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LOVELY BABY is the result of good bonding, PART 2 journey with Pampers

Every child is a blessing and every child is a gift. 26 April last year, my precious child was born after going through 12 hours of painful and challenging labor I thought I would never make it.

I remember how my tears streamed down my cheeks when I heard his cry for the first time because it was the best moment in my life. My tears couldn't stop flowing from my eyes when I looked at him and when I held him for the first time and in mind he was beautiful and how lucky and blessed I was to have him.. I knew it was an immediate natural bond between a mom and her child. Bonding with a baby is a beautiful thing a mother ever experienced in her life.

And thanks to Pampers for the blogging collaboration opportunity. Here I am to share with my readers my tips on caring for my baby boy through bonding or connecting.

1) Hugging & Cuddling

Hugging & Cuddling can be the best medicine for both mom and baby. Ever heard one story of a very premature baby breathed well again after being cuddled by his birth mother? No doubt, it's the best way of bonding with your baby.

Bonding time with mommy although he can't stop moving!

2) Kissing him

Need I say more? Kissing a baby is an instant love in the air. It's one of the strongest feelings. I just feel I'm in love whenever I kiss him. It's kind of maternal feeling too!

3) Smelling his scent

Oh Gosh, I swear baby's scent is the best scent in the world, so much better than any perfumes in the market. Baby's scent works like drugs on mother's brain.

His hair is the best scent ever

4) Feeling his soft hair & skin

Touching his hair & skin is a serious addiction and I remember touching him all the time when I nursed him when he was a little. Soft baby hair & skin, how long will it remain soft? Touch, feel and smell when it lasts. Touching the lovely baby is a pure happiness.

Those little toes and fingers won't remain tiny forever

5) Carrying him

Showing him I'm there when he needs me. Carrying him all the time will not let him be too "pampered" but it's to let him know mommy is here to love and care him. Carrying gives baby a sense of security

Baby EJ when he was a newborn

6) Spending time to play

I'm not only his mommy but his play mate too.. It's for him to trust me at a very early age that mommy can be his friend, thus there won't be any secrets between good friends when he grows up. Another way to bond with your baby is through play time.

Playing peek-a-boo with mommy and I love how he hugs me from behind. It's the best feeling ever!

7) Family time

I love to spend certain timing at night to have family bonding with both my son & husband. It's normally at 8PM, when all of us have had our dinner & taken our shower, we will jump into our big bed just to play wrestling with the baby (in a gentle way, of course). Even a family cuddling means so much to us. It's a strong way of bonding and a way to show my son that even though daddy is very busy at work, but he's always there to bond with his baby.
Having family time with busy daddy

8) Singing & Talking

I sing and talk to him every single day and I sing to him to sleep. His favorite nursery songs? Many! Ba-Ba-Black Sheep, Twinkle-Twinkle Star, London Bridge, ABC, Brother John, and many more. I also sing to him Indonesian nursery songs, my Singaporean husband can't understand a word but he said Indonesian nursery songs are nice. Hehee..

9) Comforting him when he cries or falls down

My baby boy is actively walking now and he often falls down. (that's part of growing up). Comforting him makes him feel secured and lets him know mommy is always there even he's having bad times. In fact, mommy is always there, good and bad days!

10) Sleeping next to him, comfort him when he has a nightmare

He has been sleeping with us for the past a few months and I couldn't be more than blessed sleeping next to my little man. He cures my insomnia. Seeing him sleeping beside me, it gives me a peaceful state of mind and I couldn't be sleeping better than this! Besides, it's easier to comfort him when he has a nightmare and he sleeps better with us than alone in his crib.

11) The first person he sees when he opens his eyes in the morning is MOMMY

And that makes him smile and makes my day better. What else can be better than a happy baby in the morning? He's not alone, he has his mommy, even in an early morning!

12) Saying "I LOVE YOU" all the time

You will never be too young or too old to express your love to your baby. Parents say, Baby follows. Soon or later, he will follow by saying "I Love You" and it will be the most beautiful words you've ever heard in your life! Trust me! 
Mommy loves you, little EJ!

Who says having a baby can totally change your life and you are no longer your old self? Having a baby doesn't mean you're stuck with the same lifestyle but there are tips on how to improve your life after having a baby. Follow these tips and trust me, you will still be your old self (with just a little of an improved version of your old self) ^^

1) Having "Me" time once in a while

I'm a SAHM (Stay at home mum), but that doesn't mean I totally can't have "ME" time. I still can! At least once a while, I will let my mom in law take care my baby boy for a few hours while I'm doing my hair at hair salon or having massage or spa. Mothers work hard and deserve to get pampered once in a while!

Get my new hair done once a while and I truly deserve it! Every mommy does!

2) Sleep & Eat well

It was hard at the beginning, but as baby grew older, I have been slowly getting more and more sleep. Get as much sleep and naps as you can. Nap when baby naps. 7 hours of sleep at least! no less! Eat well and forget about dieting! After all, eating is a blessing and an ultimate enjoyment of life. Agree?

3) Go for a date

Don't feel guilty if you need to leave your baby with your helper or mom in law when you need to go for a romantic date with dearest husband. Who says marriage life with kid can be boring and less romantic? I still go on a date with my husband for a good dinner and movie once a week. And I don't feel guilty at all to leave my baby for a little while with my mom in law (because I know he's with good hands) 

Beautiful roses from my husband for V's day. We are married but we CAN remain romantic as ever!

4) Don't be shy to ask for help

Ask for help if you can't handle it anymore or if you are too tired! Better to ask for help than to get stressed your self. When I was breastfeeding my baby, I needed to pump milk every 4 hours and who took care my baby when I was pumping milk? No doubt, anyone I could ask help from, my husband, mom in low, helper, niece even a neighbor auntie. Was I embarrassed? No!

5) Purse my passion

If you read my blog and follow me, you will know I have a huge passion in beauty and cosmetics stuff and I will never be young or old enough to follow the latest beauty trend. I buy cosmetics, put it on and write about it, wear cute dress, tie my hair with a pretty ribbon, put on Cheon Song Yi's (Man from the star) lipstick, Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick #52 Rosy Coral and I'm not ashamed at all because beauty is my passion and what makes me happy, that matters!

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Until Next Time,
Netty ~ Mommy of Baby EJ ~ 12 months old

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