Friday, 25 April 2014

Rock-a-bye Baby with Pampers Part 1

Dearest Fellow Mommies,

Is your baby sleeping well? Do you agree that babies need their "golden sleep"? Having a good sleep will not only make baby's mood better and happier, but also having a good sleep will promote baby's growth and development. Having a good long sleep will promote baby's IQ too. That shows how important quality sleep with minimal disturbance.

I can consider myself a lucky mommy because Baby EJ has been sleeping pretty well recently. He does wake up once for milk but he will normally back to his sleep after having a bottle of warm milk midnight :) Maybe calling myself "lucky" is not enough, I guess I have been practicing some tips to make his sleep better too. And I think I should share my tips with fellow mommies here:) After all, sharing is caring, right? :)

Before sharing, I would like to thank and Pampers for giving me the awesome opportunity to blog about my journey with Pampers, highlighting the importance of good sleep, caring for baby, playtime as well as diaper-related tips. And I hope to share my Pampers journey with fellow mommies here and please follow me :) Hope my sharing can be useful, yeah?? ^.~

Baby EJ is 1 year old and he's a big baby, thus wearing size 5 or XL ~.~

Pampers Baby Dry has up to 12 hours of overnight protection, which helps baby to get uninterrupted sleep for a wonderful morning. Pampers Baby Dry has 3 layers of absorbency versus only 2 in an ordinary diaper. It also offers outstanding leakage protection.

Here comes my night schedule with Baby EJ :) Are yours similar?

8 PM : At this timing, normally Baby EJ just finishes his dinner (porridge). He has his quick warm shower after that.

Tip no. 1: To promote a good sleep, after shower, I will massage his tummy using Yu Yee Oil. I notice that tummy massage before sleep promotes better sleep and Baby EJ will only wake up once for milk midnight.. It is also to prevent tummy-ache in baby because honestly we don't know whether baby is having tummy-ache or not. Baby doesn't talk! So, to be safe, apply Yu Yee Oil! This oil makes baby less gassy too, thus baby will have that comfortable sleep :)

8.15 PM: I dress him up in long comfortable pajamas. Not forgetting Pampers Baby Dry because a good diaper can prevent leaking, keep baby dry for the whole night, therefore, baby will sleep comfortably!

Baby EJ doesn't use blanket because he will kick his blanket away within minutes, so alternative option is to wear sleeping bag. The sleeping bag he's wearing is designed for warm weather. Thus, he sleeps well with his long pajamas + sleeping bag in an air-conditioned room.

Tip no. 2: Dress your baby in a comfortable night suit and make sure your baby is not too cold. How to check if baby is too cold? Touch his ear, does it feel cold? Touch his palm or foot, does it feel cold? If it's, your baby needs more clothing or blanket.

Anyway, at this age, diaper changing him is quite a challenge, so to make things easier for mommy, I always make sure to give him something ~ socks, toys, etc (however he prefers random stuff like plastic container, fan remote control, etc  *faint*)

Giving him his smelly socks while diaper-changing him :D

Task done! It's kind of a victory when the task is done heeheee...

8.30 PM: I turn on my air-con and try to make Baby EJ's room as cozy as possible. He sleeps better in air-conditioned room.

Tip no. 3: A good temperature is very important, mommies! So, please make sure your baby's room is not too warm. After all, babies sweat a lot and they get hot easily.

9PM: Baby EJ is actually quite ready to sleep but he prefers to have a little playtime before sleeping. So, I let him play for a while.
Tip no. 4: If your baby is not sleepy yet, don't force him to sleep, let him play for a while before bed time. Baby EJ sleeps well when he's tired but not too tired. I just make sure to let him play lightly ~ playing with toys or cuddling with mommy and daddy on the bed but absolutely no running around the house.


He's happily asking to play with mommy ;)

9:15PM: Milk time. He needs his warm milk before sleeping and he's sleeping well when his tummy is full :)

Tip no. 5: A bottle of warm milk can make baby sleep better

9.30PM: The prince is sleeping. Baby EJ loves to sleep in dark. I turn off the light once he's sleeping but I do use night lighting occasionally

Tip. no. 6: A night light can promote better sleep. Yellow bulb is the better one and good for the sleep :)

Hugging his giraffe friend when sleeping **too cute**

7AM: Baby EJ wakes up and look at his diaper. It's super heavy but no leaking at all.

Personally, Pampers Baby Dry is one of the best I've ever used. I don't change his diaper at all from 8PM to 7AM and that's about 11 hours already but I notice that Baby EJ's bum remains dry and he doesn't experience diaper rash at all.

Previously, I used other brand that absorbed urine pretty good, but the diaper surface was not soft enough, thus it resulted in red rashes on Baby EJ's bum. I even switched to the expensive brand that guaranteed 100% softness, yes, it was super soft but it leaked and I had to change his diaper middle of the night which I personally hated it ~ it disturbed Baby EJ's sleep so much :(

With Pampers Baby Dry, I don't have problems at all, it offers everything I want:
1) Good absorbency 2) No leaking 3) Softness ~ you know what? I'm a happy mama now (because happy baby is a happy mama or other way round yeah?)

No more leaking now :)

He's still a happy baby in the next morning :)

Try Pampers Baby Dry, mommies, for baby better sleep! I'm sure you will be happy with Pampers just like myself :)

Until Next Time,
~Mama of Baby EJ ~ 12 months old


  1. Hi

    May I know where did you buy the sleeping bag? My son likes to kick off the blankets, thus I am not sure is he feeling very hot? As he sweat even in aircon room. How to determine which type of sleeping bag suits him?


    1. Hi Yuna

      I bought sleeping bag from

      Actually sleeping bag has a few togs, meaning for different temperature. Ex: my boy is wearing tog.1.0 and he sleeps in 18 deg air con room. tog 1.0 is for Asian hot weather (25 degree and below or inside air con room), if your son sweats a lot you can buy tog.0.5, a thinner material for room temperature.. Check it out my suggested website, you can find more info there :)

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