Friday, 9 May 2014

Playtime with Baby EJ, Pampers Journey Part 3

As a mother, my days are filled with wonderful & rewarding experience. Motherhood is simply a joy, with so much fun, love and joyous memories. My baby boy grows up so quickly, so every moment with him is so precious and I have to cherish every moment of his life, including his milestone and of course playtime.

Playtime is not all about having fun, while it looks like baby EJ having so much fun during playtime, but playtime can also develop baby EJ's social, language & intellectual skills.

Baby EJ loves to interact with other babies, so I have been inviting friends & their babies for a fun loving play date activity and the first play date baby EJ had was with baby Olivia and at that time, baby EJ was 6 months old and baby Olivia was 1 year old. It was so lovely to see both babies playing together and it was amazing to see how baby can be easily fascinated by other baby by simply just looking at each other or touching one another and they just smiled. Their simple act brought so much joy & happiness and only babies can do it!

Watching babies play and have fun together is simply a joyous experience :)

With my friend Audrey and her super adorable baby girl, Olivia. Baby EJ was 6 months old and it was his first play date

The recent play date was with baby Naomi.. Baby Naomi was super cute and baby EJ liked her a lot.
They look so sweet together, don't they? God, please bless me with a sweet daughter as soon as possible! Hee-hee

Baby EJ loves to play with balloons and it seems like he gets fascinated easily by balloons, yes lots of balloons. He loves to chase & catch balloons and he will never get bored of these balloons. It's just so lovely to see my baby to play with simple thing and that simple thing brings so much happiness to him.. It also makes me realize that baby can be easily satisfied, unlike adults. So, who needs expensive toys for the little ones while he can be so contented with cheap & simple balloons?

Balloons are his favorite!
Video of baby EJ playing with balloons 

And playing with his favorite penguin toy.

Can we play now, mommy?

I'm showing you my new magic trick, mommy!!
Oh-uh, you are not convinced, mommy? Let's call daddy to play with me now!!

Feeling "dry" during play time is very important because baby will feel more comfortable during that fun play time, plus no one likes the feeling of 'hot & wet', right?
I didn't change baby EJ's diaper at all during his fun play time with his friends because I used Pampers Baby Dry to keep baby EJ dry for so many hours. And he was having so much fun without complaining at all (or being cranky). This is why I only trust Pampers Baby Dry now!
Until Next Time,
Netty ~ Mommy of baby EJ ~ 12 months old

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