blood clots, I couldn't carry baby EJ because I had to rest, luckily my family has been very supportive and been helping me a lot in taking care baby EJ :) so I can rest :)

5th May was my second ultrasound. I was 8 weeks plus pregnant. While baby looked good, my gynae asked me to be very careful because the blood clots were still there. He gave me one injection to protect the pregnancy and I was given progesterone pills to protect the baby too.

My third ultrasound was on my birthday, 26th May and it was also my 3 month - OSCAR test. Everything looked good and baby was very active. The baby was literally jumping & dancing around in my belly. I saw the baby waving, kicking and moving around and it was so adorable. I'm already in love with this baby :)

Doctor said he couldn't find anything in between the legs ~ means I have a higher possibility of having a baby girl :) But he can't confirm anything until the 20th week scan :) Either boy or girl is already a beautiful blessing to me, I don't mind either gender because I will love the baby as much as I love baby EJ :)

Baby is about 5 cm tall, from top to the bottom

What are your pregnancy symptoms:

1) Morning Sickness ~ it was pretty bad, although I only vomited twice during 1st trimester but nausea was pretty bad. I think it's bearable as long as I don't vomit. The only thing worked in easing my nausea was eating. Eating made me feel so much better.

2) Hiccupping ~ not sure why, I hiccup a lot during both of my pregnancy

3) Super Bloated ~ luckily just bloated, no constipation yet :)

4) Frequent Urination ~ like every 2 hours?

5) Fatigue ~ very tired & sleepy with this pregnancy. I was full of energy when pregnant with baby EJ

6) Laziness ~ I just don't have mood to do anything

7) Low energy ~ not sure why too, but I just feel I literally have ZERO energy level.

8) Hair loss ~ my hair was very luscious when I was pregnant with baby EJ, but this time round, my hair keeps dropping in this pregnancy

I have gained 4 kg for the 1st trimester and hopefully I won't gain so much in my 2nd trimester. Weight gain is scary!

12 week baby bump :) I think it's "no bump" yet LOL So far, I still can fit into my normal size 6 clothing and I wonder how much longer I can remain that size hahaa...

So much to update during pregnancy and I will update more next time :)

I hope I have a super smooth pregnancy :)


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