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(Sponsored Review) Bepanthen Ointment for Nappy Rash & GIVEAWAYS

Hello Fellow Mommies
Do you agree that nappy rash cream/ointment is a MUST to have when you have a baby?
As a mom, I have been buying nappy rash cream since my baby was in my belly. Oh yes, it was really that early LOL
I remember the first nappy rash cream I bought was an organic brand (I couldn't remember the brand) from Kiddy Palace and I bought that when I was 7 months pregnant. You know what? I didn't even have the chance to use it on my baby when he was a newborn because right after he was born, he suffered quite bad nappy rashes on his butt, it was very red and I didn't dare to use the nappy rash cream I bought. I was afraid of skin sensitivity and afraid it would make it worse. So I went to Pedi.
My newborn was prescribed Desitin Rapid Relief Cream by his Pedi. So, I gave away the organic brand I bought during pregnancy to my little cousin (she was 6 months old at that time) and he used Desitin ever since. When he was 10 months old, I decided to quit Desitin and explore other brands. The reason was I preferred something organic for his skin. So I have tried organic aloe vera gel, GAIA Organic Lotion and Aveeno Cream and now moving on to Bepanthen Ointment.

My honest thoughts??

Honestly, to me Desitin was pretty effective when he had not-so-serious rashes but what I didn't like was the white cream took a while to spread evenly. It was thick, greasy and it didn't absorb well. I didn't like the texture and it was a little annoying to apply super thick white paste on my boy's butt and the white paste was still there after I attempted to spread it evenly. I felt like it took me longer time to get his nappy treatment done (It was okay when he was a little baby, but absolutely tiring when he's now moving all the time during nappy change) There was one time Desitin didn't work at all when he was having super bad nappy rashes. It was very red and inflamed, so his Pedi ended up prescribing him a stronger cream for fungal infection.

What other nappy treatments have I used on my boy?? Here you go.

GAIA was so too thick and it didn't like it, instead of throwing it away, I'm currently using it on my dry hands as a hand cream, pretty good though!

Organic Aloe Vera Gel didn't work as nappy rash cream but it worked pretty well on his mild face eczema

Aveeno impressed me but it's hard to find Aveeno products in Singapore.. Watsons and Guardian don't sell it here!

Oh well! and here comes Bepanthen Oitment I have been trying on my boy for the past 1 week. And...

I am impressed!!!

What is Bepanthen Ointment?

Bepanthen Ointment is a silky ointment containing pro-vitamin B5. It forms a long lasting, clear and breathable layer that is clinically proven to protect even the most delicate skin from causes of the nappy rash

Baby EJ's butt, yes he got rashes after pooping. Here's before I used Bepanthen Ointment

Bepanthen Ointment contains 5% of dexpanthenol as the active ingredient and is known for its skin healing and repairing properties. Most importantly (and this is what I like the most), it doesn't contain any fragrances, preservatives, colourants or unnecessary antiseptics to avoid sensitive baby skin :)

Do you know?

Bepanthen is also suitable for breast-feeding moms for caring and treatment of sore/cracked nipples

Besides it works on prevention & treatment of nappy (diaper) rash, caring & treatment of sore/cracked nipples for breastfeeding moms, Bepanthen can be used on dry, chapped and cracked skin and it can also be used on minor skin injuries such as minor burns and wounds

See how smooth baby EJ's butt is after using Bepanthen

My review?

I love it!! Baby EJ always have nappy rash after pooping and I applied Bepanthen Ointment directly on his butt after cleaning him and that worked like wonder, his next nappy change, I didn't see red rashes anymore.. It was completely gone and his skin was very smooth just like baby skin (he's indeed a baby LOL)

What else I like?

It's clear and breathable, it spreads evenly (what a big relief!), easy to apply, doesn't smell of chemicals and it isn't too sticky or thick. Most importantly, it works in relieving nappy rash on baby EJ's skin :)

I hope my review is useful for fellow mommies in deciding what nappy rash treatment to buy and do you know that you can go to Bepanthen Singapore website or link here to claim a FREE 3.5g sample. For my blog readers using my promotional code OMYB4 will get 2 tubes of 3.5g Bepanthen samples and a nappy care booklet (please remember to key in my promotional code, yeah?)

Not only you can claim your free sample, The Bayer has also provided some prizes for my blog readers. YAY!!

What are the prizes to win?

I'm going to pick 2 readers and each will win 2 months' supply of Bepanthen & a limited edition Bepanthen diaper clutch (image attached below)

How to join the contest?
1) Now that I've shared my story and I need my readers to share "Any 'old VS new' nappy rash stories you have heard of" (example: using traditional/old method to cure nappy rashes. For instance: using aloe vera gel, organic/homemade treatment, etc VS Bepanthen Ointment or other brands prescribed by PD or anything you bought from pharmacy you have ever used on your baby, you can also share your tips how to cure nappy rashes) by leaving a comment on my blog post. Please remember to state your name and email address too, so I can contact you should you be the winner for this contest
2) Contest is only for readers reside in Singapore and end date for the contest will be 7 MAY 2014
What are you waiting for, mommies? Go & Grab your free sample today and Join the Contest, yeah?

Nappy Rash Free = Happy Baby, right??

Until Next Time & Good luck!!
Netty ~ Mommy of Baby EJ ~ 11.5 months old ^^

1) Ada Leow
2) Ainni
Congrats, mommies!!


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  2. There was once my girl had diarrhea and this lead to very bad nappy rash. The traditional method? Stop using disposable diaper, change to cloth diaper and apply powder. Of course it didn't work for me since i'm already changing the dispoable diaper more often than usual. Thanks to modern innovation, there are many types of diaper rash cream to choose from the shelf. It's my first time being a mummy, so i didnt know what is good. My cousin introduced desitin to me, so i bought it since it's quite a popular and afforable brand. Overall, i would say this brand is good for minor diaper rash. However, it's ineffective when my girl had such terrible diaper rash. Eventually, the rashes disappear when she recover from her diarrhea. That was i bad incident i hope would never happen again. It's very heart wrenching to see my girl suffer.
    As of now, i'm still sourcing for a good diaper rash cream. It seem that what you're introducing could be what i'm looking for. I'm going to get the sample and try it out!
    From the incident, i learn that wet wipes should not be used when baby have bad diaper rash. Instead, i took a container and fill with water. Making the cotton balls soaking wet, i clean her butt then bring her to wash.

  3. All my 3 boys have nappy rash before when they were babies. For very serious nappy rash, I will dilute a purple solution which is use to dried wound, use this solution with cotton balls to. wash my baby buttock every time he poo. Dried the buttock, then put a thick layer of Destin strong nappy rash cream. And use those traditional cloth nappy. During the late night, will use Pamper diapers if I m too tired to use cloth nappy. All these does help, my baby buttock usually healed after a 2-3 days. If it doesn't, will change nappy rash cream because if use too often, may lose effectiveness.

    Your sincerely,

  4. When I was still pregnant, nappy rash cream was on top of our shopping list. We used different brands. One of the these is Bepanthen.

    Good thing my baby's skin is not sensitive. We used different nappy rash creams. My baby didn't suffer from nappy rash. Just light redness. We didn't experience other parent's horror stories on this kind of problem.

    As a mom, I then knew which one I like and works for my baby, too. Some cream are thick and not easy to wash off like Mustela Barrier Cream. Some are not as effective because it still leaves mild redness to my baby's skin. And this is Mothercare All We Know Nappy Cream.

    Some are thin, light on the skin and effective. These are Drapolene Cream and Bepanthen.

    To be honest, we've already used 4 tubes of Bepanthen and I'm happy about it. I even use Bepanthen everytime my baby develops rashes on his neck. After a few applies, it's gone! Bepanthen works wonders.

    Natalie ~

  5. Hi!

    I'm so glad to have found this blog giving away Bepanthen cream! Love the cream to bits...

    My girl is now almost 5 months old, and her butt is smooth as tofu. I had 2 tubes of Bepanthen cream given to me when I just gave birth. When I used the first tube, her butt was smooth, no nappy rash at all. I thought that was because her skin was just good and I took care of her pretty well.

    I then switched to another brand of nappy cream (Mustela) just to test it out, and I started to see redness at her groin area. She also became more temperamental and moody. I guessed she was experiencing discomfort at her groin area. When the redness spread with time (I applied the Mustela nappy cream every single time I changed her diapers), I was so worried I threw away the cream and switched back to using Bepanthen.

    There was also a time when we were out of house and she happened to poo... I was so worried because we were unable to change her diapers immediately. We reached home in about half an hour before I could help her change. Her butt was still good! I was relieved and totally convinced about Bepanthen from then on.

    TIP on how to cure nappy rash - apply Bepanthen religiously during every single diaper change. It works!

    I've used up my 2nd tube and am sourcing for more online. Am super glad to see this giveaway, it's so timely! I've squeezed the 2nd tube till all the cream's all exploded out of the tube... and I really hope to win this giveaway.

    Please let me win!! Thanks!!

    Ada Leow

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